Shastri Sisters 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat saying he is coming for dinner. Minty says where is Anu, why did she not get ready and asks him to go and get ready. They see Anu in her room resting. Anu says she is feeling cold, and maybe weather changes is bringing fever. Minty thinks is this because of weather or anything else. Rajat says he will call doctor, they can’t leave Anu, lets cancel the dinner. Anu asks them to go. Minty says its special day for him, they will have dinner and go. Anu asks him to go, else she will feel guilty. He says fine, call me if there is anything. They ask her to rest and leave.

Anu gets up and smiles. She messages Veer that Rajat went, you come soon. Veer gets the message and tells Alka that everyone is gone, come. Alka says you go, I will come. She calls Vrinda and talks to her. Vrinda says I m fine, I would be more good if you both were here. Alka says about Anu planning surprise birthday party for Rajat, dad said that if you all could come, they will be happy. Vrinda says we will come, I can meet you and Rohan. Rohan hears all this and is stunned.

Rohan asks Alka why did she call Astha. Alka says dad said, if we called everyone and not Astha, it would look bad, and we can enjoy party in her presence too. She says if they feel how to behave with younger lots, should we also forget how to behave with elders. Minty and Rajat are on the way. Minty says Anu likes to be alone, away from parties, so she did not come today. Rajat says yes, Anu likes to be at home. Minty says yes, and tells about Neil’s party, that time she went in other party wearing that dress right. Rajat recalls and says yes.

Veer and Anu start decorating home. Minty says yes, Anu would have gone with Devyaani and Alka, did you ask her. Rajat says no. She says ask her, marriage should have clarity, so its kept always. Rajat says but today she was unwell, she would have come with us if she was fine. Minty says she was good all the time when Veer came, don’t know how did she get unwell in evening. He asks did Veer come today. She says yes, he came around lunch, I think he is upstairs even now, its good if Anu needs anything. Veer will reach her before you. Rajat gets into thinking.

Vrinda tells Astha about Anu and Veer planning surprise birthday for Rajat. Astha is shocked and says oh, so this is what they were doing, and Minty is thinking something else. Minty asks Rajat not to take tension. She gets Astha’s call and switches it off. Rajat asks whose call was it. Minty says don’t know. Astha gets her phone switched off and says why did she do this.

Minty asks Rajat why is he tensed. Rajat says I have seen Anu and Veer in club together, I m very irritated, why did Anu lie to me, this happened many times, I don’t have problem if she meets Veer, its too irritating if she hides, you can think this is my insecurity, possessiveness, my love. She says I understand, you will feel bad if she lies. Veer asks Anu about Alka. Anu says Alka is giving food to Rohan, she will come. He jokes that so we are alone here. She says she will make him do situps if he does not listen. He says sorry and asks for phone charger. She says this phone is not used in our house, but there is one on the top of almarah, I will come to help. Minty asks Rajat to clear things with Anu, she will ask Sareen to come home and party cancel. Rajat says yes, I will also get peace after talking to Anu. Minty calls Sareen while he is waiting at restaurant. She cancels the dinner and he asks what happened. She says come home and talk, and ends the call. Sareen says Anu would have not done the decorations till now.

Veer looks for the charger. Sareen calls her and she does not see the call. Minty and Rajat come home. Minty shows Veer’s car to Rajat. She says why did he park far from home, lets go inside and see, maybe he did not get parking in this free area. Rajat rings the bell. Veer and Anu is stunned by the bell. Anu says did Rajat come. She says we did not end our preparations. Veer gets the box and stumbles down, and Anu’s dupatta stucks in his watch. Minty says I have the keys, I will open the door. Minty and Rajat come inside and see darkness all over. Minty says why is it so dark. Minty calls out Anu, and says where did she go. Everyone come and wish happy birthday to Rajat. Minty is shocked. Rajat smiles and sees Anu. Anu says he is a loving husband, a sweet friend, my prince charming, he is also a caring son and naughty brother, and asks Rajat to always be happy. She says my dearest husband, many many happy returns of the day. Rajat smiles and holds her hand. They all clap for them. Minty thinks Anu snatched this golden opportunity from me, I will give a solid answer before this birthday ends.

