Bandhan 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kajri says I took darpan out. any problem? meethi and shaku are shocked. Meethi laughs and says why would I have any problem? special guests are coming fo you munh dikhai. cover your face and sit there. Some men come in. One takes the cloth off ajir’s face. Kajri watches them all in shock. Sheetal says who are they kajri? Shaku says they are all clients of kajri. She dances and entertains all of them. meethi says who could be the better guest for a dancer bride. All the men start whistling. Sheetal asks darpan to go. Darpan says rondu uncle asked to stay with her./ All the men are throwing money on kajri and she is in tears. Darpan says you are so bad. they made kajri cry my baba always swiped my ai’s tears. you have married her. Her tears are yours. you are laughing at her. I will tell rondu uncle. My dad would have killed the men if someone did this to my ai. Kajri is crying. Dev says stop it. He asks the men to leave. He says kajri is not a dancer anymore. She is my wife. Everyone stands in shock. He says I will pluck your eyes out if you see her as a dancer anymore. Meethi and shaku are dazed and so is kajri

Shaku comes with bangles and says you should wear this. you are your wife’s servant. Meethi says they will suit you. Dev says shut up. meethi says you saved her there. shaku says I raised you up but your forgot me for that dancer. She insulted you so much. meethi says she will kill us says I don’t understand things I don’t get things until you explain me. Shaku says you will sleep in my room tonight. dev says you are the best sister.

DArpan goes to kajri and says I have been looking for you. She says I was cleaning the temple. Kajri says its a sacred day GOd accepts your prayers. darpan says will he give me ganesh back? Kajri says for sure. Darpan says okay then I will help you in cleaning. Kajri says you know you have helped me a lot. I feel like I can change dev. Shaku comes in and says this dancer in temple? Meethi says what are you doing here? kajri says I will clean it. Meethi says don’t ruin our sacred day. sheetal says she is part of us now. Dev says to kajri clean your ownself first. He throws the bucket of water on her. He says you need to clean this. you are not my wife and part of us. Sheetal says you.. Dev says I was mad yesterday to save her. Shaku says lets go dev its too much dirt here.
Darpan says to kajri I will clean it. she is in tears. Kajri says my dad told me a story. a guy fell in love with princess. He said to the king I will keep her in a castle. King said you live in a small house. the guy said I will join each brick and make a castle for her. Gradually dev will be a good man as well. darpan cleans the temple. darpan says to God I am so alone without ganesh. how will he know I am here. I have to write him letter. but will get it? Raghav comes and says write him a letter. We will find a way to get it to him. you will find him some day.

Darpan writes the day you came home we lived together, ate, played and went school together. I miss you, where are you?

Ganesh is shooting with people. The director shouts at ganesh. THe boy says he is used to of love. Darpan writes I am in rondu uncle’s house. I am happy here come soon. THe boy says to ganesh just shoot after that you can go where you want. Ganesh does the scene well. Darpan writes come to me soon I love you. You are the best brother, your sister darpan.

Raghav binds the letter with a balloon and they fly it up in the air. Ganesh runs from the shooting site. He hits the director and runs. director’s men find ganesh with the balloon. director says he hit me? He is about to him ganesh with stick. a girl comes and stops him.

Precap-the girl reads the letter for ganesh an says I think you both love each other. I will take you to your sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I do not know what to say about this soap again something is all wrong and the writers need to fix it this soap has made a turn for the worse it is not enjoyable anymore look what this soap has come to from a loving family to a soap with murder rape and pr*stitutes please writers bring it back to what it used to be before it is to late we the viewers do not like what this soap has become bring back Mahesh and his wife let it be all a bad dream for darpan

  2. i totally agree with you

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