Shastri Sisters 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani telling everyone that the guy is Neil. Everyone is shocked. Sareen comes and asks Anu and Rajat to come home. He sees them worried and asks whats the matter. Rajat says Devyaani is saying the guy in video is Neil. Anu and Rajat ask Devyaani again, why did she not say them again. Devyaani says she would have said, but Neil stopped her saying till he comes back, she should not say and they will together say everyone, and I agreed to him, its my mistake. Anu says but you both were just friends. Devyaani says no, things changed in few days, Neil loves me and he could not control his feelings, and started ignoring me, I felt I will lose him, and I also started loving him. Minty and Neil come there. Minty confronts Devyaani.

She asks what did you and Neil do? She says Devyaani is lying, you both did not do anything. She says you have done it with someone else, not Neil. She asks Neil to tell everyone, was it him with Devyaani in video. He says no, I don’t know why she is taking my name. Devyaani gets angry. Anu and Alka hold her. Minty taunts Devyaani to trapping Rajat and failing, then trapping Neil. She says she thought she will make video and when situation gets complex, they will offer proposal. Shastri ji says enough, I can’t hear anything against Devyaani, she did mistake but not like you are saying, see her state, she broke my trust, its bad to blame each other.

He says he will say one thing, if Devyaani is saying its Neil in video, then its Neil, I completely trust her. Minty says I wish world worked on your trust, as it runs on proof and its against Devyaani. She says you are orthodox, not your daughters. She scolds Devyaani. Rajat says enough mum, what are you saying. Shastri ji says you are Anu’s mum in law, and more than that, you are my best friend Sareen’s wife, so I should respect you, but I fold hands and request you not to use bad words for Devyaani, else respecting you will get impossible for me, if she said, then its Neil in video, matter ends.

Anu asks him to calm down and says dad is right, if Devyaani is saying that guy in Neil, then its Neil, Neil may be lying. Sareen says if they blame each other, how will truth come out. He says it means one of them is lying and we have to catch the liar, I guarantee if Neil is lying, I will not leave you, no girl lies in such matters. Neil denies again. Minty and Neil leave. Sareen says I don’t know whom to believe. Rajat says yes, we should not conclude without proof. Sareen says we should get proof. Sareen leaves. Shastri ji tells Rajat that he is sure that Devyaani can do any mistake, but not do mistake to lie like this. Rajat leaves. Anu hugs Devyaani and pacifies her.

Sareen is worried. Rajat looks at Neil and feels he is tensed. Neil asks why are you seeing me like this, do you feel I m lying. Rajat says no, but I m thinking how did you come back so soon. He says when anyone lies, he becomes tensed and he is looking very tensed now. Minty says whose elder brother is supporting inlaws, he will be tensed. Rajat says I care for him, so I m asking, if he says true now, dad will forgive him, if he is lying, I will not save him. He asks him to say whats truth. Anu says Devyaani don’t cry, if Neil is lying, he will get punished. Devyaani says she felt someone is seeing them and she got scared too, and she told Neil and he said there is no one. Anu says fine, truth always comes out.

Neil says he is saying truth, he is not in video. Minty supports Neil. Sareen says why will Devyaani lie, I know her, she is naughty, but good at heart. Alka asks Devyaani not to worry, maybe Neil loves you and he is scared of Minty. Anu says no, if he loved her, he would not be scared, the matter is something else. Devyaani says maybe he did this intentionally, I don’t know why. Anu says they have to find out the person who made this video.

She says how did that person know they are on terrace. Minty talks to Astha and says I knew you will do something big to hurt Shastri sisters, why did you drag my son, if you have any angle, then see I m Minty Sareen, and scolds her. Astha says she will not hear her nonsense and scolds her. She says when she did recording, she did not capture Neil’s face, if she doubts then their friendship is over. She swears and Minty believes her. Anu comes there and Minty turns. She sees Anu and says she boiled milk, give to everyone. She thinks she ended call on time, else she would have heard it.

Anu comes to Rajat. She asks did he not sleep till now. He says I was waiting for you. She says I messaged I will come late. He says still I was waiting. He asks about Devyaani. She says she is sad, and feeling cheated, she does not know why did Neil lie. He says even we spoke to Neil, he is saying he is not lying, don’t know who is lying and who isn’t. She asks what is his heart saying. He says that Neil is not lying, what is your heart saying. She says that Devyaani can’t lie. She cries. He holds her hand and says will this bring a rift between us. She says no Rajat, this is a test for us, we have to respect each other’s decision and support our truth. He smiles.

The locality guys tease Devyaani and she pushes the bike. Minty asks whom will she fight, the city knows it. Anu says yes, I will get the guy get same punishment like Devyaani got, we both know who is that guy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WHY NEIL!?
    Well at least now this drama is going to be interesting!
    Good luck shastri sisters!

    1. Who thinks Neil cheated on deviany?

  2. I did not see the episode. but I understand why cheated because when anuraj marriage happened neil saw her mother crying that’s why devyani give hurt to neil before but devyani realize her love. neil is doing wrong thing I know his mother. he can not see tear in her mom. he supposed to devyani. her mother is wrong about shastri sisters. we think shastri sisters are truth person they support in good thing they are kind.

  3. niel is dog n minty and astha are b*t*h

  4. I wish neil and devyaani’s issue did not create misunderstanding between anuraj.

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