Sasural Simar Ka 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The stone goes the wild man, roli and amar hide behind a wall. the wild men call some others as well and they start looking for roli and amar. roli and amar are scared. amar says if they see us they wont leave us. roli says we can’t wait here we have to find the trishun and reach dharampura. amar says we have to stay safe from them, roli says i dont wanna lose sid. Amar says we will win this war. nothing will happen to sid.

Sid is faint, simar says only maya can bring him out of hypnotize. Prem says we have to kill her. simar says how will we get sid back then? try to understand. Sid will be like this forever.

Amar and roli come out of the alcove. they start walking down the hill. roli says we should go in different directions. He says yes you are right Keep this stick with you for safety.

Mata ji says please God help us with all this. Rajhinder says don’t let our trust shatter. roli and amar walk past different nigors(the wild men). amar says to roli don’t know where to find it. it was no where. roli says we have only 15 minutes left. i want to save sid. I can’t see anyway. roli throws away her phone in anger, its sounds like a metal. Amar says the hit sound was like of a metal. maybe the trishun is there. they start looking for it. amar find the trishun and gives it to roli. All nagoris(wild men) come in and surround them. They look fierce. one says you know what are the consequences of disturbing a nagori whilst praying.Roli says we didn’t come here to disturn you. we came here to take this trishun. nagori says we have been praying for this trishun for son ling but never saw it. Roli says my husband has been taken by a snake, i need this to save his life. Roli says i beg you let me take this trishun, this is about life of my husband.

prem says no one is picking the call. roli and amar should reach here. The casket opens and snake comes out of it. simar and prem are scared, prem tries to stop the snake by fire. prem shoves simar she falls far from the snake. the snake is about to bite prem. roli comes and stops it by showing it the trishun. Snake turns into maya. she says take away this trishun from me. simar take the fire and lights the woods, prem says make sid conscious or i will burn your husband. maya says no please. maya reads some mantra on sid. sid opens his eyes. prem says sid, are you okay? sid hugs prem and amar. Sid goes to roli and says you wont leave me right? Roli sees that maya has vanished. roli says where has she gone? Suddenly maya comes in front of roli.

Precap-maya throttles roli and simar and says i will kill them both. SId says now what i am going to do, you will be responsible for it. sid takes the trishun

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In the upcoming episode sid will kill herself with trisul to kill nagin.and roli kills that nagin with trisul.and nagin and sid will upcoming track all the bharadwaj family believes that sid was dead. roli vidavah hone vale it was new twist of this show.i think sid will be back but not now.missing rosid scenes

  2. ya sid vl back nxt trck aftr 2mnths leap maya and sid alive and living together.. dnt want to see roli as widow…. we miss rosid and der scences… nxt trck me nagin ka khel katam hokar rosid unite hogaye jaldi plz….. plz end nagin trck… pata nahi how many days it vl take.. dis trck… i thnk sid behaviour changes in dat trck im thnkg…

  3. Ya am not willing to see roli’s condition after 2months…..i cant imargine were she will be in brindavan or barathwaaj hse……

    1. ya me dont want to see her like dat… no one can see her condition like dat….. plz bring sid back soon… plz cvs try to understand..

  4. In that sathiya gopi kills radha with trisul and now roli kills maya with same trisul.same story was repeating in rashmi sharma productions

    1. but in dat radha killed.. 10yrs leap she didnt came back nw… but ssk nagin dead and comes back and sid vl also come back…. maya and sid coming back….. bakwas track.. plz stop dis track.. rashmi sharma productions not do any favour to rosid.. they always want ruin rosid alwys ruined… want rosid back with there frndshp wala love and super chemistry…. plz sid back.. rosid back and unite…

  5. is manish gng to study filmotograpky course in newyork by taking break frm ssk…. is it correct is he gng to newyork for study/….?????

  6. 24thmarch e24 segmnt reporter said da news… he takng break to study newyork with some break.. is it correct what i heard news correct???

  7. whem roli…dead..(in veeru and naina track)…
    we..saw..sid..crying..for..roli…roli..memory…roli…will..cry..for.sid…so..sid..memory loss.
    .what..a. drama..continues…same…from the track..

    i… names(identity)…

  8. Thanks for d updates…not watching ssk now a days… Till my rosid unite it’s a big nooooooo to ssk… Hope every rosidians do the same…

  9. I think d show is gng to end with unity of rosid tats y they r taking d story like tis and even in 1 interview tat sarakhan said tat he would be there till the end of the show

  10. Omg… Ugly Sara khan till end… Then It’s better to end ssk.. Can’t see tht Maya’s dirty face…

  11. did anyone saw aviman gift segmnt…. in segmnt part1 sid said siddanth actually dead and rosid ka the end hogaya hai…its bad news coming in ur way on very wrong day… and in part2 again sid said dat conformed news is sid dies and dies forever…whats gonna happen henceforth they dont know.. no idea about it.. but dey said dere is some surprise…some assuarity frm da creatives somethng really intresting dat dey love accrdng to dey love is what rosidians love is… so dey hoping dat surprised stored in is siddanth comes back….. and sid back such away dat lots of nhokjok and lol fun scence..togethr.. loking forward to it… and roli said we shall have a nice rosid scene soon pinky swear… finger crossed… it means sid comes back… but somthng differnt and shades…. hoping dat rosid reunite v.soon…

  12. sid will back and manish said in segmnt… rosid also back soon together.. there is surprise fr rosidians and rosid as manish said.. but lotz of confusion in comng track..dey dont know wats gng hapn???/ surprised stord fr dem… confusin is maya,sid living togethr… i heard dat his name is manav somethng like dat….. dont know exact wat vl hpn……in nxt trck… is nagin turns to human aftr killing by roli or else is sid turns to nag? confuseng… somthng different is der in da track as aviman said… finger crossed hoping dat real sid back and want rosid back with der chemistry frndshp wala love…… rosid come back soon….

  13. is sid manav now.. and is sid not back..??/ is rosid not united and seperated forever….. plz tel me.. plz….

  14. in gift segmnt sid said rosid katam hochuka hai… its an end of rosid… it means dat is it really end of rosid???? and no rosid frever??? really its an end of rosid ah??? ….. is it end of rosid permanently. ah???..

  15. Pls share that link… I did not see the video… But y it’s ending… Is Sid really quitting the show or bcs they want
    Sara khan in d lead role… I thnk rashmi pdctns are very keen in separating hus nd wife now a days… On ssk as well as saathiya same story going on… But in ssk it’s forever that makes a big difference…

    1. unble to share the link… you can serch in youtube… aviman gift segment. manish raisinghan and avika s. gor ….. its der dear…..

      1. its two parts there…

  16. Thanks sss…

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