Shani 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini offers Amrit to Chandra Dev (Rahu in disguise) when Shani asks her to stop. Chandra Dev is here. Chandra Dev steps forward shocking everyone. Shani reveals Rahu’s identity. Rahu looks up happily. He drinks Amrit. I got what I had a right on! Gods look at him in shock / anger. Mohini is seething in anger. She lifts her hand and Chakra Sudharshan appears. Amrit begins to show its effect on Rahu. Mohini remarks that the one who does not deserve Amrit cannot get it. Amrit has reached Rahu’s throat. Chakra Sudharshan beheads him just then thereby stopping the flow of Amrit to the rest of his body. Rahu shouts in agony. Mohini comes to her original avatar of Narayan. Everyone folds their hands in reverence. Shani thanks Narayan for stopping Rahu. It wasn’t his Karamfal. You helped me in doing my karma. Rahu taunts him for cheating him. Since when did cheating become your karma? Shani replies that his karmas have cheated him. Cheating, greed is something which hit back on the cheater only. I had warned you earlier too. Body cannot hold the weight of the mind which is filled with such negativity for long. Amrit wasn’t yours yet you tried getting it stealthily. It became the poison for you. I told you time and again to come on the right path but you dint hear me. You have reached your destination.

In Pataal Loka, Asuras wake up. Shukracharya thinks where Rahu, Mohini and Amrit kalash is! We have been cheated! Where is Amrit? An Asura asks about Mohini but Shukracharya calls it a cheating. There was no Mohini. I know who has cheated us – that cheater Narayan!

Chandra Dev gets Amrit too. Rahu looks at him angrily. Narayan tells Shani everyone drank Amrit. Now it is your turn. Shani politely declines. I wont drink Amrit as I took a vow not to have a right on anything that will come out of Manthan as it isn’t the outcome of my karmas. Surya Dev points out that being a Dev he has to drink Amrit like everyone has. Shani apologizes to him politely. I cannot back out from my promise. Narayan insists upon him to drink Amrit for the benefit of the world. Shani reasons that his ideals are most important for him. How can I have a right on what I don’t have a right on? I cannot drink Amrit. Mahadev remarks that he will disappoint him by doing this. Mahadev appears there. Shani asks him what mistake he made which made him unhappy. Mahadev says you chose wrong words. I believe your contribution was as important in Sagar Manthan as much as everyone else has been or maybe more. It was your idea to retrospect after Manthan. You only found out what is to be done to find Amrit. You guided everyone, made decisions and solved every obstacle that came in the way. You say you dint contribute? No Karamfaldata, you did contribute which is why you deserve to have Amrit. Shani says I have renounced my rights. Mahadev says don’t think of Amrit as a thing which came out of Manthan then. Accept it as Mahadev’s blessing. Shani says how your creation can refuse Mahadev’s blessing. He drinks Amrit. Rahu and Indra Dev look upset. Narayan and Mahadev disappear.

Shukracharya taunts Shani. Amazing! Finally you also became a God! I trusted you but you cheated me! Shani tries to say something but Shukracharya doesn’t let him. You cheated with Asuras to give Amrit to Gods. He notices Rahu’s condition and turns to Shani. Is this how you Gods behave? Indra Dev warns him to be careful. You are speaking to immortals. Life of Asuras is under our mercy now. Shani points out that he became a servant once by misbehaving. Don’t repeat the mistake. Indra Dev tells him they don’t need him now. We have what we wanted. Why should we stay here in Pataal now? We must head to Dev Loka. Shani tells him to stop. We are still here as there is still one person who hasn’t drunk Amrit. Gods look at each other in confusion. Indra Dev says everyone has drunk Amrit. Match up your calculations. Shani advises him to keep his Drishti in focus. Shukracharya hasn’t drunk Amrit till now. Indra Dev laughs. Seems like you are influenced by the same thing after staying in Pataal. Shukracharya is the Guru of Asuras. He has no part in Amrit. Shani reasons that he is also a God. He might be on Asuras’ side but being the son of a Dev, he too has a right on Amrit. Indra Dev calls it injustice but Surya Dev seconds Shani. Shukracharya is no less than Brihaspati in every way. As a God, he has a right on Amrit. I agree with Shani.

Shani walks up to Shukracharya. I understand your problem but whatever happened was done for the betterment of the world. Please have Amrit. Shukracharya calls it their plan to create a rift amongst Asuras. Indra Dev advises him to not drink Amrit then but Shukracharya decides to drink it. There will be someone then who will fight with you for Asuras’ rights. Shani offers to feed him but Shukracharya snatches the kalash from him. Shukracharya drinks Amrit and becomes immortal. Indra Dev looks on unhappily. Rahu is irked that he did so much to get it yet he is the one who dint get it. Indra Dev smiles thinking of a plan. Shani gave Amrit to the Guru of Asuras but their life is in my hands now.