Minty tells Rajat why did Anu take Veer’s help to plan party, she should have taken her sister’s help, I think they should stop meeting now. Minty says arrow hit the target and smiles. Anu is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great todays epi was really nice. I realy like the twist. Even tomorrow epi shows that Anu got minty’s plan. Now it is going good.

  2. Thank now Anu gotta ckue about mintys plan
    Now anu will manage ….

  3. Hope anu will manage her marriage n anuraj would b together
    love them 🙂

  4. sanjeev read this
    what anu did was right because she sacrifised her love for her family and family comes before love. But rajat is doubting on that love.
    you said that women are men’s shoes. But to remind you the one that gave you birth, the one that you should be thankful to because she gave you a life also is a WOMAN! she beared you for 9 months in her womb with so much pain. and you’re saying that she is a shoe for a man. NO! Just think about what you are going to say before saying it!

  5. Exactly Zoya….cheers!!

  6. Hats off @ zoya

  7. He asked that a any ne sacrifice kiya wo sahi but rajat doubt kare wo galat….exactly…..its wrong….she sacrificed her love…..n theirs a huge diff between sacrifice n doubt…
    Sacrifice for family is good thing while doubting ur own wife is wrong….that too without clearing ur doubt…at least he should clear his doubt….but this sangeev he just started accusing the girls….such a low life he is (sanjeev)

  8. Anyways nice precap…just hope anu sort outs everything

  9. I read it so what tum logo ko yahi kehana ata hai ki rember about ur mother who birth u I always rember jab tum logo ko ladana nai aata toh hum maardo ko yaah toh namard keh dete ho yaa phir Hume humare maa or behan ki yaad dila dete hon yahi to tum logo ki weakness hai…

  10. Sneha dis is for u rajat ko uska douth clear kar nai dee rahe woh bhi ek aaurat hai bilkul tumhare tarah

  11. Tum Saab ladki ho naa isliya majorty tum Logo ke saath hi hoge but main bhi Sanjiv hoo akala hoon but peache nai hatunga mujhe tumhare yeah baat chubi ki anu rajat ko chod de kyunki woh uspar believe nai karta…kya yeah baat anu ko meahsua nai hote usko rajat se baat karne chaiya toh woh kyub nai karte….agar rajat upset toh kya woh chaine se reh sake gii…is liyaj se anu bhi barabar ki jimadaar hai

  12. Ek expl lee loo if u husband don’t trust u he don’t belive u he don’t give selfrespect u he don’t share his douth with u wht did u do ?did u dump ur husband……yeah phir iss confusion ko door karne ki liya apne husband me khul kar baat karoge…..

  13. i never said that ur a namard and u admitted it urself so……… f*** off sanjeev

  14. F ck karne wala namard nai hota or woh sirf hum karte hai tum log nai tum ne kaha toh kya apne aapko bachane ki liya ajj nai toh kal keh doo giii yahi toh tumhare sabsa galat soch hai tumhare haa main haa milo toh tum sab khush but agar against jaao toh tum hum par hi ungli utha deti hoon

  15. I just can’t believe this f**king idiot guy (sanjeev)…..he still says ki bringing my mom n sis is the weakness….it’s not weakness its ur mistake….do u say ur mom that maa tu mere baap ke sath khade rehne layak bhi nhi hai…no u don’t…..coz she’s ur mom…..if u respect ur mom n y not the other girls….y do u think this other girls r ur jhutti……actually u r soo cheap that tu toh humari jhutti kehlane ke bhi layak nhi hai…..saamne hota na toh Teri aukad batati tujhe……cheapo

