Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Paridhi to go and says she can’t tolerate her nonsense. Ahem tells Paridhi that she doesn’t know what she is saying. Jigar tells that whatever Paridhi is saying is her childishness. Paridhi says, she loves him. Jigar gets angry and goes.

Kokila asks Paridhi to go now itself. Paridhi refuses to go. Kokila asks, with which relation you wants to stay here. You either go to Urmila’s house or Delhi. Ahem tells Kokila to let her stay till morning. Paridhi thinks of Kokila’s words.

Gopi packs Paridhi’s bag. She asks Paridhi to go to Urmila’s house. Paridhi refuses. Gopi tries to make her understand that they are going through a bad phase and asks her not to increase Jigar’s pain. She folds her hands and asks her to leave. Kokila comes and says no. She asks her not to fold her hands and says Paridhi has to go with or without her wish. Paridhi refuses to go.

Urmila calls Gopi and says she is not picking my call. She gets annoyed. Her husband asks her not to worry as Gopi might be busy. Urmila says, Gopi might be doing it intentionally and wants to separate me from my grand sons. Kinjal asks Urmila to sleep. Urmila says, she isn’t getting sleep. Her husband says everything will be fine.

Jigar books the tickets for him. Hetal asks, with whom he was talking to? Why you didn’t sleep yet. Jigar tells her that he doesn’t want to stay in the house anymore. Jigar tells her that he is seeing that you all are worried because of me. Kokila tells him that it is his house and the people here is his loved ones. Jigar requests them to let him go. Ahem tells him that kids will ask about him.

Jigar says, entire family is there to keep them happy. Gopi says, nobody can take your place. You can’t go leaving the kids here. Jigar cries and says he will go mad in memory of Rashi. He can’t forget Rashi. Hetal asks him to give some time for his pain to subside. Jigar tells her that he booked the tickets for day after tomorrow.

Hetal gets shocked and says you can’t go like this. Jigar holds her hand and asks her to let him go and support him. Paridhi listens to their conversation and gets sad. Jigar goes to his room. Hetal cries and tells Kokila to make Jigar understand. Kokila asks Hetal to take care of herself.

In the morning Hetal greets Jigar and tells him that you didn’t come for Puja. Jigar tells her that he is going tomorrow and he wants them to let him go happily. Hetal asks him not to go and says what they will say to kids. Jigar says, Rashi planned a vacation for me and kids. It was her surprise for me. I didn’t think that I have to go alone. Paridhi tells Jigar that you can’t go leaving me.

Jigar asks her to move from his way. Paridhi says, this is not the solution. Kokila asks her to go. Paridhi says, I said that I won’t leave this house. Kokila asks her not to argue and says she kept quiet in the night. She asks her to leave. Paridhi refuses citing her project work. Kokila gets angry and says you can’t live in this house. Go and stay at Urmila’s place. She holds her hand and drags her towards the door.

Jigar asks Kokila to let her stay in the house. Paridhi says, Jigar also wants me to stay in the house. Jigar says, he is leaving tomorrow so there won’t be any problem if she stays here. Paridhi goes to her room. Kokila thinks to talk to Urmila regarding Paridhi.

Jigar asks his kids to promise that they will understand him. They make a promise. Jigar informs them that he is going to US tomorrow morning and promises to return back soon. Tolu asks why you wants to go. Jigar says, because I wants to go. I know that my kids can take care of themselves. Kids gets emotional. Jigar gets teary eyed and says he wants his kids to welcome him happily when he returns back. Molu says, they will stay with him today. Jigar asks them to go to school and after coming back they will spend time.

Jigar comes to his car and sees Pari sitting in his car. Paridhi tells Jigar that she is impressed with him as she saw a loving husband for the first time. She says, I started loving you. She says, don’t you want to reminiscence Rashi by going to the places where you went with her and insists him to come. Jigar sits in his car. Paridhi thanks him. Jigar says, he is doing this for her for the last time and asks her to forget her sayings.

Kokila calls Urmila. Urmila says, she wants to talk to kids. Gopi tells the kids to go to school else they will get late. Urmila gets angry. Kokila tells her that she will get kids talk to her in the evening. Kokila tells that she wants to talk to her about something important. Urmila looks on tensed.

Gopi calls Jigar and asks him where is he? Jigar tells her that he is with Paridhi and is fine. Kokila takes the call. Jigar tells her that Paridhi understood everything. Paridhi smiles. Kokila wonders that there is something wrong.

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  1. well well well first comment

  2. I came to know that paridhi laid a trap for jigar n gets married to jigar without his knowledge by getting his sign on marriage papers n taking pics together……bakwaas I don’t want to see such stupid plots…writerji what’s this nonsense kyu hamesha audience ko ulu banane ka koshish karthe rahte Hai…..think n write a good story if u can’t then just stop this nonsense…..don’t make us get bored every time… guys are torturing us in the name of entertainment ……when the same thing is done by Radha kokila gave her a big slap n in case of paridhi don’t no why she is doing like this ……she shows a lot if differences between her family n hetals family…..idiot kokila….idiot paridhi….idiotic serial ……idiotic script …..full of nonsense. ……

  3. paridhi you idiot why are you trying to take your cousins husband awway you sl*t

  4. I agree….who the hell is paridhi….why just kokila cant throw her out of Modi house

  5. I dont like the female paridhi….very annoying character….unlike rashi who looked graceful in her acting….sns isn’t interesting anymore…very boring plot

  6. Paridhi looks so ugly….n her voice is so irritating….she is trying to copy rashi….

  7. Paridhi is sooo nice

  8. This is my last comment GOODBYE this serial

  9. what nonsense are you showing. how come a guest can poke his/ her nose in family matters. This Paridhi is someone I cant tolerate. Is this some Urmilas kalakari to get rashis children and modi money. She can manipulate. Knowing how Paridhi is attracted to Jigar she might have made use of the opportunity. Were are the parents of Paridhi, can any girl just behave like she does. If she is urmilas sisters daughter her parents should have come for the funeral, that is what relatives do. Then they should have guessed wht is on their daughters mind and should have moved her out of Modi bhavan themselves instead of creating problems. Paridhi how can she tell kokila she wont move to urmilas place. And as lokeshwari said if she is going to marry jigar by cheating him then that is too much. First Urmila and rashi plotted and cheated him into marriage. Now this, Same things repeating in whatever form is too boring. Were is the sanctity of marriage, were is saathiya here. Only selfishness, selfcentered and greed is shown in this serial. They should remove Paridhi. There is lot more scope with child artists, they could show how the children are adjusting without rashi. (Tolu Molu without their mother and Vidya and Meera without their Mausi) whatever she did she cared for the kids a lot. Not with crying but they could show certain things which will show each one missing rashi. Their bonding over this loss would have been good if it was shown without any more unnecessary twists.

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