Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone sitting on the dining table to break the fast and having a talk. Saras says I think Danny and Vidyachatur are fasting for the first time, I always kept fasts for Saras, you should learn from women. Vidyachatur says enough Saras babu, we accept that women have more strength than us, they keeep the fasts smiling and happily. He says the women will accept the fast first and then we will. Vidyachatur makes Guniyal break her fast. Danny breaks Kusum’s fast by making her eat the laddoo and drink water. Danny is hungry and Kuusm breaks his fast. Kumud and Saras smile. Saras and Kumud make each other other and end their fast. Guniyal asks Anushka won’t she have food. Anushka says she had and leaves. Kabir gives chocolate to Avi. Anushka stops and looks at them. Kabir says don’t have it alone, share it with your Didi. Avi says fine and comes to Anushka, saying Kavir gave it for us. Anushka smiles looking at Kabir.

Its morning, Kumud thinks why should Saras not meet his mum, as he is fine now, this will be the great thing for him, shall I tell him, no, I will bring Maa home. She smiles and thinks of giving the surprise. She talks to the doctor and says she wants to take her home, I believe she will get fine, when she meets Chandra, she will be completely fine, and come out of the trauma. The doctor says but its hard to control her. Kumud says that’s my responsibility, I will take care of everything. The doctor says fine, but don’t give her any surprise and shock, and call me when you need me. Kumud says fine, thanks, I m coming now. Ghuman hears this and says the plan is going as I wanted, I m eager to meet you Kumud, you are coming to take Saraswati Maa, but be ready to welcome the new trouble.

Vidyachatur and Saras look for Kumud. Vidyachatur asks him to take rest and send Kumud if she comes to him. Saras goes out and a guy gives him a letter. He is shocked to read his mum is alive. And she is in mental asylum, Kumud knows this who meets your mum every day.

Saras comes in the mental asylum and hears Saraswati singing the lullaby. He thinks of his childhood in FB. Saras walks stiff like being stunned. He thinks of him and Saraswati in FB, and remembers his childhood moments. He was very protective about his mum, when her hand burnt in making rotis, and then he made it for her, while Saraswati watched him happily. The roti burnt but she liked it and took his blessings. Saras cries thinking about her, and thinks of the hide and seek moment. He follows the voice and comes to her ward. He walks in and is shocked seeing her alive. He sees her with the baby toy singing the lullaby for him, and calling him Chandra, asking him to sleep.

Saras is stunned and gains strength to walk towards her. He looks at her and sits near her. He cries and touches her feet. She looks at him. He says Maa, I m your Chandra, your Saraswatichandra, do you remember me. Saraswati says Chandra and smiles. He cries resting his head on her lap. She says my son Chandra. Kumud walks in and is shocked seeing Saras there. She smiles happily seeing their union. Saraswati asks where I m. The nurse comes and asks him not to talk her much, she does not remember much, her stress level can get high. Saraswati resumes singing the lullaby. Saras cries.

Saras turns and looks at Kumud. He asks her do you wanted to give me this surprise. She nods yes. He hugs her. She says we will take her home, Lord has sent her only for you. He says he has to take her now. She says you talk to doctor and bring her home, I will go home and tell everyone. Saras cries seeing her mental state bad.

The doctor asks Saraswati to take care. Saras takes her home. Ghuman thinks they did not do this right by sending her jail, you don’t know I m back, see what I do with you, my name is not Ghuman if I don’t snatch the ground beneath your feet.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Seriously kumud plz change ur dressing style u were much better in the starting of the show plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  2. really kumud ur new dress up is not dat gd… u shd chng it as u look beutifl in old dress up…….

  3. really kumud ur new dress up is not dat gd… u shd chng it as u look beutifl in old dress up……

  4. relly kumud ur new dress up is not dat gd… u shd chng it as u look beutifl in old dress up……

  5. wow saras ur just amazing yaar.ur face,expression,atitude,speech sab kuch fablous man.and in emotin ur mindblowing.overall ur the best.oh kumud plz for god sake change ur dressing style.just be as before when the show starts.that suit u more.

  6. Wow..!!!!!!saras is looking very cute …….I Love U Saras….loved ur expressions…… How cute is he……

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