Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Suhana is lookin for kamla. kamla says are you hungry ? i knew. Sit here and eat. She says how you know i was hungry. Kamla says you call me massi maa and ask me how i know ? She says chandni came today she told me i was crazy about Aryan. Kamla says so whats the problem with that ? Suhana says i don’t feel anything for him. Its not a joke. Kamla says eat first you will get all the answers. When you have nothing in your stomach you ask stupid questions. i know yo are worried trying to find your self. Give yourself some time everything will be fine. suhana gets a flash back. kamla says is it tasty ? Suhana suddenly stops her and says who are you ? kamla says i am your massi maa. Suhana says no you are someone else. you know me better than me. When i eat your dish i feel like i have eaten it with yoru hands before. The people in this house that say i lived with the,m for years i feel like i never met them and Aryan whom i loved. When i see him i feel like i don’t even know him. why is it so ? kamla says keep your focus on eating. I have to go home vitthal and pakya must be waiting for me.

Scene 2
Vitthal is going through kalpi’s certificates and trophies. he says kaplana vitthal yadav. he sees her picture in news paper when she topped the exams. He say come back i miss everything about you. Your tea, the lunch box you used to make for me. You haven’t been good to me. You left me alone. He is in tears. He takes out bottle of wine from the shelf. Kamla comes in and sees him in anger. He says why you come early ? Kamla says you were drinking ? You drink because you miss kalpi,. I miss kalpi too give me the bottlei will drink as well. kamla tried to snatch the bottle from him. He opens the bottle and is about to drink it. Vitthal says have you gone mad ? Kamla says kakpi is my daughter too i miss her as well i feel the pain as well. If you can drink fro her then i will too. I pray every day to god to being her to me. But when i see you like this i shatter. Our house will ruin if you keep drinking. If my vitthal can drink then his kamla can drink as well. Vitthal hugs her. He swipes kamla’s tears and leaves.

scene 3
Aryana comes to his car. He sees suhana coming. He stops for a while and stares at her. he says good morning. You have to go out so you can use other car. Suhana says i wanna go in this car. He says where are you going ? Suhana says i am going to temple. Aryana laughs and says have you ever entered temple ? you remember once i asked you to come to temple with me you were so loud at me. you said this all looks good in old age. suhana laughs and says you are mad. I have lost my memory that doesn’t mean that you will say anything you want. i like to go to temple not this shopping. He say okay you mean i am wrong but for now i am going to temple with you. he says in heart i should ask chandni no come. So i can say to suhana what i want.

Pakiya says to kamla i have my final interview today. Kamla says your interview will be good. Kamla makes tea for vitthal. She wakes him up. Kamla says take the tea. Vitthal says i kep asking god whole night where is kalpi ? He didn’t respond. kamla says God told me she is near. Why don’t yu listen to me. he says bring me the rpoof that kalpi is alive i will give up drinking. kamla says i want my old vitthal back who used to make me smile, Kamla gets a call. its the inspector he says please give the photos in the hospital. kamla says to vitthal i have to go its important. She takes the photo and leaves.

Suhana and Aryan enter the temple. They start praying. A flashback of past comes in front of kalpi’s eyes. She sees kamla’s face. She says what am i seeing ? her heat hurts and she falls on the ground with a thud. Aryan says get up suhana.

kamla goes to hospital. Dheraj comes there too. Mehta takes him t his cabin. Vitthal comes to the hospital and wonders why has kamla called him there. kamla looks for dheraj’s cabin. She sees a woman fainting and helps her. Vitthal is looking for kamla.
Mehta says cops are looking for that girl in every hospital. The people of village brought her to this hospital. She is the same girl to whom we gave suhana’s face. its not easy to conceal this anymore. Mehta says she was from a chowl. She belongs to a poor family. Mehta says the girl loving in your house is kamla yadav. Dheraj says so who is kalpana yadav ? Kamla over hears this sentence.

Precap- some thugs are teasing suhana. She asks Aryan to stop them . he says we can’t talk to them they are not good people she leaves home in anger. Aryan says i did this deliberately so you can go home and tell everyone that i don’t deserve you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. They should shut hi show down. No hope. Asha and Arya are no match to Rachana and Ashish. This clearly proves that EMA creative team is oing a BAD job. They need to disappear. If the house is falling apart due to foundation problem what is the use of coloring the walls. That ishat EMA production team is doing. They fired the the 2 best actors and no good creative Team (foundation problem) still there.

  2. xGfghvvc

  3. BRING BACK THE FIRST KALIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not liking these episodes.

  5. Despite the numerous remarks and pleading from fans, the writers are determined to go ahead with their new cast. I don’t think they will bring back Rachna. If Ashish does come back it will not be the same with asha.
    They should end the show

    1. ur right kt. I think in the television history EMA will be the first show to fire its most talented and popular lead pair i.e RACHANA AND ASHISH and continuing with poor script . The worst show in television industry. I don’t know how they show their faces to others. Chulu bhar pani me dubke marjana chahiye sharm se.

  6. No longer a fan of this show without raghav n kaLpie it suck bring them back plzzzzz then ur show will b super hit yaar

  7. Falling on Deaf Ears. Feel sorry for the writter.

  8. Melissa husseinkhel

    I hate this show now. The writer’s made a big mistake by getting rid of kalpna and raghav! !
    Really this show NEEDS to end now very stupid story line.

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