Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu/molu ask Jigar where had he gone. Jigar asks them to go out as he is not in a mood to talk to them. Kids asks if he will also leave them and go like mummy. Jigar shouts at them and asks them to go to their room. Kids go from there sadly. Paridhi sees that and gets sad.

Gopi is in kitchen. Kokila without realizing calls her and Rashi and then realizes her mistake and says it is difficult to forget Rashi easily. She says when she is in such pain, Urmila must be in more pain and says Urmila has to come out of this pain and sorrow and she will help her.

Paridhi reminisces Jigar crying looking at Rashi’s pic and gets sad. She writes an SMS to some asking is it possible that someone is habituated of someone. She thinks why is she getting attracted to Jigar when does not want to talk to anyone. She thinks she is confused. She comes near Jigar’s room and sees him crying and thinks what she can do to make him happy.

Travel agent comes and asks Jigar about Rashi and says he will give package to her only. Jigar says she is not there and will not come back and asks him to give it to him as he is her husband. He gives him an envelope and says it is a holiday package. Jigar realizes this was Rashi’s surprise.

Kokila says Parag that she is missing Rashi and says when she is feeling pain and sorrow about Rashi, then Jigar must be in more pain and prays god to get Jigar out of this sorrow and pain.

Paridhi prepares Jigar’s room like a spa and thinks Jigar will get happy seeing it. Kokila comes there and knocks the door. Paridhi thinks it is Jigar and asks how did he like his room. Kokila gets irked seeing that and asks what is she trying to do. Paridhi says she wants to do massage on Jigar to make him relax. Kokila says why is she doing all this as she came here for her research and getting involved into modi family. Paridhi says she is worried about Jigar as he is getting into depression. Kokila says we are there for him.

Jigar makes tolu/molu sleep by telling them a story and is about to go out when Hetal comes and asks if kids slept. He says yes. They both then hear Kokila shouting at Paridhi. Kokila asks Paridhi to come out of Jigar’s room. She says she will not. Kokila asks if she has gone mad. She says yes and says she in love with Jigar. Jigar and whole family is shocked to hear that and says she just wants to see him happy and says she cannot live without Jigar now. Kokila asks her to shut up and asks how can she even think like that and says she crossed all her limits today. She asks her to get out of her house. Paridhi says she will not go out until her project is complete and asks if it is crime to love someone. Ahem consoles Kokila to calm down and says Paridhi does not know what she is talking about and asks Paridhi to go and sleep now. Paridhi says she is in her senses and knows what is she talking. Kokila drags her and says she cannot stay here. Paridhi says she will not go. Jigar asks Kokila to forgive Paridhi as she is immature and says Paridhi that he knows she is worried about her, but he loves only Rashi and she is his first and last love. He requests her to remove her thoughts. Ahem says Paridhi to go to her room. Kokila says she will go out of my house now.

Precap: Kokila asks Paridhi at what basis she wants to stay in her house.

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  1. Awwwwww……..tears are rolling down when ever I see jigar crying about Rashi…..awww…..this paridhi idiot…I am not able to bear her over action…. First of all kick this paridhi out how many days she will stay there…..if anyone enters this modi house don’t no why they will settle up there permanently as if they are stuck to some glue……writerji……poor jigar how many does he want cry…..don’t say until the glycerin bottle in our set becomes empty…..plz end this emotional drama with a happy ending….plz…..

  2. i dnt lyk dis being very boar… dont take paridhi as rashi place…

  3. Best serial ever. Paridhi is so nice

  4. Same old story.i don’t like

  5. Paridhi Jigar has lost his life partner who was with him for almost 12 yrs. Let him morn in peace and come to terms with the loss. You want him to be happy then just wait give it time. Time is the only cure for such loss. If you enter Jigars life at this point now you will not be able to get any love from him as he himself is in an empty space.
    Earlier there was only crime and negativity in this show now there is only crying and shouting match. Please if this has to change, for now move Paridhi out of Modi mansion. Let there be some peace in Modi house. Then we can see want problems you want to create. Without Rashi Problems also wont be same.

  6. Ya i totally 110% agree with u @viewer. ..but no use of seeing… cuz they have shoot a lot ahead. … u don’t know what writters are thinking.. they obviously should show some peace as viewer said.. they shouldn’t show urmilla drama and parhidi immediatly concern for jigar.. but i feel no one reads are comments. .when i say no one i mean even if telly update reads they dont pass are message

  7. Saying*****

  8. Yea its said that there is no improvement. ..

  9. I mean sad

  10. Funny thing that saath nibhana saathiya trp reached up to 3nd position. .people just say it but they watch the serial everyday. . I admit that i kinda watch the serial because i want to see the story get better. but i also switch to life ok channel in between when i find it irrating.. also guys watc . Baawre its a completely different story no saas bahu story.. and i love the background music. . Baawre also comes at 7 so i watch that instead of ssaathiya sometimes

  11. I meant 2nd position

  12. Telly Updates✏️

    The comments are getting better

  13. Paridi this is really very bad what you are doin upon jigar…Please leave jigar alone and try to respect your sisters (Rashi and jiga’s) feelings , love , bonding and marriage .Please get out of the show.You are intolerable

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