Shastri Sisters 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka asking Rohan not to feel guilty if his answer is no, as anyone would have done this. Rohan leaves. Alka thinks it will be a problem if Rohan says no, this will hurt dad. She comes to Anushka. Anushka asks what did Rohan say. Alka says I did a mistake, don’t know it was right or wrong. Anushka asks did you tell Rohan about Rajeev. Alka asks why, is it wrong. Anushka says no, it depends on how he takes it, if he knows this relation can break, this can hurt dad too. She says I know you won’t do this. Alka does not tell her and says what Rohan said her. They come home, Shastri ji asks them what did Rohan say. Alka leaves.

Anushka says about Rohan’s secret. She tells him and he laughs. He says I was right about this guy, he told everything honestly, it proves he will keep Alka happy. Alka thinks about Rohan’s meeting and is tensed, thinking what will Rohan decide now. Its morning, Anushka orders the flowers. She wakes up Devyaani and says it’s the day to show Shastri sisters are so fast. Devyaani says yes, and to show how beautiful I m. Anushka asks everyone to get ready. Alka is still tensed. Anushka says Rohan is very nice, and he will love you a lot. Minty asks the girls to do all the arrangements soon. Devyaani sees Neil recording the video. She teases him. Neil gives a good reply and they argue.

Shastri ji comes and asks for his button. Peeya asks him to wear the new banyan. Peeya asks him to change and she will get the button. Minty asks Devyaani why is she shouting, talk slowly. She gets the call and shouts. Devyaani looks at her and shuts her ears. Minty slows down. Devyaani talks to Neil and he records her confession. He runs and she runs after him to get the camcorder. Anushka sees her dad ready and compliments him. Sareen comes to them. He brings the jeweler and asks him to see the rings. Everyone like some and its very costly rings. Their budget is low and they keep quiet. Anushka buys a cheap one. She shows to Alka and Alka agrees. Shastri ji pays the man. Rohan thinks what to do as he is in double minds.

Rohan thinks about Alka’s words. Vrinda comes to call Rohan and he says he has to talk to her. Alka prays that Rohan comes on time. Everyone get ready for the engagement function. Peeya comes and says Papa is worried, as no one came, its 6pm now. The girls get tensed. Peeya says Rohan and his family did not come, and did not even call. Alka gets worried thinking Rohan said no for the engagement.

Anushka pacifies Shastri ji. Alka talks to call Rohan and apologize. Rohan does not take the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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