Shastri Sisters 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani freeing herself from the wire and running very fast to cathc up with leading cadets. Jashne ishq ka……………….plays……………… Everyone look at her. Devyaani runs towards the final hurdle and is third now. Anushka and Neil cheer for her. Devyaani comes to second spot. She runs fast and its final race. Rajat looks on. Devyaani runs faster than Anita and wins the race. Everyone clap for her. Rajat smiles. He comes to Devyaani and holds her hand. He says well done and hugs her. Neil is shocked seeing them and gets upset. Neil’s smile goes. Anushka looks on. Rajat says I m proud of you, good job. Anushka goes to hug Devyaani and hugs her.

Devyaani says she got hurt to get a hug from Rajat. Anushka says what, are you mad. Neil thinks to say congrats to Devyaani. Alka and Astha sit for breakfast. Vrinda asks Santo to leave and not get close to food serving. Alka gets a call from unknown number. Rohan and Hari come. Alka greets Hari. Alka keeps getting the call. Hari asks Alka to give phone to Rohan. Rohan’s brother teases Rohan about his honeymoon booking. Rohan gets shy. His brother says its traditions, when will the marriage start, think. He gives Manali’s ticket to him and asks him to enjoy.

Alka comes to the room and asks Rohan why did he call her. He says yes, I have to talk to you, sit. Alka says tell me what is it. Rohan says Bhaiya gave the Manali tickets for honeymoon, we will go if you are comfortable. Think and tell me whether you want to come. Alka stays silent. Rohan gets upset and keeps the tickets. Alka asks will there be cold? She brings the bag to start packing. Rohan smiles seeing her. He says no, yes, not much, we will do shopping if its very cold. He takes the ticket and the power goes. He says he will call the electrician and asks her to keep the tickets. Alka smiles. She gets the call again.

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Anushka asks Neil to come. Neil asks to them and says congrats to Devyaani. She says thanks for helping me. Neil says you will win even without my help. Anushka says lets call Alka. They get Alka’s number switched off and think to call after going home. Devyaani gets the prize and smiles. Everyone clap. She looks at Rajat. Kaisa ye ishq hai……………….plays…………… She thinks of their hug. Neil and Anushka see her looking at Rajat and smiling. Devyaani asks Rajat to pose with her in the college magazine pic. Rajat holds her and stands close. She smiles.

Devyaani thinks we will soon pose like this for our wedding album. The people talk to her was she not afraid. Devyaani says she was afraid, but did this to win trophy. Rajat comes to Devyaani and says its time for party, will you come. Devyaani smiles. He says he will feel good if she comes. She says she will also feel good and will surely come. He gives the invitation. Anushka takes it and says sorry, I won’t feel good, Devyaani won’t come. She takes Devyaani.

Anushka and Devyaani come home. They have an argument about Rajat. Anushka asks him not to be around Rajat and not go in party. Devyaani says dad is coming. Devyaani says she wants to go in party. She asks her to talk politely with Rajat, she was very rude. Anushka says when.

Devyaani says she does not like Rajat as she is thinking and lies to her. Anushka asks sure. Shastri ji calls Anushka and she leaves. Neil thinks about Devyaani and Rajat hugging and is confused. He sees Rajat’s pic and says this can’t happen, does Rajat like Devyaani.He says am I thinking wrong, maybe I m overthinking. The electrician comes and Alka and Astha show the fuse box. Rajeev sends Astha and asks Alka to show the torch. She is shocked seeing him.

Rohan meets Anushka while Rajeev follows him and hears about Alka’s honeymoon. Rohan says we are leaving tonight.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Deviyaani is too much…. I don’t like it. I also don’t like that Rajeev….

  2. Anushka and Rajah deserves to be togather

  3. I think anushka and rajat should be tpgether and devayni and neil shpuld be together. Devayni needs to get over rajat man

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