Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was night, Manik comes to Nandini’s house. He looks through the window and comes out of car. Nandini blinds him and asks him to come along her. She removes her hand, they were in a terrace lighted with bulbs. She says she thought they have lost the catch-up and they must sit and talk. He asks how she knew he would come here. She says he is being very comfortable these days. Manik says he had a very tiring flight in the plane, and must go home. She sits down saying he came here. She tells him she did practice all day long, and Pandit ji did nothing. Manik says he went to school, hill station, and met V. She asks who is V, he is lost and says she is now only a friend. She asks what it means. He says she asks a lot of questions, he lie down and watches the stars saying he is tired. She lie down and keeps her hand on hers. He holds hers, turns to her and remove a bunch of hair from her face. He sits up on elbow and says he isn’t angry, now its not hurting that much. She asks what’s not hurting, he says his hand may be it is healing now. She says she thought he is hurt. He asks her to keep hoping, and stares into her. She picks a few popcorn from a bowl lying nearby and throws them onto him. He says so it is her party preparation, and eats the popcorn.
In the morning in college, Cabir talks to himself that he is so courageous, he went to Warrior High. Now he must do something great in a show today. He watches a mid aged woman and thinks she resembles so much to Navya, is she her mother. He says he is Navya’s friend, not boy friend. She says she recognizes his voice as the one who called. Her mom asks about Navya, he says she must be in home. Her mother asks doesn’t she stay is hostel. He calls Navya saying there is a surprise for her.
Manik stops Dhruv on stairs, he says school was fun. Dhruv says they could have spent more time there had he not bought the tickets, it wasn’t necessary to come same night. Manik says if he wanted some more time, he should have said. Times have changed, nothing is same now, everything has changed. Dhruv asks what has changed, Dhruv says nothing changed. He is still the fan of school. He asks Manik isn’t he getting late as he said he had to reach Pandit’s class in time. Manik heads to leave, then stops and says they must talk. Dhruv nods. Manik says I will see you.
Navya comes to college and is shocked to see maa, worried what Cabir must be telling her. Her maa asks what Navya did. Navya was worried he had told maa everything. She comes to maa and touches her feet. She says that she was badly mistaken, and has thoughtfull agreed on a decision to give birth to the child. Navya’s maa gulps in shock and goes away. Navya turns to Cabir and says he did really wrong. He asks what he did. She says he told her that she is pregnant. He says he didn’t, he asked her about a particular sweet, if it has kishmish in it. She is worried now that she spit out everything.
Manik comes to practice room, and asks about Pandit ji. She asks if he came before her to not let Pandit ji be with her. He says he came for rehearsals. She says he must take something special and brings an ointment to him, to reduce the redness. He says he came only for rehearsals curtly.
Mukti comes to Abhimanyu’s room in hospital to show him the shopping. She calls for him to come out, but when there is no response from bathroom she gets he isn’t there. She looks outside and asks a doctor about Abhimanyu. The doctor says they took him yesterday to ICU, he knew it already chances of his safety are less. She asks where he can vanish like that, how can he not leave a message. The doctor says may be he doesn’t want her to see him die. She comes to the room crying, finds flowers on the bed and says this can’t be his decision. It was all lie. A letter lie under the bed with torn flowers.
Nandini says to Manik that they will perform together in the concert. Manik gets up and holds her to stand and gets hold of her waist. He tightens his grip onto her. Pandit ji comes there and asks what is going on. He told him yesterday not to make Nandini worried, he may leave his class. Manik looks at Pandit ji, Pandit ji says he must not be in any doubts that the Fusion Concert can’t take place without him. Manik says he won’t go out from here. Pandit ji says he will now return when he has made arrangements to throw him out.

PRECAP: Neonika gives Manik a letter saying Pandit has thrown him out, he won’t let him perform with Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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