Shastri Sisters 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu being kidnapped by Lalit’s guards. Peeya is worried and Shastri ji asks about Anu. Devyaani says Anu is in tension. He asks why. Devyaani says she understood Anu loves Rajat, she is tensed as its Rajat’s marriage, she went for walk. Shastri ji says how did Rajat blame her then, he did not trust her, explain Anu to forget him. Devyaani says yes, its matter of one night. He says Anu sticks with you when there is tension, you also take care of her. He leaves. Bua ji talks to Minty and says she forgot that Karishma can’t get ready till the shagun dupatta comes from inlaws. She asks Rohan to go Rajat’s home and get it. Rohan says sure Bua ji and leaves.

Alka calls Anu and gets worried as she is not taking call. She calls Devyaani and asks about Anu. Devyaani thinks Alka is already worried and troubled by Astha and Karishma, what to tell her now. Alka says I want to come there, but Bua ji stopped me, how is Anu, she is not taking my call. Devyaani says she is in bathroom, she will call you, don’t worry. Alka says fine, take care of her and don’t leave her alone, I can’t come there but I will try. She ends the call. Rohan says sorry Alka, I don’t think Bua ji will let you go there. Alka says I m worried for Anu, she won’t share pain with Devyaani and Peeya. He says she can share it with someone else, who can go there. She asks who. He says I will do your work, Bua ji gave me assignment to get shagun chunri, I will get it and meet Papa and Anu too. She thanks him and smiles. She prays to Lord and says Anu is very nice, she does not hurt anyone and take other’s pain, keep her fine.

Sareen sees Neil tensed. He asks Neil is he not happy. Neil says is this anything to ask, you know we were so excited about neighbor’s wedding, and I m not happy in my brother’s marriage, its wrong. Sareen says we did much wrong and we have to do this to correct it. Neil thinks to tell him about Karishma. Sareen asks what he wants to say. Neil thinks he can’t tell anything till Anu comes. He says I don’t think Anu took that CD. Sareen says there is no need to think this, Rajat will get back his uniform by marrying Karishma.

Karishma comes home with the guards and Anu is inside the car. Karishma says few hours will change everything and till you wake up, everything will change. She tells the guard to see Anu and no one should use this car. Rohan comes there and says why are you asking them not to use car, what happened, I have to go somewhere and I m taking this car. Karishma stops him and says there is a problem. He goes to see and she stops him. She says the tyres are not fine.

Rohan asks where did she go, its her marriage today. She says my dress got mehndi so I went to buy new one, I have to look beautiful. He smiles and says fine, I will take this car and get it repaired too, car will be needed. She asks him to take guards along. He asks why. She says she worries for him, as Alka. She insists. He says fine, I will take them. He sees something and says Karishma. She gets tensed and looks at him.

She says she is forgetting something in the car. She panics. He says your wedding dress, you forgot. She takes it and signs the guard to manage. Rohan asks her to get ready. Dolly apologizes to Minty and says she has fun to taunt her, don’t mind, but I m your friend. Minty says yes, but I m happy that Rajat is marrying a rich girl from big family. Dolly says what if Anu comes back, Rajat is committed love type guy, take care, keep Anu and Devyaani away from him. Minty says yes, if I can, I will tie Anu with ropes and put inside any car to stop her from coming infront of my Rajat. Rohan is on the way. Rajat cries and thinks about Anu.

Saajna tere bin nai lagda mera ye jeeya…………… saajna mere saajna……………….plays……………….Minty comes to him and he wipes his tears. She asks whata is he doing in darkness. He says nothing, I was getting ready. She asks darkness? Anyways, it will end tonight. She asks him to look happy as he is marrying the girl he loved. He says I m very happy, everyone will see our family with same respect. She says and you too. Karishma gets ready and smiles. She says Rohan should not know about Anu. Astha comes and she gets scared seeing her. Astha asks why is she scared, Anu will be afraid now. Karishma says yes, everything should be fine. They laugh. Astha leaves.

The guards keep an eye on Rohan and are on the way in the car. Minty asks Rajat what is he thinking. She says when you get married today, you can wear uniform again, go office, walk with pride, and I will also walk with you with pride. She reminds him how he got angry on her for Anu, think who has done this with you, if you marry her, you will bow down all your life. He says he does not want to talk about Anu and leaves. She says she wanted to hear this since long, I will not talk about this, this is not marriage, its my mission.

The guards shut the door and donot let Rohan see her. Roan asks Devyaani to ask Anu to call Alka. Devyaani holds the car and says please Anushka, come back soon. Anu gets conscious as the car leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yaar we r fedup this drama.bus karo naa isko.we were watching it for anu and rajat.per here they not even show them togeather .we hope the truth come out soon.anyways thank for fast update yaar.

  2. Are Yar Anu Rajat Ki Shadi Me Aane Wali Kr K Promotion Dikhaye Ab Use Lane mE Kya Mahina Lga Dete Kya Yar?

  3. Whatever happens… Raj must trust Anu… Hate Raj…. Thinking… Crying… Is not love.. Even if anu says ..ya I took that CD. Raj must not Believe that…. But here…… He don’t even want any exp from Anu… No need… Anu…, no need to explain anything to Raj…

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