Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem and amar are in a warehouse with jatin and sushma. amar says she must be coming, make sure she doesn’t get this trunk. Jatin says what if she kills us? prem says she can’t kill anyone for next 15 days. They hear her coming. jatin and sushma are scared, fake roli comes in,she looks here and there. she sees the trunk in jatin’s hand and starts moving towards it. she turns into snake, jatin is scared, she becomes human again. jatin drops the trunk.. fake roli sees that its empty. jatin says its not our mistake. sushma says amar and prem asked us to do this. they are hear.

simar is sitting in temple, roli come to her. she says sid is not back yet? if he doesn’t come back i will lose the bet. Why are you quite? simar says were you saying something ? simar says actually prem.. sujata says everyone gather i temple for pooja. Pari comes to simar and tells her that snake is not home, uma says at least we will do one pooja without her. simar says where can she go?

Jatin says amar and prem forced us to do so. Fake roli says you lied to me? she is infuriated. she is looking for prem and amar. she says where are you? come out. Prem goes out, amar says what are you doing? amar and calendar come out as well. fake roli says at last you showed your human nature today. I thought that you have some rules but no, i was wrong. i am better than you all. you couldn’t face powers so planned this game, it was decided that we will try honestly for 15 days then why you planned this game? you thought you will back stab me. I am bound by promise i can’t kill anyone but i will treat you so bad that you wont even get death? you remember what i did to shurti and mata ji. but keep them all aside, now imagine what i will do to you, it will be horrible, you will crave for death but don’t have it anyway. you have played enough games its my turn now. she turns into snake. they are all dazed. sushma and jatin faint with fear.

Rest of the family is doing pooja. Pre and amar hide from the snake. The snake come in front of prem. Prem is running from the sake, simar saves the flame. Prem gets stuck in a rope and falls down. Amar is feared for him. the snake is coming towards prem. Amar says prem pull the rope beside you, prem does. A cage falls on the snake. she gets stuck in it. when she tries to get out of it she gets a shcok. fake roli says get me out of here. the bars have electric current in them. she says you are making a mistake by capturing me here. sid comes there. he wonders what is going on, why is she in the cage.
Roli is praying for her bet and sid.

Precap-fake roli gets current from the bars, simar come and says this is wrong prem. we vowed we wont back stab her. how can we play these games. prem says we have executed this plan with so much effot and we wont leave her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat next
    Gud episode today

  2. Ohh if sid had come one minute before he could have seen his snake wife

  3. Intha paambhu kadha romba mokka poduthu….eppathaan ithu mudiyumo………..

    1. Me too feel the same. Marana mokka.

  4. Ya ya padu mokkaiya Iruku. Pabbu over ra scene poduthu

  5. Aaamaa yasmin

  6. Sry Paambu. I read that Sid will get his memory back at a right time and will apply sindoor to real roli with the blessings of matarani all its seems to going to take place.but the writer can thing much better so that simar and roli will have some screen space than giving more importance to this fake roli.

  7. Its really very idiotic

  8. Ya.matarani would hv given this blessings earlier……

    its tooo late

  9. Sid fill shrutis hairline.simar saves fake roli and she will come home and stand infront if family sid gets his memory

  10. Yetho senju intha chaptera close panna podhum.

  11. sid didnt see her in naagin form…. den y in spoilers given that sid see her real form?? tmrw he will see her real form or not?

  12. stop this story fast.. itz draggggggggging

  13. I thnk he wont see her real form……since it was given he gets godly support wen he goes to fill fake roli’s hairline to get his memory.

  14. Realy itz so boring…watz going on there in varadwaj family…

  15. aakhir kya chal raha hai wo bharadwaj family me …ek nagin v rehne lagi hai paribar me…kab khtm hoga Ye joking episodes….ha ha ha…

  16. I think sid wilk listn to simar n prems conversation that simar is telling wo ek icchadari naagin hai…hope so

  17. After tat wat would be the next twist????after applying sindoor i think either Leela or vishnavi will be back tat would be the twist

  18. Nagin to return as mermaid

  19. sid put sindhoor to real roli infront of fake one ah?? in onloction video nagin came bharadwaz house return…. den wat will she do next?

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