  16. Yaha prr Jo tu ye tamasha krr raha hai na ladka hu sanjeev hu isliye itni ladkiyo ka saamna krr raha hu…n all…..toh ek baat bata Jo mard baar baar me mard hu sanjeev hu ya jise baar baar Hume yaad dilana padd raha ki me mard hu……wahi namard kehlata hai…..n haa…we never said ur namard u said it yrself….jerk

  17. U fool yeah tum logo ki hi soch hai José maine explain kiya hai message toh theek se pado u gawar ladaki

  18. Abbé toh sab yahi bolengae ki maine nai kaha maine nai kaha yeah tumhare poori biradari hii aisi hai kuch kehate hai or much or hi karti hai such a foool

  19. Gawar….to tu hai be chutiye…..isliye typing mistake bhi bht bht bht jyada hai…..aur haa matlab to teko nhi smjha meri baato ka….n for ur info I m persueing MBBS…from DY patil college… it u f**king idiot

  20. Omg biradari……means jaat……hamari q certify krr raha hai apni jaat dekh na…..ladkiyo se jaban ladae jaa raha hai…..aur haa….khud ko hi namard bhi bula raha hai

  21. Iski wajah se toh sukoon se serial ka maza bhi nhi lene nhi mil raha…..fukat tang daal raha hai ladkiyo ki baato me

  22. Abb kya kahu tu MBBS kar rahe hai toh main tujhe ladki naa kaho ladka kaho kya ek insect ki tarah tilmila rahe hai jaise main kisi insect ko upper se daba diya hoo like snake ki poouch kar paar rakh diya hoo

  23. First of all snake is not an insect……dumbo snake is a reptile…..kidhar ka bhi point kidhar bhi jodd raha hai kya bol rahi hu aur tu kya bol raha……seriously…..ur brain less jerk……fukat tamashe krr raha hai……aise logo ko na chamiya bolte hai…..ab teko kya bolu me…..NAMARD YA CHAMIYA……WAISE U DESERVE BOTH THE WORDS

  24. Aur me MBBS karr rahi hu to me ladka hui…..very funny…..ladkiya MBBS nhi karti kya….such a low minded jerk u r

  25. Are gawar main sanke or insect dono ka example diya hai kya fayada MBBS karne ka jab command sence hi nai hai tere jaise ladhi main

  26. Zara thik se padh to ki tune kya likha hai….agar khud ki boli pad sake toh na….itni mistakes hai ki kuch smjhta hi nhi gadhe…..jaha tak mujhe apne pair ke neeche dabochne ki baat hai na…tu mujhe hath toh laga ke dikha tere hath na kaat lu me….Punjabi jatt hu apni baat puri krr ke hi rahugi….aur zarurat padi na toh tujh jaise neej insaan ka gala bhi kaat du me……anpad gawar kahi ka…..thu hai tujh jaise kamine ki paidaish prr…..thu

  27. Aageye naa apne aoukat par kuch bass ki nai hai toh chalo gali dee kar hi kaam chala loo

  28. Thanks prr meri aukad se pehle n apni dekh le…..qki gaali to tu 2 din se de raha hai cheapo

  29. Aur waise bhi meri aukad chahe kuch bhi ho at least tujh jaisi toh nhi hu na….cheapo

  30. English main likhane se galat baat sahi nai hop jate….

  31. Haa na Yaar….tujhe to English aati nhi hai….sorry…..toh cheapo means….ghatiya gire hue insaan…..ab toh teko bat sahi lag rahi hai na……cheapo (meaning de di ha)

  32. Tum me bhi apne lugaipanti dikha dee naa desi bhasha main baat karogi toh jayad taklif or daard hota hoga there koo

  33. Yaar sanjeev Teri baate na smjhne ko mujhe apna sir phodna padta hai…..samjhti hi nhi hai….bolne bhi nhi aata tujhe thik se

  34. Anyways…..m sorry @ rewati

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