Fanaah 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan taps on Dhara’s shoulder and says that I’m alive. Dhara wants to leave but Vivan says that you must say that you remember me. Dhara says that yes I remember you; you were a worker at my house. Vivan says that don’t you remember our love. Dhara says that we were kids and you were kept to play with me. Vivan says that what are you doing here than, Dhara tries to leave but Vivan holds her and says that I won’t leave you that easily. Dhara says that she has a lot of dialogues like this in mussoroie and then leaves.
Vivan goes upstairs and Anshuman is waiting there and says that I swear I didn’t see anything. Vivan asks him that what are you doing here and he says that I could not sleep. Vivan says that, in this college whoever can’t sleep comes down here then. They both leave and on their way they talk about Dhara and Anshuman says that all girls all like this, confused and moody. He says therefore it is our job to keep them on the right track. Vivan asks him of his girl and says that you know so much about them then must have a girlfriend. Anshuman says that her girlfriend says what she knows wants but they don’t meet a lot. Anshuman says that what happened to him must not happen to anyone. Then they both leave.
The next morning Dhara is going with her friend and she sees a red clock on the stairs when suddenly her lifts it there are two love birds in a cage and Dhara immediately comes to know who sent them. Dhara’s friend thinks Adrij sent them. Vivan is hiding behind the stairs and says to Dhara as she rests at the stairs that won’t you set them free this time. Dhara remembers when Vivan brought them to her the first time. Dhara says to Vivan that sometimes it is better to keep things locked up otherwise they might get lost. Dhara just stands by the wall and think about Vivan.
Her friends says that she wants to go to practice but Dhara says that she will come in a while and tells her friend to keep the birds. Her friend leaves and so does Dhara without talking to Vivan. Later Dhara is sitting on the stairs and Adrij comes from behind and on hearing his voice Dhara tries to walk away but he stops her and says that why do run on seeing me. Dhara says that she was not running and was just going to the dance rehersal. Adrij asks Dhara of whom the boy was and if she knew him. Dhara says that he was just a servant at her house and she had no relation with him. Dhara leaves but Adrij come and apologizes to her and says that the boy won’t worry you anymore. He tries to kiss her but Dhara leaves. Adrij gets angry and kicks the dust bin.
The man announces the name of all the players and says that they must report immediately to the place. Vivan is late and Anshuman says that you came to the race and even late on that Vivan says that who came to win the race. Adrij says that are you going to race with that, and says that you are a worker how will you know. Anshuman and Vivan are going to the track when Adrij’s father come and stop them. He looks at Anshuman and says that I have heard a lot about you and wants to shake hands but the cycles behind falls and Anshuman suddenly leaves.
Dhara is praying the church and her friend comes and says that she knew that you will be here. She tells her to stop praying and listen to her but Dhara is busy and so her friend leaves. Dhara stands up and then starts praying again. A woman comes from behind wearing a cloak and Dhara says sorry to her and then leaves, the woman is Irawati.
Dhara is sitting by the love birds and remembers when she set them free. Suddenly the lights go out and Vivan comes inside from the window when Dhara is busy trying to light them again. Vivan says that if he had came a little later she would have set them free. He says that she is still the same and says that she the same girl who wants to set these birds free. He says that I know who you are and you know me. Vivan says that how far can you go and luck wanted us to meet then why didn’t you tell me. He says that Preet Madam sent him so that they can meet. Dhara runs away and while holding her the birds fall and are set free and they both just look at them.
Suddenly the fall on the bed with Vivan over Dhara and a girl comes and shouts for the sister and says that there is a boy in the room. Vivan tries to escape but gets caught, sister says that come with us otherwise we’ll call security. In one of the women Irawati is also there.

Precap: A boy tells to Anshuman that what happened to Vivan and that he was expelled. Anshuman tells Dhara that she knows Vivan and he won’t quit. Vivan gets kidnapped while Preet Madam Thinks that something is going there that she doesn’t knows.

Update Credit to: Sona

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