Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

scene 1
Mehta says fire kamla as soon as possible. Dheraj says she should not get her memory back. If Bhai saab get to know about suhana’s death my son will be in trouble. Aman comes and says sanjay is looking for you dad.
kamal says to suhana I am so happy a new inspector is looking after kalpi’s case. sanjay introduces suhana to someone. Aryan comes and says leave these introduction. I will dance again. He chandni I really enjoyed dancing with you. I think you should come on a drive with me.
Chandni says Aryan its suhana’s birthday you should dance with her. He is drunk. He says yeah why not. will you dance with me suhana come one. Suhana hugs sanjay. Aryan says to a woman aunty will you dance with me ? Sanjay goes to her to apologize. Aryan says to suahan you are my wife to be. will you dance with me? lets drink with me. he says to a man you are looking so cool. Everyone is shocked. Suhana says papa what is Aryan doing. Sanjay says he is drunk. Aryan says to another man what a nice moustache. Are they real or not.
Autny come dance with me ? can I tell you something to reduce weight. she says what is this ? He says this is so important. I am telling you a trick with which you can reduce 4 kg in a day. wash off this make up.
Aryan says to suhana after few days we will be together. He hugs her and says I can do anything for you suhana. He gives her flowers and says this is all for you. suhana says everyone is seeing what are you doing ? Sanjay says stop it Aryan. Control your self don’t you know where you are standing. I think you should go in. He says I will sit here and party. Suhana dance with me please. He holds her hand and takes her to the floor. He starts dancing and falls with her on sanjay. he says sorry uncle. Come one suhana lets start once again. Sanjay says enough arayan. how dare you to say all that to my daughter. if you were not son of my pal I would have kicked you out. Thank God that we have seen your true color. you are the one I wanted her to get married to. He says off course uncle what are you saying? I will marry her. sanjay says shut up. I am breaking your and suhana’s engagement right here right now. Everyone is dazed. Aryan says in heart finally. Sanjay says you can’t stand on your feet how will you take her responsibility. The guy who can’t respect elders how can I send my daughter with him. Aryan says what is your dad saying suhan. its my suhana’s birthday. Why are you in front of me. Sanjay says dheraj take him out of here. Dheraj takes him out. Sanjay says ladies and gentlemen I apologize you all on his behalf. please carry on.
Dheraj takes Aryan to his room. Aryan says to dheraj I wanna say you something you are so cute, I wanna kiss you. Dheraj says you’ll not come out of this room. we’ll talk tomorrow. Aryan says love you chacha ji. He goes Aryan dances in the room for accomplishing his mission. he says finally I got what I wanted. now I am not marrying suhana. He says anything for you suhana.

Suhana is embarrassed in the party. she hugs sanjay. Sanjay says its better that Aryan’s reality is in front of us before wedding. I could never forgive myself if you had married him. Suhana says why are you saying all that. Sanjay says you knew everything about Aryan why didn’t you tell me about all this ? Suhana is quite. he says I forgot that you have lost your memory. He says its not that he drinks, the way he behaved with you matters. You deserve a much better person.
Aryan says everything is going fine with me. This drama took all my tension. I will sleep well tonight. Everyone must be thinking Aryan is such a bad guy but what I did was right. Its better to ruin whole life

Kamla says my heart doesn’t say that arayn is a bad guy. Sanjay says its not possible that I will get suhana married to a guy like him. Its my final decision. suhana says massi maa I am not sad that we have broken up. there was nothing in my heart. I am sad because when is started trying this happened.

Scene 2
suahan is in her room. kamla says don’t worry everything will be fine. Suahan says don’t you know what Aryan did. I have never seen papa that angry before. He has made us embarrassed. Kamla says the guy who can help and unknown woman in a strange city. How can he do all this. there must be something wrong. suhana says the worng things is that you are so innocent. He is a bad guy. kamla says you must be hungry let me bring you some food. suhana says I am not kamla says no I have o bring something for you. kamla says in heart there is something that is hidden. I don’t think Aryan is a bad guy.
Dusheli says to kamla help me in cleaning the kitchen. kamla sees a Champaign bottle. she says no one drinks here. dusheli says its Aryan’s bottle. Meethi comes and says I wanna sleep. she shoves disheli and the bottle falls off. Dusheli says kamla clean this is will make her sleep. kamla smells that its non alcoholic. She says that mean Aryan lied why he did all that.

Precap-Aryan is leaving. suhana’s head drop on the table. She says I saw an accident. a car falling off a cliff. Sanjay says you will recover soon that means.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awsm,lov’d aryan’s actin n da innocent asha πŸ™‚

  2. OMG aryan wat an actin of being drunk πŸ˜€

  3. we pray dat directors should get sm brain in deir heads so dat dey dun replace Asha n aryan,luv u both :*

  4. I used to hate da replacement but now m luvin’ it πŸ™‚

  5. DJ creatives is the most stubborn and egoistic and stupid production house . Bakwas story line. Please zee shut it as soon as possible

    Only one good thing happen to us that is now we don’t have to bear KAMLA KA HAMLA.

    Whole serial is dedicated to only one character KAMLA and rest of the characters are ignored

  6. Plz zee shut dz show..i really dn’t lyk asha negi.

  7. i think they should forget the kalpi bit and continue on the part of suhana cuz the whole story seems like it went lift to a part of no return….kalpi character never wanted things handed to her she rather worked for it….so coincidentally makin her some rich guy daughter by default is a disgrace to who she was it was more motivatin seein her achieve her goals atleast for me it was….jus make her memory lost permanent and change the whole show all together….tryin to continue on the part of kalpi raghav makes no sense now cuz pakhi i assume is livin it up and kamla is attached to another rich girl so she didnt learn her lesson(even doh its β€œkalpi” she dont kno that) what is ema aimin at now…..

