Shastri Sisters 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka crying in her room thinking about Rajeev. The FB plays their moments…………. With the song Harjaiyaan Mila wo, hone ko juda kyu………..Parchaiyaan deke wo mujhe gaya kyun………………She thinks about her dad’s insult and Rajeev not taking a stand for her. Devyaani and Peeya cry knowing about their dad’s insult. Anushka says I also insulted him a lot. She tells them what all happened there. Alka comes to them crying. She then goes to her dad. She hugs him and cries. Shastri ji consoles her. He says I tried my best honestly, your happiness is most important for me, I was not acting, they have insulted me, and I have bear it, but when they pointed on you, I can’t bear it.

Alka says I hate myself. She says I m angry on myself. He says don’t say this, its fine. Alka says why did you not slap me. She says you are world’s best dad and I m world’s worst daughter. She says I have defamed you, and I was a fool to doubt you for all this, I m sorry Papa. He hugs her. The other sisters look on. He says everyone does mistakes, don’t blame yourself. Sareen and Minty come to talk to them. Minty says I did not like Rajeev, but Alka liked him, but the good thing is Rohan is still waiting, its our backup, we did not say them no. She says lets say yes for him. Sareen says its relations, not backup.

She says we have to get her married, Rohan is a good guy. Shastri ji says the time is not being good. Sareen jokes on Minty and asks her to stop it now. Minty says what wrong did I say. She goes to prepare food. Shastri ji asks Anushka where is Alka and comes to talk to her. He asks Alka not to cry, as he will not force any relation on her. He asks her to enjoy with her sisters, have great food, watch good films and be happy. He says try to forget Rajeev now, every does mistakes, but the smart people learn a lesson from mistakes and move on. She says yes. He asks her to have food and then sleep. He leaves.

Anushka comes to Alka and hugs her. Alka says its not Rajeev’s mistake, I m not suitable for him, why will he fight for me. Anushka says don’t say this. Alka says if I was good, Rajeev would have not been ashamed to say he loves me. She says she is getting punished for hurting all of you, I m sorry. Devyaani and Peeya come. Anushka says I m sure, someone will come in your life who will fight for you.

Vrinda calls Minty. Minty says what should I tell her. Sareen jokes. Minty talks to Vrinda and says yes we are at home. Vrinda says I m coming to meet you all and know Shastri ji’s answer. Minty says you can come anytime. Minty tells everyone that Vrinda is coming, what to do now. Shastri ji says I will apologize to her, I will not force Alka, Alka will marry where she wishes. Vrinda comes. Shastri ji says he has to tell something important. Vrinda says yes say. Minty asks him to think again. Vrinda asks about Alka. Alka comes and greets Vrinda.

She touches her feet. Vrinda blesses her and says I wish to take her as my daughter. She asks Shastri ji his answer. Shastri ji is about to tell her no, but Alka takes him to talk. Vrinda asks is there any problem. Sareen says no, Shastri ji likes Rohan. Minty thinks to tell the truth in one stroke. Shastri ji asks Alka why is she doing this, he is not in hurry for her marriage. Alka says she is doing this for him. She says everyone likes Rohan, why can’t I say yes to him. He says its about your whole life. She says no, I won’t do any mistake now, I have to think about everyone’s happiness. She says she was selfish, but now she will be happy seeing everyone happy. She likes him does he like Rohan. He says yes, but. She says go and tell my sasu maa yes. He gets glad. She hugs him. He goes out.

Rohan’s dad and Rohan’s Bhabhi does not value the shagun and taunt Shastri ji. Vrinda tells about a problem related to engagement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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