Bandhan 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan show the pamphlet to ganesh and says look there is a competition in dilemma. I will win it and earn money. I will buy medicine from that money and give it to you. Ganesh nods. The competition owners come to house and invite bhao to become the chief guest. Meethi says can our kids be part of it? He says yes of course. shaku says we need one form. Naraini comes and says we need two forms, darpan will participate as well. Bhao says yes two girls from my house. darpan says thank you uncle. He says its a pious deed. They leave. Meethi says to naraini you are guest here but don’t try to poke in our matter. naraini says you better not talk about my rights and I am poking in to darpan and ganesh’s matters. no one can stop me from that. lets go darpan you have to practice dance. Shaku says we wont let her win. We need to be careful of this woman. SHe will make us her target. Pinky will win the competition. Darpan gives a bell t ganesh and says I am going for practice now.

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Scene 2
Meethi is teaching pinky steps to dance. Kajri is teaching darpan. Naraini says kajri you are so good but darpan is a kid we have to teach her something else. Shaku says pinky what are you doing? You are overacting. I am warning you, she will win. Kajri comes in and says teach them with love. Look at naraini she is so humble with darpan. Darapn is following naraini’s steps in the dance. SHe stops. naraini says what happened? SHe says I cant do this. what if I lose. naraini says don’t think about it, just dance with all your heart. Lets try again. SAnju says you will only win if I let you learn darpan. Darpan hears bell and goes to ganesh. She asks do you need something? He is asleep. darpan goes back to dance and hear the bell again. ganesh is still sleeping. darpan says why did you rang it. ganesh says no. She says I am not lying, stop annoying me. you want me to lose? darpan leaves and starts dancing again. sanju rings the bells again raghav sees him. He goes to darpan and says sanju rang that bell not ganesh. darpan goes to ganesh and says why did you listen to my scold when you didn’t ring It>? is it because im you elder sister? He nods. darpan says why you helped me? He is your brother. raghav says I hate cheating. She syas we are both your pals now. He says I am your friend as well.

Dev hears music. He sees kajri and stops. She winks, he smiles and leaves. Kajri hits him on head. He goes near her and leaves. kajri is following him. He is about to touch her she cuts his finger. He says are you mad. He is just imagining her. He runs and collides with her in actual. He says you were there? you were everywhere? are you here in real? she says its not a dream and pinches him. Kajri says in heart so you are scared of me. Its competition day. bhao asks everyone to sit in cars. Kajri says darpan. Shaku says naraini took her. They all leave shaku is home. naraini is looking for darpan. she asks shaku. Shaku says she went with kajri. You should go too. she sends them. darpan is looking for ganesh. darpan says I was in temple. I will win and buy medicines for them. she asks where is kajri and naraini? Shaku says they have left. Lets go. I have prepared a juice for you and pinky. She gives the juice to darpan and darpan drinks. She faints afterwards.

Precap-kajri and nararini are shocked to find that darpan is with neither of them. kajri says there is something wrong. ganesh sees darpan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this show is going all wrong where is darpans father bring him back this cannot be how this show is so much suffering for one little child and that father Mahesh moved so stupid by letting the crooks bhao and dev outsmart him and killed his wife this show is real shit now what else to expect I am really fed up with this script the writers do not know what to do so they are writing shit instead of bringing the damn show to an end.

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