  8. Seriously? i cannot believe that people are loving this crap?
    This is the worst show ever..where is your love and loyalty as a RAGNA FAN???
    Wake up, the writers are manipulating the story…

  9. Shut down the show. new cost is nohing compared to Ashish an Rachana. no hope. It seems like this show is on lifesupport, dragging its life πŸ™‚ as long as they can and make some pennies. Unfortunate.

  10. M sure Asha ‘ll increase da trp’s f dis show as EMA had nevr b4,u’re born 2 rock **

  11. Oh shut the F*** UP ashi!! What do you know about trps??

  12. agree wid ewh ashi, πŸ™‚ (y)

  13. TRP its act. television rating points,n lemme clear ur biggest “misundrstandin” usin dose ” F words or shwin _|_” dsn’t mke u luk cool it act shws ur manners as wel wat ur t’chrs teach u at ua skul,it may hurt u but dat’s da fact dear! N as expctd u myt use mny othr abusive wrds 2 screw me up,but already said it jzt shws ua manner!! try n undrstand if u knw few wrds of ‘angrezi’ dea!! @Sunaina πŸ˜‰

  14. Ashi,wel said dear πŸ™‚

  15. Ryt ashi don’t knw y few ppl 4get 2 read da cmmnt rules n use abusive words,i guess wat future dey secure :/

  16. Yeah ryt totally agree wid u ashi n hr frnds πŸ™‚

  17. Sunaina is waitin 4 hr real place 2 b shown,dese kind f gals displease n disrespect da whole society its a public place n dey jst wnt 2 tke o’er sm1 innocent n screw dem 4 no reasn,nthin is possible 4 dis kind of gals,dun wer r indian youths mind going :O

  18. Sunaina,atleast 4 da sake of ur innocent or creative name,dun post dese kind of comments :@

  19. Wel rehana i respect ur feelings,but shwin o’er possivness 2wrds tv actrs n actresses acrdn 2 me isn’t needed cuz already r lives r so stressful we jst watch serials 2 enjoy not 2 add more stress n rachna/ashish wern’t r parents dat we need 2 b loyal dey wer jst script’s demand til dey wer in dey did a gud job since dey’re out nw we shud luk 4wrd rathr dan doin drama’s m sure rachna wouln’t b missin u :O

  20. Look at the little b*t*h whose talking bout being an Indian, oh please go tell your momma that….aint my fault you dont know how to use coarse language…

  21. Totally agreee wid sunaina. These people are such hypocrites they talk bout not using such language and all they watch is sick stuff. Go get arranged marriages, thats all you know.

  22. Guys guys guys,look i said sunaina n few of hr puppets ‘ll reply wid sm more abusive wrds addin in hr comment n see exactly da sme happend,gawd mindblowin,i cn b a gud future predictor πŸ˜€

  23. Usually watch this show when I taking my Lil drink, now this show so boring have nothing to watch!!

  24. Ws goin thru da cmmnts n saw dis too ashi u seriously rock, “sunaina n puppets πŸ˜€

  25. Ppl shud knw da diff b/w abusive language n sick stuffs den cmmnt ^-^

  26. Hahahaha ,our dear sunaina thinks we dun knw hw 2 use coarse language πŸ˜€ baby let me tel u if i start using dat u won’t b found nywere but i won’t as i hv mannrs unlike u gals,so plz stop ur nonsense as u won’t b hvin ny selfrespect but i’ve myn πŸ™‚

  27. You know your not my type to argue with, so don’t go down that lane..if i were you i would fix my english because it’s so broken…don’t teach an Indian how to be ‘desi’ keep it to yourself!!

  28. Sunaina just ignore these fools, all they need are a bunch of arranged marriages to ruin their lives…
    Btw you would rather use that word, then act like a hypocrite pretending you don’t, we know that you know how to abuse, coz people like you are 2-faced!!

    Sayonara Suckers!!

  29. Sunaina,ur english can b perfectly seen hw wrst it is,correcting ur lyns, “u knw u aren’t of mh type so i dun wanna argue wid u,if i ws dere in ur place i wud hv fixd mh english first” n god knws hw english can be seem to b broken,1st luk at urself an den point 2wards others gal πŸ˜€ btw if u cntinue ur dis kind of english ‘ll learn to b a bttr english translator too,thnxie πŸ˜€

  30. Left no stones unturned ashi πŸ™‚

  31. Ashi πŸ™‚ wel done (y)

  32. Ur english is seriously gud ashi,atleast much /far bttr dan dat of sunaina

  33. Bravo!! Bravo!!

    “r english can b perfectly seen hw wrst it is,correcting ur lyns,..” You definately cannot teach english/ or even translate it to save a soul. Seriously go correct your english or should i say ‘angrezi’, so you spare yourself the embarrassment on public platform.

    One more thing, if you know so much about trps, then go land yourself a job in the whole directing thing. You will see me send flowers to your door step saying “sorry you tried”.

  34. Someone just got served!! Low-life deserves it!!

  35. “You will see me send flowers to your door step” wat does it actually mean?? Lemme correct it, dear gal it’ll b ”you’ll watch me sending flowers at your door step” btw not your fault as ppl belonging 2 villages jst think dey’re on da top of da world aftr learing few lines of english,btw dun wanna argue wid u,as u aren’t a prfct match,may b ‘ll get sick by ur dis kind of english πŸ˜€

  36. Look at her sentence no comma,no full stop,seriously at a glance any 1 can tell an illiterate tryin 2 argue wid da literates…:D

  37. Gals lyk sunaina should b behind bars 4 using da low level english πŸ˜€

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