Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Simar is hung. suddenly vikran comes in shouting simar. He saves simar. simar is coughing hard. Baa and karthik and dazed. simar is sobbing. baa is on her feet. She says in heart vikran saw me standing. Karthik helps vikran in getting her down. baa says look vikran what she tried to do. I stood up to save her. Karthik my feet are shivering. Karthik says baa sit on this chair. Baa says look at this simar when she couldn’t get successful she tried to kill herself to blame us. Vikran recalls simar saying sunnaian was killed by baa and karthik. karthik kills innocent people. baa says my feet hurt bad karthik. vikran grunts stop it baa. What were you two doing here. I saw you both, I know your reality baa. simar stands up.

Scene 2
roli says to sid the number didi called from is off. please think we have to reach there, sid says how can we get there we don’t even know where karthik lives. Perhaps we can reach there. when they wree getting me back my eyes we closed but I can try to reach there we can try at least. simar says we have to go. sanju wakes up and says mama papa. roli asks her whats wrong saanju ? Are you afraid alone ? Mama papa must be coming. you should try to sleep. They make her sleep. sid calls vikran but his phone is off. Sid says what to do now? where could he be ? Roli says I guess I know where he could. Sanju is slept lets go now.

Vikran says sid, roli simar everyone tried to tell me what you both are. Roli came and told me that simar’s life in in danger. I didn’t listen to her, I came here to know how are you. Its better that I came and saved her. I can’t believe you can do this. You raised us up facing so many difficulties. You educated us, made us capable of doing something to show us this day ? baa stands up and says actually I.. vikran says don’t say anything. I won’t be able to bear more lies. I have seen this sort of mother for the first time this is so horrible. Why you killed my sunnaian. why ? Mom gives life then you took life of your daughter in law? baa’s head is down. he says you did all the sins and simar faced all the punishments. What people can do for their family, simar is the living example of it. You’ll get the punishment of your sins. karthik says bhaiya don’t do anything. vikran says quite. Why shouldn’t I ? so you can kill more innocent people ? You took my sanju’s mom from her. simar says I told you God always comes to rescue his people. Vikran says simar please forgive me for keeping you in my house for no reason. you had to suffer so much because of me, I thought you were wrong. simar says don’t ask for pardon vikran you were oblivious to all this. He says I.. suddenly he stops. baa has stabbed him in the back. Siamr screams vikran.. vikran says this doesn’t shock me now. He falls on the floor. simar says vikran please get up.

Scene 3
Sunnaina is in the dark room. she says why do I feel like everything is not fine. baa says while doing this my heart was shivering but I had no other option. who can be more unlucky than me ? Why vikran you forced me to do this. You wants your old mom to be arrested. There would have been no AC, TV in the jail. You could have send me to world tour. She says vikran this is my motherhood. I did a sin to send sunnaina away from you. So I sent you to her. baa says whoever try to expose me will have to die. Even though its my son. sunnaina tried to do the same what my son tried. I killed him.
Sunnaina tries to run but she can’t She says there is something wrong. please take care of my family God. Simar screams please open your eyes vikran. baa says she killed my son. She killed him. simar sees her anger resentment. baa says she took my vikrant from me. Baa says whom will I live with now. simar says you’re not a mom you’re a strain for all the moms. Karthik says what to do now ? Baa says you don’t have to worry. we will tell everyone that sunnaina ran away after killing vikran. we don’t know where she is.

Precap-Roli is shocked to see what has happened at karthik’s house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Finally vikran came to know the truth

  2. Pagal baa

  3. Plzz hurry up m soo excited

  4. This baa need to go to hell

  5. Good to know d truth

  6. Vikran..!!
    Hell yeah!!
    You should have listened to Simar..
    You wouldn’t face this day if you believed the truth!!
    Will Simar be saved?

  7. finally the true is out.and i really hope vikran is live.cue ki when say the true to prem that simar is ur simar then only prem belive her.and arey yaar ghostji jaldi aaja sub ko save karo naa.thank for update

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