Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera comes home after exam and informs Gopi that she had Maths exam instead of English. Kokila hears that and starts scolding Gopi that she is unable to take care of children now, etc. Pari interferes and says she is misunderstanding Pari. Kokila asks her not to interfere in her family issues and to keep away. Hetal asks Kokila what is she talking. Kokila says she knows Pari can stoop to any extent and must have tampered Meera’s exam time table. Pari gets angry and says then she must have tampered Meera’s ghungroo. Kokila starts shouting more loudly. Gopi asks Pari to stop taking rubbish about Kokila and takes her in. Hetal says she will speak to Kokila about it. Radha smirks seeing all the incident and thinks things are going more worse than she thought.

Pari hears Ahem scolding his employee for show wrong mistake to his client and asks if she can help him. He says no need. She says she has done architectural course and tells her suggestion. He says her suggestions are good, but client may not like it. Kokila sees Pari with Ahem and thinks Pari is trying to brainwash even Ahem. Meethi comes and tells Hetal is calling her and she leaves. Pari tells Ahem to try to convince client with her suggestions and walks out of room when she gets SMS from unknown number which says she has changed a lot and it is good for her. She gets tensed and thinks this cannot happen. Gopi asks what happened. She says nothing important. Gopi thinks she is tensed because of her tussle with Kokila and says she has to listen to her, but she always messes up with Kokila. Pari says whenever she tries to do go, always wrong happens and she is feeling very frustrated about it. Gopi suggests her to apologize Kokila and once she wins her heart, everything will be alright.

Kokila on bed thinks Gopi has changed a lot and she is trying to degrade her. She thinks she always helped Gopi, especially when she was alone and did not think she would go against her.

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Pari cries and says Gopi she does not know what to do. Gopi says it is not easy to gain Kokila’s confidence, she made many mistakes which broke her confidence, once she gets with you, everything will be alright. She says she always felt as orphan and Kokila as her mother and she always stood with her. Kokila on the other side thinks her and Gopi’s relationship is broken now. Gopi on the other side says Pari that her relationship has not broken and will revive her relationship soon, Radha cannot break their relationship and goes into flashback when Radha asks if Vidya is really Modi family’s child and Kokila scolds Radha. Pari says we will go and find out if Radha is behind all this.

Meera shows her time table to Gopi and says English is written on it. Gopi finds whitener on it and asks how did it come there. She says his classmate must have played a prank. Meera says as soon as teacher gave her time table, she kept it in bag. She sees Meera happily getting ready and singing in her room and thinks Radha must be behind it, though she does not have proof now, god will help her find it. Radha sees Gopi standing at door and closes it saying she is feeling very sleep and does not want to listen to her lecture.

Kokila starts crying. Her husband asks her to get medicine. She says she has kept it out. she hears door knock and opens it. She sees Pari and says she does not want to talk to her. Pari apologizes her for arguing with her. Kokila says she does not need her apology or explanation.

Precap: Pari sees old muffler and throws to wipe floor. Kokila holds it and says it is her father-in-law’s muffler and is very precious.

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  1. As always iam the first one and please Mr.Writer bring Pari and Jigar together soon.

  2. Kokila modi should learn to listen to other people’s point of view as well. Shouting and speaking loudly doesn’t make her right all the time. She is the only person who favored park in the beginning and at that time too she didn’t listen to anyone. She is hurting gopi who has always respected her. Please finish this worthless radha drama. Don’t show that bad people always win.

  3. plz stop this drama..more nd more worthless radha’s drama..when rashi’s death serial is down 🙁

    1. Totally agree!! STOP THIS RADHA and PARI’s DRAMA. Show is becoming unbearable to watch

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