Shani 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The episode begins with Rahu (in severed head form) talking with the asuras. The asuras tell that they were mesmerized in Mohini’s beauty but she cheated us. Rahu tells that it was not Mohini but Narayan who cheated us. And this Shukracharya also behaved showed us his dev face and he drank amrit and became amar but he left us out. Then there comes Shukracharya stating “if I did not do like that then the Asura’s generations and their lives will be in Devas mercy. There won’t be anyone to fight equally with them for Asuras. And I know about Devraj Indra very well, as he would always plan to diminish the Asura kul as soon as possible”. Devraj Indra makes a villainic entry by saying “Well said Shukracharya, you have done a good estimation on my character and smirks”.

On the other hand, In Surya mahal, Surya dev, Shani Dev and Yam are coming back after drinking amrit and by regaining their powers. Devi Sangya and Yami are waiting to welcome them with diya. Yami shouts Pithashree and hugs Surya dev in delight. She says “I hereby welcome my Amar Pithashree”. Surya dev kisses her on her forehead. She goes and hugs her brothers, first Shani and then Yam. Devi Sangya says “Not only Yami, including me, all of us were waiting for this auspicious moment”. She then does the aaradhya to Surya dev and Yam and gives the diya to servant maid. Shani is still standing in a little distance and with a smile (but we can feel that he misses his mom). Surya dev says, “today, we have got our powers back and I am happy that it was because of Shani. He proved that he deserves to be the Karmfal Daata and fulfilled his duties correctly. You Should also be proud of him Sangya”. Devi Sangya’s face gets irritated and so does Yam.

Surya dev also says to Shani that, “A father’s duty is to give a son, love and take care of him good. But a son’s duty is, through his Karmas he should make his father proud. I know I did not do my duty well, but you did it more that it has to be done. I am so proud of you my son”. Devi Sangya and Yam get too irritated but Yami and Kaakol are happy. He asks devi Sangya to welcome Shani also. She turns her face.

Surya dev turns and stands away from her. He opens his arms and Yam hugs him in a second, he asks Shani also to come and hug. He is astonished and thinks about his mom Chaaya. He walks slowly to Surya dev with a smile and astonishment and hug him as it is a new experience to him. While hugging, he sees Devi Sangya’s shadow and says in this heart, “Mata, after you left me, I am feeling this peaceful and love-filled hug for the first time”. He cries and holds Surya dev tightly. Surya dev kisses him and Yam. He pats gently on Shani’s head. His tears start following too fast.

Now, the leave the tight hold and stand aside. Surya dev says “I, Surya dev, hereby announce that Shani is no more Chaaya putra, but will be called as Surya Putra Shani from this moment”. Devi Sangya and Yam are on the top of irritation.

Surya dev adds that a utsav has to happen in Surya loka. Devi Sangya says “Yes, of course because you and my son have become Amar”. Surya dev says not for that, it is for MY SON. All devas became amar only because of Shani. In this utsav, I will invite all devas and I, Shani and Yam will do an auspicious pooja to Mahadev. After that, I will properly announce every one that Shani is Surya-putra.

Devi Sangya and yam turn their faces while Kaakol and Yami are very much delighted. But Shani says “I won’t accept this Dev”. All are shocked. I don’t want to be your son until you accept my mother as your legal wife (Dharm Pathni). Surya dev is shocked. Surya dev and Sangya stare at him angrily. But Surya dev smiles then and says “Yes. I agree it. You did your karma now also. A son should be like this. When his mother did not get her rights, then he should get it for her and then only he should look for his rights.”

During this utsav, I will also announce Devi Chaaya to be my Dharm-Patni. Devi Sangya gets hurted. Shani and Yami are so happy. Shani also adds that he has a request, I want you to invite Shukracharya for this utsav and pooja. Surya dev asks why. Shani says “as it is Mahadev’s pooja and there is no Shiva-devotee equal to him in all lokas and Once Shukracharya has shown the way to kailash to me once for saving my mata. I want him to be present when my Mata is getting her rights. Also he is not less that Devguru Brihaspati for any reason”. Surya dev accepts it.

Surya dev says As you are the queen of Surya loka, Take care of the preparation of this utsav to Devi Sangya. She stares angrily at Surya dev.

Next scene, Shani goes to invite Shukracharya in Patal-loka. He feel it strange that no asuras are guarding the entrance of Pataal. He sees two asuras in a strange position and touches one of them and that guy fell down and Shani finds that they both were killed with a sword.
He runs inside fast and finds that all the way inside, no asura is alive and are killed with the same type of sword. He get inside and finds Rahu. Rahu says, “Welcome Karmphal daata, look at what you have done. It is all because of your karmas.” He is shocked and asks what happened?. Shukracharya explains how Devraj Indra captures Shukracharya through his powers and kills all asuras with his weapon. He also yells in a extremely hurt manner and says that, Devraj Indra was only an arrow but you and only you are the person who has sent it from your hands by giving amrit to the devas who don’t deserve it. He cries a bit that there is no reason for me to stand for asuras rights who are not alive.

Shani has not yet relieved from the shock and Rahu smirks. Shani says that, if this is a result of my karmas, then I will solve it through my karmas. Shukracharya says, it can’t be done and there is no solution for this problem. Shani says that “If there is a problem, then there will be solution for sure and I know that there is a solution for this”. Shukracharya did not believe him but Shani says I will solve this issue forever. I will do the jeevan-dhaan to all the asuras”. Shukracharya see him with shock in his face.

The episode ends with a determined Shani’s face in closeup.

