Shastri Sisters 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji worried as Rohan and his family did not turn up. Sareen pacifies him. Alka is tensed as the guests starts coming. Alka says I will call Rohan and apologize to him. She says I will tell him that there is nothing between me and Rajeev now, he should not punish my family, everyone likes him. Peeya and Devyaani come and asks why did he not come, what to do now. Alka asks them to make Anushka be with Papa, and I will do something. They leave. Alka calls Rohan and apologizes to him. Rohan is down outside the gate. He looks at her. She says Rajeev is my past, once we get married, I will love only you and will regard you my husband, don’t punish my family. He says you are looking very beautiful. She looks down and sees him. he says don’t worry, my family is on the way.

Everyone welcome Rohan and his family. Minty asks Neil to start the recording. Neil says the guests did not come. Minty says capture me in the pics, I will stand with Vrinda, capture my natural pose, like smiling, being shy, or side looks. She takes Neil and he records her. Neil records Devyaani and goes towards her. She turns and says oh, you said you won’t shoot me, am I looking so good. He says nom looking strange. She asks him to praise her. Neil says she is looking good. She asks whats bad in her. She praises herself. They argue. They smile seeing each other.

Devyaani tells about Astha, who is looking good, but she is not comparable to Alka, lets see who wins. Astha says her saree costs Rs 50000 and taunts Minty. Pammi and Minty have a talk. Pammi praises Minty’s big heart for doing so much charity. Pammi says is Rajat like anyone of them then what? Minty says are you mad, he is my son, Rajat Sareen wears branded clothes and when he wears goggles and walks on road, 10-15 girls fall on the road. Pammi says it can happen, this Shastri sisters have something in them.

The girls bring Alka and Rohan sees her smiling. Vrinda kisses Alka’s forehead. Rohan’s dad taunts and Vrinda manages everything. She says she is also from Kanpur, and is lucky to get a bahu from Kanpur. Alka and Rohan talk. Alka says you are very good, you came even after knowing everything. He says I respect you a lot. It was not easy for you to tell me everything, as you did not wish to cheat me, I don’t care who was in your life before, but I m happy I will be in your life always.

Rohan promises her that he will get her love. Dolly praises Minty that she saw the perfect couple Alka and Rohan and united them. Rohan’s dad says he got expensive ring. Shastri ji says my daughters chose the ring for Rohan. Vrinda manages and says Shastri ji gave us real diamond. The engagement ceremony starts and Rohan and Alka exchange the rings. Everyone get happy and congratulate the couple. The guests give gifts to Alka. Devyaani asks Neil to record Alka, and he records other girls. Neil’s friend trouble Devyaani and Rohan sees them.

Rohan comes to them and says Devyaani is from his side, as she is Alka’s sister. He asks the guys to get something for Devyaani. They leave. Devyaani is glad and thanks him for his goodness. Everyone go to have food and asks Rohan and Alka to come. Alka says first you all have, then we will eat. Rohan’s brother likes her goodness and taunts his wife Astha. Rohan asks Alka’s number. She says I called you, did you not save it. He says I told you I will ask when you agree for this relation. She says save it now. Rohan’s dad hears this and does not like them talking freely. Rohan’s brother defends Rohan and says it will be good if they meet up and know each other before marriage. His dad gets annoyed.

Vrinda says we will leave now, the arrangements were good. Rohan’s dad says it was small but fine. He taunts Shastri ji and Shastri ji apologizes to him. He says he can’t be equal to Astha’s family. Rohan’s dad says don’t let Alka and Rohan meet before marriage, there should be some difference. Shastri ji says fine, Alka will do as you say. Rohan’s dad says we will decide marriage date soon. Everyone take family pics.

Rajat’s entry in the show.

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