Bandhan 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A jungle is shown. A man shouts storm is about to come drapan where are you? He is looking every where for Darpan. He asks rabbits and monkeys if they have seen dapran. Monkey directs him someonwhere. Darpan is sitting on a stem there ishoney bee comb there. she says I need honey for my brother. She collects some honey. The man says where are you come here. arti is about to start. Darpan says here I am look up., she is surrounded by honey bees. Darpan says I will tell my brother how he became beautiful. Kaka says I am coming up. Darpan says no I can come down. she comes down and gives him the honey. she says I brought them from the tree shop. they won’t bite me they are my friends. one bee bites him, he is about to hit the bee. Darpan says no don’t do that. Kaka says how do you know you will have a brother? Darpan says my brother told me. He says it never speaks. Darpan says close your eyes and sit near to it. She puts a flower there. Kaka laughs and says no one is talking. Darpan says quite. Darpan says God you told me you will bring my brother. tell kaka too. he thinks I am lying. Are you sleeping God? A loud noise is listened. They both run an elephant comes there.

A man comes there and says I have got this. This sign shows that he must be somewhere here. He must not have ran away. He asks his men to dig the jungle and find the elephant.

Scene 2
Darpan comes to her house. She fetches milk from cow. she says don’t tell baba that I gave his tea milk to my brother. Kaka says you should be sent to jungle. The arti has started. Darpan comes in with the milk. Her mom says your dress in on bed wear it and get ready. Darpana says baba is right you have 10 eyes? She says and I have 12 hands to beat you. where were you? Dapan says ai I went to bring this milk for you. Her mom says you have brought that for your brother. Darpan says what can I do if God has placed him in you. If my brother comes today what will we do? Her mom says this is a good day. Darpan says but there is a problem will we do pooja or cut cake next year on the same day? Her dad comes in and says we will first cut the cake and do the ppoja. He gives her the umbrella and asks what will you do with it? she says I will tell you later. He says to mom I have never seen her this happy before. she says you look happy too. He says why won’t I be? My family will be complete. She says you family will never be complete. you have all lion, monkey, birds everyone in the family.

Precap-the baby born is dead. The elephant gives birth to a baby elephant as well. darpan says please bring my brother bak God. the baby elephant comes there. darpan says my brother is here. Her mom dad come there and says your brother is here, name him ganesh. Mahesh says to his wife how can they be siblings. She says he will live here God has made their relaton. He will be part of our family. Darpan is enjoying with ganesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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