Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi dropping a bottle. Ishita get away from Raman. Adi says sorry, I just wanted water. She gives him the refilled bottle and he leaves. Ishita says its wrong Raman, Adi should have not see us like this. Raman says nothing wrong, you are my wife. She says Adi is kid, he does not know, we have to sort out his life, this is tangle him even more. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says Adi behaved so badly with you, always insulted you, but still your heart is so big that you care for him and his upbringing, people say it right, just giving birth does not make anyone a mum, a mum’s heart is needed to become mum..

Raman says Shagun also loves Adi, but maybe she can’t show it. Ishita says Shagun loves Adi, she is in problem right now. Raman says I wish everyone gets good like you in this world and it will be beautiful, and see I m a fool and I got you. She laughs and says if anyone get a good husband, anyone will become good. She says she will never go, she will be ghost and always be after him. He says you are not less than ghost even now. They smile.

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Adi comes to Shagun and sees him upset, while she sees Ashok’s pic. Adi says mum, shall we leave from here. He asks why, did anyone say anything. He sees Ashok’s pic in her phone and asks can I sleep here. She says ofcourse. Adi rests to sleep. He thinks why is this happening with me, Raman cares for just Ishita, and my mum loves Ashok, where should I go, if I lose mum then… Raman has a different family, he does not worry for me, how will I take care of my mum.

Its morning, Ishita and Simmi work in kitchen. Shagun comes and asks can I help. Ishita asks how is she, Shagun says better. Mrs. Bhalla says you are guest here and we don’t make guests work. Ishita asks what will she have, tea or coffee. Shagun says thanks, I was going to see some flats to shift. Ishita says Adi has already seen a lot, he went through mental trauma, I feel he needs family and good environment. Shagun sees Mrs. Bhalla and says m I guest here, and I should have leaving date along, else I won’t get respect, I will take Adi. Mrs. Bhalla cries for Adi. Ishita says yes, Adi should be here, I will talk to Shagun. Shagun comes out and says now I will show who stays inside and who out.

Shravan fights with Adi defending Ruhi. Ishita comes and asks how is he talking, shall I tell Akka. Adi is not guest here. Talk to him with respect. Adi recalls Shagun’s words. Ishita says I will beat Shravan. Adi leaves. She says I got sandwich for you. She scolds Shravan. Shravan says please no lecture and takes the sandwich. Adi talks to his friend and thinks how will he do the project, there is no computer here. He comes in hall and says even mum is not here. He sees a laptop and takes it. Romi comes and asks why did you not ask before taking my laptop. Shravan says Adi does not have manners, he made Ruhi cry, he beats Ruhi in school. Romi confronts him. Romi asks Adi not to tell anything to Ruhi, and if he wants anything, he should ask them. Adi cries.

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Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks why is Romi scolding Adi. She says this is Adi’s house. Romi says when did I say this is not his house. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Romi and asks Adi to take laptop. Romi takes it and says it has my office work. She goes after Romi. Adi looks on. Ishita gets a call from a man who says Shagun gave your number as guarantee. She says Shagun is good, we are with her. She comes to know Shagun is going very far. And how will Adi stay there. Mrs. bhalla won’t let her stay there.

Shagun thinks Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita won’t let Adi stay in such place, she will come running, I will take advantage of it. Ashok talks to Mihika and arranges dinner. He says its your first rasio, just touch the serving spoon, it will be done. She asks do you think I m interested in this ritual. He says we have guests coming, just serve them food. Suraj comes home and Mihika is shocked. Ashok says everything got fine after you came in this house, Suraj got fine and doctor gave him leave. She asks is this your guest. He says no, he is family, some special guest is coming.

Mihir comes and says why did you call me Ashok, I m coming here straight from airport. Ashok says I called you here to meet me wife, presenting Mrs Ashok Khanna. Mihir is shocked seeing her. He asks whats this joke. Ashok says Mihika and I got married. Mihir sees her mangalsutra. Mihika holds Ashok’s hand. Mihir is shocked and moves back. He leaves. Mihika goes to her room crying. Ashok and Suraj talk that Mihika will accept the marriage one day. Mihika cries and says I will punish Ashok for lying to me and marrying me, just see what I do, I m so sorry Mihir.

Mihir thinks about Mihika and Ashok. He cries thinking her deceive. He believes in Shagun’s words that Mihika is wrong. He thinks how Mihika refused to marry him. He says Mihika did not think about my true love, she did not value it, first my sister Shagun did this, and now Mihika. He says I m a fool, why did she do this, I m weak so maybe she wanted someone who can support her, so she married Ashok, did she always wanted this. Whats the truth, did she wanted a rich guy, she did the mistake which Shagun did, its my mistake. He says this is the truth, I have seen it by my eyes that she has married Ashok, what will I do now, Raman said it right, all women are same, what Shagun did with him, Mihika did it with me, I won’t care for everyone, let Mihika and Shagun go to hell. I will live my life for myself.

Ashok says I m sorry, I saw door open and came in. Amma asks how dare you come here, get out. Amma says I know you are annoyed with both of us. He invites them at his home. Amma asks how can you invite us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. happy christmas to the whole cast of yhm and happy christmas to all yhm fans.

  2. as stated in the website that the iyers will go to ashok’s christmas party where they join mihika kyonki woh ashok aur sooraj ko maza chakana chahathi hai.mihika ashok ko santa aur sooraj ko item girl banathi hai party mein.yeh sab kuch dekne mein bahut maza aayega.lekin party mein ashok ko shagun ki bahut yaad aayegi.hope yeh ashok mihika ki toture se tang aakar shagun ko wapas apni zindagi mein aur apni ghar mein le jaye.

  3. kinjal parmar

    yhm ki puri team ko meri or se
    “merry christmas”

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    but ye. .shagun. ..yahan per bhi. .khush nahin thi. … khushi k time par bhi. .apni gandi planing mai lagi hoi hai
    jo bhi ho. … Christmas party dekh ne bahut maza aaye ga …..I. …hope k. .IshRa. ..ka romance dekhne ko mile. …..

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