Shastri Sisters 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji blessing Karishma. They all are leaving. Karishma signs Astha to stop Rohan, as he is moving towards Anu’s car. Bua ji opens the door and is shocked. She sees few items messed up. The guards sign Karishma that they changed the car. The guard smiles. Bua ji asks whats this, will we go in this car, see the junk inside. She scolds the guards. She asks Santo to clean it. Rohan says fine, lets put items in that car. Astha says no, its costly car, we can put good impression on Sareen family. Rohan says they know everything about us. Karishma thinks she has to leave Anu’s car here. She says this is my fav car, dad gifted me on my 18th bday. Lalit says yes, fine. Alka says she will get Gajra and come. Rohan says yes, you all go, we will come in another car. Karishma gets tensed and signs the guards.

Anu gets conscious and moves. Rohan asks Alka to stand here. Alka says Rohan we will go in this car. Rohan asks why. Alka says I feel this, I don’t know why. Rohan says fine, we will go. The guard says its not good car, don’t go. Rohan asks how can you make every car unclean and asks for keys. He asks is there any other problem. Rohan gets the keys and the guards get tensed. Rohan ties seat belt for Alka and asks her not to worry. Alka says Anu did not call me till now, she is not like this, she always takes call to limit us from tension, I feel Devyaani is lying. Anu is in some problem. Rohan says so we are going there and you will make everything fine. They leave in the car.

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Devyaani calls Anu and it rings in back side. Anu tries to take, but her hands are tied. Devyaani sees Karishma reaching and thinks if she is behind this, I will not leave her. Karishma taunts Devyaani and requests her not to let Anu come downstairs, she has hurt Rajat a lot, I will hurt her then. Shastri ji says congrats and gives best wishes for her marriage. Rohan and Alka also reach. Karishma signs the guards. Alka walks to Devyaani. Bua ji says Alka we did not come to your Maayka, but to Karishma’s inlaws. Astha asks Hari to invite them in marriage. Hari tells Lalit to invite Shastri ji. Lalit says ask my wife, she will reply. Bua ji smiles and says I was giving example of your upbringing few days before, but times have changed now.

Astha taunts them. Bua ji says she will not tell him to come with family, as Anu has blamed Rajat and I don’t want her to be part of this marriage. She says if you want to bring Anu, then you can rest in your home. Karishma smiles. Shastri ji thanks her for invitation and says if Lord tells me that he will let me preach him at temple if I leave my daughter at home, I will leave preaching Lord.

Devyaani says we will come in marriage without Anu, as Karishma is like my sister and compliments Karishma. She thinks she looks like Hari uncle in bridal wear. Devyaani tells Shastri ji that Karishma is trapping Rajat. He says but where is Anu. Devyaani and Peeya hug him, and say Anu is very smart and she may got any proof, so she came late, I m sure she will come before mahurat. He says I wish, but time is less now, maybe she is stuck in any problem. Anu cries in the car. Minty welcomes Karishma and everyone. Rajat greets everyone. Sareen asks them to come inside.

Minty see Shastri ji, Devyaani and Peeya coming and get angry. She asks who called them here. Hari says I invited them, s its our Karishma’s marriage too along with your son’s. They are our relatives. Minty goes annoyed. Astha talks to Karishma and says Devyaani has some plan. Karishma says I would have got all sisters kidnapped. Astha says its not late, guards are outside and car and ropes are also here, we will do what we did with Anu. Karishma asks Astha to check on Anu once. Astha leaves. Devyaani tells Peeya that she is going to tell Rajat that Anu is missing, maybe he will stop marriage. She goes to Rajat, and Karishma looks on.

Devyaani tells Neil that maybe there is someone in the car. Anu makes the sound Devyaani and Neil see Anu tied inside and are shocked.

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  1. Oh god please finish this karishma story .
    It was so funny when devyaani thought that karishma’s looking like hari’s parchay in bridal wear

  2. Ada ennadaa ithu…..!!! Be quick yaar.. Just finish the car scene… How many days we always that car scene.. Enough.. Stupid karishma… Be ready for anu mrg….

    1. correct pa romba valathuranga…………

  3. Karishma story never ends easily.. Uma

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