Jhalli Anjali 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yuvraaj’s chacha tells him that he is eager to close the radio station.. He tells yuvraaj to bring the reason then he wil close…Yuvraaj says one big controversy he will reveal…Chacha asks what…..He says wait he will reveal…..On anotherside Dhruv tells his sister that Anjali”s hardwork is hidden..His sister tells that she will expose Amisha..Dhruv tells he dont want to hurt Anjali as he promised her..She tells ok…She tells onething is clear that everyproblem solution is Anjali..Dhruv tells but Anjali is Jhalli…
Next day in college principal announces that on the first day she opposed the situation but she likes now…Principal tells that all happened because of hard work and dedication of kiera..Dhruv and Amisha…Prinicipal calls Dhruv on stage for speench..Dhruv comes and thanks his friends Anjali Vp…and then Yuvraaj for organising this event…Yuvraaj gets happy and thanks…Dhruv goes Principal
.calls Amisha to talk about Shamiya…Amisha goes on stage…Yuvraaj says the countdown begins now..Amisha tells if she would have known before could have preapared a speech from Anjali..Amisha gets award comes and thanks audience tells because of her support she came on this position…everyone claps… Amisha goes Prateek stands up stops her asks question that why did she kept name Shamiya…Amisha tells because she like challenging herself…If she kept name Shamiya then will get popularity easily…kiera stands up…asks changing the name doesnt matter…Amisha replies likes writers have name nickname she also kept…Prateek says thats awesome..Anjali tells now kiera is also teasing Amisha tells that something is trouble…Prateek tells Amisha to tell something in Shamiya’ s voice…Amisha’s father too shouts to tells…Amisha tells she want some privacy…Yuvraaj stands up and say it is not a show…Anjali tells she gets a idea…Yuvraaj’s chacha tells that bollywood herione also dont throw tantrums like this…Principal tells Amisha to say something…Amisha moves her lips while Anjali says from back…Amisha gets upset..Back stage..Dhruv hugs Anjali and tells she has proved once again that she is a good sister…Dhruv hugs Amisha and tells it is okey…Dhruv Anjali listens Amisha’s and Anjali’s voice and gets shocked goes and sees on stages…They see the recording of Anjali doing the show…Yuvraaj’s chacha scolds principal..Tauji and taiji cries…All the students accuses Amisha.. Amisha cries tells that principal will suspend her..Anjali tells its okey…Pulls Amisha and takes on stage..Students tells that how shameless is Amisha came now also…Anjali tells the boy to shut up…A girl says but you are Shamiya…Anjali holds hands of.Amisha and tells that they are shamiya…tells that Amisha is face and she is the voice behind that..Anjali tells they are statues…dont have loyalty as just was clapping for Amisha but now accusing her…Anjali tells she dont want to become any RJ…dont want polpularity she is good like these only..tells that she want to end the show now…Dont want any delhi waali morning…
A girl stands up and say not to do like that as she love shamiya and dont have any problem…A boy too says..All the students cheer’s for Amisha…Principal comes and tells it is nothing wrong Amisha did…Principal tells that both Anjalo and Amisha did a great…Everyone claps…Amisha..Anjali..dhruv and Yuvraaj Chacha comes and scolds him..Yuvraaj gets angry…Kiera tells its okey…Tauji tells Anjali that sharing room with Amisha Anjali also became like this…At cafe Yuvraaj drinks…kiera tells its okey relax..Yuvraaj scolds kiera why is he taking her side….kiera tells Yuvraaj to go..As the boys nearby tease and comments on kiera….kiera pays the bill and goes…At homes all Anjali..dhruv..Vp..Amisha..Anjali enjoy and drink colddrinks…Tauji says to bring lassi Amisha tells she will make…Taijii says in a day soo much of miracles everyone laughs..

Precap::Anjali tells Amisha may her love is beside she could”not see…VP comes..

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