Gustakh Dil 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo hiding seeing Harry got the supplement again. Harry looks around. Lajjo thinks what to do now. Harry looks for Lajjo. She thinks fast to stop Harry, else her game will be over. She says it was good chance for me, I was close to my aim, how can I fail, I will stop him. She takes a pendrive in which she took Ranawat’s content. She thinks to use it. Barkha and Inder have a lawyer. Barkha is upset. They talk about trusting CBI or not. The man asks them to trust CBI, as they don’t have any other way. Nani says but Nikhil is innocent, he did not know this will happen.

Nikhil comes home and hears that he can get arrested and be in jail or 10 years. Everyone is shocked. They look at Nikhil. Inder says he is my friend, he is giving legal advice. Nikhil says I told you not to tell anyone. The lawyer says trust me, I won’t tell anyone. He leaves. Nikhil says no contacts can help me now, only Lajjo can help me this. Inder says Nikhil is right. Barkha and Nani looks on. Ayesha looks at her branded clothes and thinks about Nani telling about the sale.

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Ayesha says I can’t cheat dad and have to make these things away from me, if I want to live with Adi. She says she does not need such things now. Nikhil comes and asks where is she going, why is she packing, oh wardrobe organizing. She says I don’t need them now. He says but, this are your fav clothes and even tagged till now. She says yes I did not wear since months, its new. She says I did not wear since I did not have accessories, but now I can’t afford. Nikhil says I will get it, I promise. She says no, you remember dad wanted to help you, but you did take his help, as you has self respect, and even I m your sister, my budget is low and my life has no place for brands now.

I don’t want Adhiraj to see this, I should not hurt him. Nikhil is proud of her and leaves. She smiles. Lajjo tries to leave and Harry comes to her. He says he was finding her as he has seen the world. He says shall I call you Lajjo or Trishna. She is shocked. He confronts her and shows the pics in paper. She tries to fool her, but he does not listen to her as her story is also written. He says he will tell this to everyone. She says I m not Trishna, trust me. She keeps the pendrive in his pocket. Harry goes.

Nikhil comes to Inder and says he wants to talk about Ayesha. He says Ayeshas’s condition, she is doing so much to pass this test. Inder says its her decision, not mine, she should realize what her life will be, if she feels she has to change, she has to decide. Nikhil says we are here and we have some duties. We can give her a lifestyle and help after marriage. Inder says no, never, I know Adhiraj, he has self esteem. Inder asks him did you take my help, no, why Ayesha then, she has to change, if she lies to Adhiraj and takes help from us, then the relation will end there. He says marriage is a relation which does not have place for lies. Barkha hears this and thinks why is Inder lying to me then.

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Ranawat and Shalini come home. Harry and Lajjo ask them to hear them. Shalini says stop it. Lajjo blames Harry again and remarks on him. She complains about him that he was stealing something. Harry says stop it and shows the pockets asking Ranawat to check. Ranawat gets the pendrive and shows Harry. Harry is shocked. Ranawat asks whats in this. The paper falls. Lajjo tries to take it. Ranawat plays the pendrive to check content. He is shocked seeing his data into it. Lajjo takes the paper and hides it under the sofa.

Harry says I m saying the truth I don’t know about this. Ranawat gets angry and says you pointed on Nikhil, you are the traitor. He says whom are you giving this info tell me. Harry blames Lajjo. Ranawat says don’t blame her, she is a cook, she is not educated. Harry says trust me, she is not Lajjo, she is superstar Trishna. He says he will show paper and finds it. Ranawat scolds him and says look at her, do you find her glamorous.

Ranawat says I will forget you are my brother and will not leave you. Ayesha talks to Nani and Gunjan. She says she showed them movie in her budget. Gunjan says in lower seats which had bugs, I need a bath. Rishi says no softdrinks, no popcorn. They complain to Nani and says Ayesha had bananas. Nani says lovely. They tease Ayesha. Nani says don’t joke on Ayesha. Shalini tells Ranawat that Harry is stealing your secrets. Ranawat says yes, he used to listen to my talks, he stole the money from my bank. Shalini says its good Lajjo saw her, else think he would have sold your secrets, he has cheated and planned to ruin you. Ranawat says he did too much this time.

She says you always saw all this and did not punish him, so this all happened. Lajjo looks for something in Ranawat’s study. Ranawat comes there and sees her. He says so what Harry said was true, I kicked out Harry to catch you Trishna, you are a spy. Ranaway says you are caught, don’t act smart. He shows the paper and asks is this not you. Lajjo says no, I m not Trishna.

Lajjo is tensed and says she is no Trishna. Ranawat scares her. She wakes up by this dream. Nikhil asks what happened. Lajjo says he will kill me and cries. Nikhil says nothing happened to you. He makes her drink water. He pacifies her and says he will always protect her. She hugs him. Its morning, they come to meet Miss Roy. She asks Lajjo to get the safe, first get the key. Lajjo asks how will I find it. Miss Roy says he might keep the key in secret room. DK says you have to get it, as this is the only way to save your husband. Lajjo says yes, but what will I do.

Ayesha and Gunjan have a talk. Gunjan suggests her to sell the clothes she is not using and takes some. Rishi and Nani come. Nani says she will pay double for this scarf. Ayesha sells some things to them. Rishi calculates the amount and they are shocked. Ayesha says I got three customers. Rishi says start selling. Ayesha says now I can do shopping online, I m so happy. Barkha talks to her friends. They ask about Ayesha. Barkha says Ayesha is in love. They ask the guy’s family. Barkha says I don’t know, just his name Adhiraj. They say Ayesha is very clever, the guy is very rich. Barkha asks are you sure. The lady says yes, he does not want to do business, so he left his dad, he is a poet. Barkha says Ayesha did not tell me, that he is struggling poet, not his family.

The lady says Adhiraj does not listen to his mum too, both father and son are adamant. They ask Barkha to accept him, as he is very rich and he will get his dad’s property. Barkha thinks why did Ayesha not tell me, I did not ask too, this is good news. Lajjo comes to Ranawat’s house. He comes and asks what is she doing in his room. Lajjo says I m cleaning, as Savita is unwell. He leaves and the key falls. She is stunned seeing it and picks it. Ranawar asks what is she doing and she stops. He looks at her. She says your key fell. He says did I ask you to pick it up. He scolds her and asks her to leave and not touch anything. She leaves. He takes the keys. She looks at him keeping it in his coat and thinks it’s the same key. How should I take it?

Lajjo gets the key and takes its impression. She asks Shalini can she go. Shalini gives her leave.

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