Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sees Meera dancing and stops her. She says Gopi that if Meera does both studies and dancing once, she will not succeed in either one. Gopi says it works this way for some kids and she used to teach kids while teaching in school this way. Kokila says even she has taught 2 children and never mixed studies and extracurricular activities and says she will repent if she continues likes this as Meera started her studies late. Radha at first smirks seeing their fight and once they both leave thinks their life is in Meera and she should harm Meera to trouble them.

Urmila asks Dhaval and Kinjal what rubbish they are talking, why will she sell her chawl to builder. Dhaval says he and Kinjal saw her taking money from builder and asks if she was giving her chawl to builder for redevelopment, she would have told them at least. Urmila says what if tenants want huge amount to vacate or share in profit, she can’t take risk and says she does not want them to interfere again as it is her chawl.

Jigar scolds Pari for receiving flower bouquet which he sent it to Hetal with a holiday package packet and says she always messes up. Pari thinks packet must have come after she received bouquet and went in and thinks she always messes up and when will she learn.

Meera comes to Kokila’s room and says mom told until you permit for dance practice, I cannot practice and says she wants to win both competition and get good marks in exams. Kokila permits her for dance practice and says she has to study also and should be her first priority. Meera gets happy and walks out. Gopi who is waiting outside asks what happened. Meera says Kokila agreed. Gopi asks her to go and rest now. Kokila sees that and asks Gopi why did she use her daughter to get her work done and says she is ruining Meera’s life and she will repent if she does not change, says if Meera gets less marks in exams in lieu of dance practice, she will not forgive her.

Meethi gives gift box for Pari. Jigar comes there and calls Meethi, he asks if she gave box. Meethi says yes. Pari thinks Jigar has given it. Jigar asks Meethi to give Hetal medicines on time.

Kokila comes to Meera’s room and gives her ghungroo back saying she left it last night in her room. Gopi comes there and asks Meera to study well for her exams. Meera goes to washroom. Radha calsl Gopi in Hetal’s voice she goes out. She then enters and spoils Meera’s ghungroo.

Meethi gives CD to Pari and ask if it is hers. She says it is Meera’s dance CD and will give it. She walks towards Meera’s room. Radha after spoiling ghungrooo changes Meera’s exam schedule. She hears Pari voice and hides. Pari comes in and does not find Meera, so she keeps it on table and leaves after she gets her Papa’s call.

Urmila’s builder calls her and asks if she vacated chawl. Urmila says she cannot hand it over to him till 2 weeks as it is inauspicious for her and cuts call. She then thinks how to get her chawl vacated in 2 weeks.

Hetal asks Kokila if she is ready to attend Meera’s dance compeition. She says says and says she has told Gopi already if Meera’s gets less marks in exams in lieu of dance competition, she will not forgive her. Hetal says nothing will happen. Kids say they also want to see Meera’s dance and have finished their studies. Kokila agrees. Radha says even she wants to watch Meera’s dance and drama there. Kokila asks what drama. She says dance drama. Kokila agrees and takes her to the competition venue.

Precap: While dancing, Meera gets injured with ghungroos and starts bleeding. Radha smirks seeing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. radha being gawaar is winning over these so called educated modi’s…….cant they go n test radha regarding her pregnancy n gt d thngs sorted ot asap?????????well i thnk they have 2 pay tax for doing thngs in right way so they stay dumb n alwaz let radha win over them……….such a crap………

  2. Well done Radha, love your acting.

  3. Radha is not illiterate. If she was she wouldn’t know to read or write. How she could change Meera’s exam time-table. Gopi should be able to make out the handwriting or remember Meera’s time-table

  4. gopi is gud and ovrr smart only in throwing dialogues……nothing in action………….radhas child is not evn jigars…………..radha..cheated him over the pickle case was the best chance to send radha jail……… . ………. radhda dont have dignity………..she s ready to lick any1s feet for her self protection……….y did modis just gave that 1 lac . ….. …….

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