Precap: Shani, Shukracharya and Mahadev do jeevan-dhaan to the asuras. Shani says, “through my Sanjeevani vidhya, I am giving back the life to all the asuras”. On the other hand, preparation for the utsav is happening in Surya loka where Surya dev and Devi Sangya are standing. She asks “I don’t understand why you are behaving like his Dev”. He says” I am only doing the right thing.”

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Guys it read it and let me know about your comments on this article

    1. Coooool!!! Beautiful

      1. Kamalanayani

        Thank you Sandya

  2. The written update is very good and clear. I appreciate you dear for your heartful efforts??

    1. Kamalanayani

      thank you divya


    ????…good job Kamalanayani…

    precap toh aisa nahi dikhya tha colors channel… but, i know aage ki khaani aisa hi hai……
    aap ka naam bahut sundar hai…?

    Kamalanayani means “lotus eye”…..
    kamala means “lotus” & nayani means “Eyes”….i am correct…!!????


      **aap ki.

      1. SANTHOSH

        ki ya ka i am confused….??..mera
        galath ko chodiye…? mera hindi bhi itni achchi nahi hai. aur English toh bilkul nahi aatha hai mujhe….??

      2. Kamalanayani

        Don’t worry I can understand.
        Ka and ki does not matter but one’s karma is the matter
        Shani dev won’t care about ka or ki but only about the karmas

        And thank you for liking my name – the definition is right.
        but nayani means “the girl with eyes” Kamalanayani means “Lotus eyed girl”


    **aap ki.

  5. Kamalanayani


    I did not see the episode and type it. When no update was published, then I kept in mind all the dialogues that happened yesterday and wrote this update, today.
    Is something missed in the precap…
    If yes, please notify it to me.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Any way it took around 25 mins to type, proof read and finally post.
      First experience!!! It was nice!!! It is very nice to see the Karmphal of it…..

  6. Kamalanayani

    @Everyone who commented
    Thank you for your comments

    @Chaaya @Chandamaya @Nandhini
    No comments yet ???

    1. Chaaya

      Good work. In sync with the storyline. You did a great job?

      1. Kamalanayani

        thank you chaaya

  7. Awesome update kamalanayani!!???????
    I am sorry i was little caught up so i opened the update late… the first ten minutes was so emotional scene…loved the father-son uniting scene…the written update too gave the same feeling while reading now???
    But i am afraid if there will be again an other misunderstanding between surya dev and shani dev in upcoming episodes?? i want them always to be together….

    1. Kamalanayani

      thank you nandhini looks like you did not log in

      1. Nandhini

        Yep…i commented from another mobile so i didnt log in directly.?

      1. Kamalanayani

        I loved that scene so much

  8. Kamalanayani

    But I think Surya dev and Shani have to get separated according to real mythology

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah surya dev and shani dev dont get along well according to the real mythological stories…and its really sad to see that in serial..this unity between them will last only for a short period i think…did you notice shani dev use to call his father as “dev” and not “pitashree” even after this uniting scene…i hope this utsav happens without any problems and when devi chaaya gets her rights and honour by surya dev, in dat time shani dev calls his father as pitashree…its just my personal wish to happen in this serial…

      1. Kamalanayani

        no that does not matter. He may call him by dev also – no issues for pithashree.
        He is respecting his father more that’s why he calls him dev

        I too want him to call Surya dev as pithashree after mata chaaya gets her rights.
        But I don’t know what devi sangya will be shown as during that time because it looks like she plans something to brain-wash Surya dev in precap itself…

        Lets wait and see

    2. Guys pls don’t called it MYTHOLOGY because as everyone knows myth means false and I don’t think history of SANATAN DHARMA is false it’s true 100% with proof and evidence so it’s a humble request pls don’t call it myth it’s just hurt hope u all understand

      1. Kamalanayani

        Ohhhh! Sorry if it has hurted you Sandya…
        You seem to be a fragile person… It hurts you when so see something wrong…
        You proved it twice – Devi Sangya and here also…
        I will not call it mythology anymore…
        Are you happy now ????

      2. Sandya, I was just about to say that! Thanks for being one of the ONLY PEOPLE who says the right thing. ‘Mythology’ means something made up, fake, etc. That is what ‘MYTHOLOGY’ means. Ramayana, for instance, is referred to as ‘mythology’ many times, how wrong. So is ‘mahabharata’. We know Sanatana Vedic Dharma is the only eternal truth in the world, It has no beginning, middle, or end. It is the source of all knowledge, including science. People need to learn.

  9. Very nice work KAMALNAYANI

    1. Kamalanayani

      thank you but I am kamalanayani actually
      Anyway thank a lot

      1. ChandaMaya

        Kamalanayani, thank you so much. Sorry, I am late. Catching up again because I am a little behind. So you will be asking some questions? ? Great! It makes our discussions interesting. I don’t find much intellectual conversions on other serials. The details themselves are not based on any kind of superior drama. Shani is the best.

        Your update was great, and I still don’t think that episode was posted yet. I hope Pooja is okay.

      2. Kamalanayani

        Thank you chandamaya
        I will reveal the questions that I have in the upcoming weeks and we will have discussions on it. And of course you can’t find such discussions in other serials.
        And Shani is always the best.

        I also hope for Pooja didi to post in the upcoming days and hope she is fine….

  10. Anamika Singh

    Hiiiii guys I am a silent reader but thought to join u all kamalanayani thanks 4 this post I couldnt see Friday episode and no one was posting the update thanks for posting it

    1. Kamalanayani

      you are welcome anamika singh

  11. @kamalnayani yes dear! I am happy

  12. cool update

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