Precap: Shukracharya is sure Indra will be planning to kill Asura Loka very soon. Indra Dev reaches there just then. Only Shukracharya has understood Devraj Indra. He kills Asuras. Shani is shocked to see the condition of Asuras and vows to save Asuras.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Now I think Mahadev will give Sanjeevani Mantra powers to Shukracharya for making Asuras equal to devas.

    So Rahu & Ketu justification has not yet been announced by Mahadev but Devraj attacks the Asuras and kills them all??
    It may be precap but when will justification come ?

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  2. Kamalanayani

    We are missing your comments on Kshir Sagar…

    The question I asked you on Lord Varaha is still pending….

    My question was Mata Bhumidevi – Wife of Lord Maha Vishnu resides in the milky ocean along with Narayan… So if the demon Hiranyaksha captures her and hides her in the ocean then the only ocean is Kshir Sagar which can hide / big enough for her to be inside..
    If it itself is her home, then she must know the way out…. And she could have come out as the demon was fighting with Lord Varaha.. If she comes out easily then why should Lord Varaha fight for 1000 years with Hiranyaksha..

    You cannot say that she lost powers because she is a part of Mata Lakshmi, who gives powers to Lord Vishnu…

    Can anyone help me solve this critical riddle….

    1. ChandaMaya

      So sorry, I was unavailable and will be so for a couple of weeks, so my participation will be not as frequent as I would wish.

    2. ChandaMaya

      I answered your questions, on the date you asked. Please read your reply notification.

    3. Chaaya

      The ocean is the milky ocean found in the Universe, not the seas of the earth. The entire universe rests on this milky ocean. It is the Cosmic Ocean and the earth was plummeted into the abyss of the Cosmos (what some might nowadays call a worm hole).
      Don’t mix up the form of Bhudevi or Bhumidevi with Maha Lakshmi. The Northern regions of India combined both and just call her Maha Lakshmi, but the South part of India did not. The former aspect represents material wealth (Bhumi – from the earth), the second is the unseen aspect, as in spiritual wealth (ultimately associated with Maha Lakshmi). In the South Bhumidevi take the form of Anal.

      The actual time in terms of years, according to the Puranas, it took 1000 years of fighting for Varaha to free the earth.

  3. @Kamalanayani
    MADAM.. So far as I know, when mata bhumidevi was hidden by Demon HIRANYAKSH in ksheer sagar he put mata bhumidevi in a energy jail just like shani dev put surya dev , indra dev & yam dev when he was dandnayak (in this show) …as mata bhumidevi was not able to move out from the energy jail she wasnt able to get out of ksheer sagar she prayed to lord vishnu and then lord vishnu came to her rescue in varaha avtaar. Hope i was able to answer your question.

    1. Kamalanayani

      ok. But I am not satisfied with the answer. Anyway thank you so much.

    2. Chaaya

      Please know that we are not literally taking about humans. This is the Cosmos which has been personified as characters (the personification is the myth part), but in reality the science is based on cosmic truths. These material entities in the universe are personified mainly during the Puranic ages. Stories are an ancient way of educating.

    3. Chaaya


      1. Kamalanayani

        hope you all like discussions like this.

        I have many questions like this
        I will release them one by one

  4. why shani 21april is not updated????..
    why shani s update not coming soon??
    I am shani s fan. I am dying.

  5. Pooja ji app hame paresan nahin madad karo. plz update karo

  6. Aren’t the females Gods too? They weren’t offered the Amrit. So how can it be said that ALL the gods drank?

    1. Chaaya

      Goddess’s, all are energy! No need for Amrit.

      1. Kamalanayani

        well said

  7. Where is shani 21st april update? It’s not updated till now..

  8. chaaya shani ki maa

    its my mistake . at 19th april when i opened telly updates at 9: 40 . it was not there
    at 20 the april update when i opened at 21st april . it was there 😮 .
    now , 21st april update when i opened telly updates at 9: 40 . it was not there.


    1. Kamalanayani

      I did not understand

    2. Chaaya

      Might be some technical issues!

  9. Kamalanayani

    Just wait guys I have submitted the written update just now
    It will come after verification
    I wrote it myself and it is my first tellyupdates article
    Hope you all like it

    1. Oh that’s so cool,well I am waiting for it☺

    2. Chaaya

      Wonderful, great going, Kamalanayani.!!

    3. Kamalanayani

      Thank you guys

      I dont understand why they are taking time to accept the post

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