Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini says to Manik that what his problem is and Manik says that we aren’t playing hide and seek anymore. Manik says that what did you thought that I didn’t know you were there while Nandini says that you were delirious and she was nowhere near him. Manik sits up and picks the guitar and is about to play it when Nandini holds his hand. She says that because of this action many people are worried for you and you just don’t understand. Manik says that he can’t understand, he can’t understand any of it and why does she comes back when she says that there is nothing between them.

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Manik says that you are trying to stay away from me but can’t. Nandin says that you are asking me, you don’t care about anything. Manik answers to her that you care and Nandini agrees. She says that it’s not about you and me it’s us and we don’t work together. She says that look at your hand and our stubbornness caused us to come here. She says that we give only pain to one another while Manik says that what stupid logic is that. Nandini replies saying that it’s not as stupid as you walking away from me for Dhruv. Nandini says that she can’t do it anymore and because of her you almost lost your hand. She blames herself for all of this.

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Manik looks at his hand and says to her that you seriously think that we should stay away from each other. Nandini starts to leave when Manik calls her and says that if you walk out of here this time than I swear than I will never come after you. Nandini cries and comes running back into his arms. Nadini then let’s go and tells him to take rest as he has to get better. She backs up saying that we can’t be together and runs crying.
Aliya comes to meet Harshad and he is surprised to see her. Aliya gives him and sandwich and he eats the whole of it and thanks her. He then asks of how Manik is and ALiya says that he is discharged from the hospital today. In his heart Harshad says that If anything would have happened to Manik than Neunika would have killed me. He says to Aliya that I wish I could go back and amend my mistakes and this time I know that I have crossed my line. ALiya says that whatever you did was planned and wasn’t just anger. Harshad tries to justify himself and says that he knows that he did wrong to Manik and is ready to apologize to Manik. ALiya says that I can’t promise but I will try.
The doctor is leaving and asks Neunika to send the report every three days. He tells Manik to care of himself and asks Neunika to take care of him. Neunika asks Manik to come home while Manik tells her to stop pretending. When she reminds him that she is his mother Manik replies saying that you lost that job two years ago. Neunika leaves while Nandini aunt’s is there with Rishab and is surprised to see him. She comes running and asks how this happened and scolds Nandini for nit being with Manik even though she knew.
Manik and Nandini are about to say something when they stop. Manik than says that his mother is waiting outside. Manik than explains that it’s a clean cut and leaves saying that people are waiting. Nandini then gets scolded again by her aunt as she didn’t talk to Manik. Abhymanu comes and meets Nandini’s aunt and they don’t know him. He then brings a relation from somewhere and says that he is a fan of her. Her aunts pretend to recognize him and he invites himself to their house for dinner. Nandini’s uncle comes and wants them to hurry while Abhymanu offers to drop them. He asks of who he is but they leave without introduction.
Manik is about to leave with his mother when Muktii and Dhruv comes and he approaches their car. Neunika comes out and says that where are you going and he says that where he belongs. Neunika says that you need rest and Manik says that I can’t relax with you near me. He tells her to go to her office and goes to Muktii and DHruv. Neunika leaves and Muktii asks Manik of how he is, Manik says that he nevr felt better.
Later Abhymanu tells Nandini and the family to wait and goes to get the car. He is hit by Muktii and they apologize to him while he keeps on hitting on her. Nandini comes and Manik says that I want to leave as he doesn’t want this drama. Later the Fab5 has prepared a welcome for Manik and they keep on joking.
Nandini is in her bed thinking about Manik and so is Manik thinking about her. Nandini runs to the window thinking that it’s Manik but it isn’t. Maniki is on bench when Cabir comes and mocks him about being in love. He asks of what is happening with Manan and explains what the word stands for. Manik asks what is happening with auntie and Cabir says that he won’t answer. Manik and Cabir agree that they won’t talk to each other on these topics.

Precap: Nandini comes to the college and sees the Fab5 performing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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