Shastri Sisters 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat running to Karishma. The ghatbandhan between Rajat and Anu burns in the mandap fire and breaks. Rajat holds Karishma. She says I m sorry. He says no, I m sorry, you did so much for me and ….. They rush her to hospital. Lalit shouts that pray that my daughter is fine, else no one will save you all from my anger. Bua ji faints. Vrinda looks after her. Rajat looks at Anu. Anu cries. Devyaani and Peeya hold Anu. Shastri ji asks Anu what did she do, she is responsible for all this. Anu says I m innocent. Minty says we used to think you stole the CD and you made the innocent Karishma give her life, you will be responsible if anything happens to her. Anu says no, ask Neil, I was saving Rajat.

Bua ji wakes up and asks where is Karishma. Minty says don’t worry, everyone took her to hospital. Bua ji says what about Anu, I will send her to graveyard. She says I will burn you in this mandap fire. Rajat says stop, and removes his Pagdi. He throws it and says she did all this for me, so I will ask her the question first. He removes the garlands and says I will ask Anu, no one will speak between us. Devyaani reacts and Anu stops her. Rajat and Anu look at each other. Rajat asks her to say what she wants to say now. Anu says I did not know Karishma will do this. I felt she will stop us by saying and it will proof you did not do anything. Rajat says wrong, if she would say anything, you would be proved innocent, not me.

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Anu says I did not do anything, trust me. The sisters cry. Neil says if you can’t trust Anu, you can trust me, I freed Anu, she was tied in the car. Rajat says stop it, I can’t trust you, who was blind in Devyaani’s life and forgot the truth of life, or shall I believe Devyaani who felt torturing Karishma would be right, any innocent person would have accepted the mistake on such torture, or shall I believe Anu, who regards me such a sound, who listens me if she likes and shuts ears if she feels I m noise.

She says come, lets complete this. He shows the mangalsutra and sindoor. He says you wanted this that I marry you, but you have made someone lose blood. He throws the sindoor in the fire and mangalsutra. He says you have hurt my loved ones and I will not put mangalsutra in your neck. Anushka hodls the mangalsutra from falling in the fire. Minty says I was thinking how did Rajat agree to marry Anu, now I understand Anu has made this drama. She asks Anu not to believe in this marriage.

Sareen says we know Anu…. Rajat says we don’t know how is Anu. Minty says I will tell how is this Anushka Shastri. Devyaani says if anyone tells against my sister, I will show whats breaking. She scolds them, and what Anu is saying is 100% true, agree if you want, else break your fate, what proof you got that everyone is shouting on her, Karishma’s suicide is her drama. She says Anu did not trap you, Karishma trapped you. Bua ji slaps Devyaani.

Bua ji says my daughter did suicide and you are saying its her plan, I don’t need to know about you girls now, who has made the pure marriage mandap like this fake one. She scolds and curses them. She says you will always have pain with you. Shastri ji says enough, don’t curse her, her life will be hell from today, I m being punished today. He scolds Anu saying he has lost his pride and she is just a punishment for him, herself and everyone, he has lost his one daughter today. Anu cries. He throws the mangalsutra and takes her. She stops and he angrily asks her to come.

Anu talks about her marriage and Shastri ji gets angry. He scolds her for the marriage which is baseless and unwanted by everyone. He says come with me. Bua ji tells Alka that she is going to Karishma, and if she stays here, then she should never come to ask for her bahu rights. She asks her decision. Alka thinks.

Anu says I came here to proof myself innocent, till I don’t get my name cleared, I will not go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh very sad 2 c anu like this where are you friends no comment till now %&-((-

  2. What the f**k rajat i thought u and anu would be husband and wife yr a great couple

  3. RAJAT dnt diserv Anu .nw anu has 2 prove herself inncent and then she shuld leav rajat he dint luvd anu bz Without trust ther s no luv .when we luv sm1 we belve them.

    1. True Eena even I think the same

  4. its too stupid.. good person always gets no justice.. please change the situation.. its irritating

  5. its too stupid.. good never get justice in all serials …u too do tat.. its irritating…

  6. wow i never seen a serial like this before.stupid serial.bull shit.waise bein it cleared that it waste of time to read the update also.rajat u dont deserve anu at all.where is ur love went now.arey love happen when there is trust per ur just waste rajat.purka purka epidose bakwas.

  7. this half shadi is soo stupid yaa

  8. God. Still sad phase for anu. I thought 16-24 shaadi special means @dend any and rajat will marry. Anu leave this bull shit guy . He don’t luv u cos he doesn’t trust u

  9. Kya Phaltu Episode Dikhaya Yaar???
    Chup Khali Pili Unko Alag Krre ;
    WILIAN KI Jeet Dikhare????

  10. Wow…Indian soaps are incredibly pathetic! They start out so promising! So sad.

    Happy holidays to all

  11. I hate this serial its bringing the same touch of sad saas serials in hindi.rajat u dnt deserve anu.anu u should prove ur innocense at any cost and leave bullshit creap rajat .u dnt marry anyone

  12. Why is that the horrible things are LONG term and the good moments are so SHORT??
    Plz we want some good stuff, I’m shore everyone is bored now!

  13. I really don’t understand why anu wants to prove herself innocent to rajat when he dosent even trust/believe/love her.
    Plz can we have logic-based things in there?

  14. I think Anu should go to Kanupur, let the other unveil that she is innocent and then things to take off from there; as far as I’m concerned the story line is shit, why even bother?

  15. No need to proof anything… Because a truly loved person never ever need any explanation… and he just know all the things from her eye.. But here Raj doubt Anu so easily.. How it is possible when the love for Anu is true….. He dishonour the meaning of love.. How can he Belief karishma and not trusting Anu by a simple drama.. Not even had any sense.. Senseless fool .. Hate Raj more..

  16. From when did this half shaadi concept started???

  17. I wish anu shld leave rajat as soon as she prove herself innocent, there is no need of rajat anymore in anu’s lyf

  18. anu should prove herself innocent at any cost but after that she should leave rajat……….rajat doesnt deserve anu…..a relatn cant move ahead without trust so she should leave him & move to kanpur

  19. Anu wt 2 prv herslf innocnt so soon

  20. Sad episode when was watching the episode I was angry because karishma was saying again wrong thing and also I am angry on rajat because he is not believing

  21. I hope anu can clear her name

  22. plzzzzzzzzz rajat belive anu she is innocent

  23. rajat not deserve anu rajat is very nice but …………………………… anu is innocent and also shastri sister innocent

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