Bandhan 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says how can two people have same face and physique? Bhao is in shock.raghav says who could it be? bhao says this can’t happen. Bhao says he died 4 years ago with his wife. He left me alone in this world.

Cops take dev’s phone and call bhao as its the last called number.
Bhao says i am coming in a moment. bhao goes out and calls someone, he gets shocked to listen something. The pooja is over. Bhao goes running to the hospital. He goes to dev, Doctor says you know him? bhao says no i don’t know him, he just lives in my neighborhood. Doctor says he is coma. We can’t say anything. bhao says what you mean you can’t say, do something I want him to recover.Bhao says in heart he wanted to tell me something, he got to know who burnt the factory. He has to be conscious.

Raghav is hitting the punching bag and he recalls what darpan said about bhao. What bhao said in pooja. Raghav comes to the room where darpan is roped. He comes closer to her, darpan says don’t come close to me. stay away from me. Raghav unropes her and says i am really sorry.
I gave you pain all the time. I realized you were right. Darpan says please don’t say that. He says i could never see the truth.
Raghav says every time you said baba killed my ai but i never trusted you. you were right. the man i considered God took my mom from me. How did i trust my enemy. I couldn’t comprehend anything. darpan says dev has met an accident and he is hospital. Raghav says i know and baba must be the reason behind it. dev told me everything baba did. Dev has a daughter and we have to save her otherwise i wont pardon myself. I trust the person i should never have. He took my mom from me. darpan says you don’t know how clever he is. don’t blame yourself. its not your mistake. so please don’t accuse yourself. He hugs her. Raghav says i will do what is right. I should have done it before. He says will you help me my friend? Darpan says yes.

Scene 2
Darpan and raghav go to jungle. raghav says we have to walk from here, lets go. He says we have to be attentive. Dev told me about this place. I saw baba coming in hospital, She is about to slip. He holds her and says be careful. the road is dangerous. darpan says how far is it? I am tired. He makes her drink water. darpan faints after a while. She says raghav.. Raghav holds her. He says what happened to you? She says i am suffocating? i can’t breathe. He says this means the water has worked, darpan is shocked. darpan tries to stand up and says raghav what you did.. He says it was poison. He says you forced me to do this, because of you i doubted my dad for first time. He was in tears. i would have hurt more people because of you. this is why i gave you poison. darpan struggles to breathe. He says is it paining? i am enjoying a lot. with you death my vengeance will be done as well. all your lies will die with you.

Precap-darpan faints, raghav says die here. ganesh comes and hits raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. now whats dis yr??poisn??

  2. The stupidity of these writers are amazing.

  3. I agree with you samlal these writers are sooooooooooo stupid and unprofessional that they are writing shit all the time how much more must this young girl endure come on writers you are torturing darpan toooooooooooooo much it is best that you kill her off quickly then instead of doing this to her come on she has lost everything in her life except ganesh who is an elephant so why cant you make her happy for once bring back her father at least so they can work together to bring bhao and his son to justice I do not know what role dev is playing now but once a crook always a crook and we all know he use to do bhaos bidding so darpan do not trust anyone writers your storyline are really unbelievable not logical at all it is as if you writers are so evil that you enjoy writing evil scripts look how much darpan is going through this has to stop and it is one stupid storyline after the other please make some sense of where this serial is heading because as far as I see it is heading for a fall all I could say is very bad script writing not professional at all it is a pity that bhao could not jump out of the script and get rid of you writers for the shit you are writing only portraying evil doings like I said wrong message

  4. Do u people think that darpan will die 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :-[:-[:-[
    When is this soap going to finish

  5. Please stop casting women being tortured and man power can do anything. I don’t like the way Raghav torturing Riya. seems like passing wrong message to people casting scenes like this.


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