Shani 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani tells his mother to calm down. Inform Surya Dev. I will go on earth to protect Yam. She tells him not to go there alone. They are angry Asuras. Shani does not mind. I am also your son. Nothing will happen to either me or Yam. Both your sons will be safe. He seeks her blessings. She tells him to stay safe.

Yam is shocked to see Asuras attacking earth.

Devguru asks Indra Dev if he is aware of the fact that Asuras have reached earth. Indra Dev calls it good news. They already reached earth.

Vyaktagandha tells the Asuras to kill Manu and Satrupa. We have to stop creation of humans on earth. We will return safely from here but only after killing Manu and Satrupa. We will only have one motive – war!

Devguru suggests doing something asap. Indra Dev reasons that Asuras dint attack them. Those who have been attacked should protect themselves. If they cannot do that then Mahadev will help them.

Brahma Dev calls it wrong. Asuras have attacked our creation. A big war is going to start soon. Why don’t you stop this? Lord Vishnu says at times solutions come from a difficult path. At times war is necessary for peace. Brahma Dev objects that Asuras are doing wrong. Why aren’t we putting an end to this? Mahadev says it isn’t required when Shani is there. Brahma Dev asks him why Shani has to give so many tests. Mahadev replies that metal is heated many times before it finally turns into gold. This war isn’t between Gods and Asuras but between thoughts and paths. A lot many new things will start after this war. Just wait.

Yam decides to follow his dharma. I will gain fame on earth by protecting Manu and Satrupa.

Manu and Satrupa are meditating. Vyaktagandha and other Asuras surround them. Manu and Satrupa get aware of their presence and open their eyes. Who are you? Vyaktagandha replies that they are Asuras. We have come to kill you. Manu holds Satrupa’s hand and runs from there. Vyaktagandha orders the Asuras to hunt them down. They begin to chase Manu and Satrupa and soon close in on them. Asuras have chained Manu and Satrupa. They bring them before Vyaktagandha. Vyaktagandha says the game is over. You are caught. You will be punished for being caught now. Let us complete our motto of coming here. He takes a sword and is about to hit Manu when Yam tells him to be careful. You cannot hurt them till I am here. Vyaktagandha agrees. We cannot harm them till you are alive. We will do that after finishing you. Let’s get down to work. He orders other Asuras to punish Yam for his boldness. Asuras attack Yam who fights bravely. Manu and Satrupa manage to flee from there. Many Asuras surround Yam when suddenly a storm comes. Everyone’s vision is blurred by the dirt. Shani stands before Yam. He looks pointedly at Vyaktagandha who gets tensed. Yam is unhappy to see Shani. Vyaktagandha vows to kill Shani too today. Shani hits Asura with bare hands. He gives first and last warning to Vyaktagandha. Stay away from Yam. Whoever takes first step towards Yam will die in no time.

Narad Muni comes to Surya Loka. He calls out for Surya Dev repeatedly. Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya come just then. What happened Devrishi? Why are you so tensed? Narad Muni shares that Asuras have attacked on earth. Surya Dev says Yam is there. Narad Muni adds that Shani is also there. Surya Dev is puzzled. Yam was banished to earth but whose permission did Shani take before going on earth? Devi Sanghya replies that he never needed any permission. He always does things as per his will. Surya Dev tells her he doesn’t want her to tell him all this at this moment. Where is Devraj? Why dint he counter attack? Devrishi says he dint want war. Surya Dev insists that the lives of
Chhaya steps forward. You call yourself Devi and a mother. You don’t care about Yam right now but are only busy poisoning Surya Dev’s mind against Shani. Devi Sanghya says it is because he has filled poison in my life. If anything happens to my son then I wont spare either him or you! Chhaya tells her to stop. He risked his life to save the one you call your son. Devi Sanghya refuses to believe either her or her son. Chhaya says he is Shani, my son. He will never let my head be bowed down and nor will his eyes ever look down.

Yam and Shani stand facing the Asuras. Yam asks him if he came once again to prove Yam is less than him. Shani says I dint come here to prove anything. I only came to protect you. Yam tells him he does not need either help or brother. Vyaktagandha shoots spears at them. Shani and Yam get tensed. Vyaktagandha tells them not to worry. Attack.

Manu and Satrupa are finally caught by the Asuras in a net. Satrupa shouts for help.

Shani says we might not agree with each other or like each other’s path but we can surely finish this army together. are you ready? They hear Satrupa shouting for help. Yam says I have chosen my path. I wont attack but protect. He runs to save Satrupa. Shani says I too will have to follow your path then. Vyaktagandha smiles. Shani can run as much as he wants but Manu and Satrupa are going to be killed today.

Surya Dev asks Indra Dev if he dint get info. You are king. It is the duty of a king to keep an eye on everyone. Indra Dev repies that he has many duties. Maybe one of them got left out or I would have loved to kill Asuras. He thinks Shani comes in his path as an obstacle anyways. I sometimes feel as if Mahadev dint make him karamfaldata but Indrabadhadata (someone who keeps creating problems for Indra Dev). Whatever happens, this war shouldn’t stop. I have to make sure Asuras kill Manu and Satrupa after which Mahadev will finish Asuras!

Narad Muni meets Shukracharya and informs him about Asuras attacking on earth in his absence. Shukracharya is shocked. Don’t worry. If Shani is there then he will certainly help me in stopping the war.

Yam tells Satrupa not to worry. I am here to protect you. Shani and Yam fight all the Asuras that attack them. Vyaktagandha sends his army of butterlflies to attack Yam. Shani gets concerned for him but Yam rebuffs him. I don’t need your help Shani tells him they are poisonous. You wont be able to face them alone. Yam reasons that he is Surya-putra. Just one ray of Surya is enough for them. Shani shouts Vyaktagandha’s name. Right then, Surya Dev tells Asuras to be careful. Shani and Yam are relieved to see Surya Dev, Indra Dev there. Surya Dev says how you dare hurt my son! Yam boasts before Shani of the fact that his father came to protect his son. Indra Dev says no Asura should be left alive. Attack! Dev and Asuras get into a war. Indra Dev notices Manu and Satrupa alone. It is important to separate them from Yam and Shani so Asuras can kill Manu and Satrupa.

Precap: Yam gets hurt in the war. Shani shouts his name in concern. Shani lifts an unconscious Yam in his arms. I am responsible for Yam’s condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. oh no! here gods leader is evil minded and asuras leader is good minded…
    huh what a story???? And we all are worsipping gods… i know it is only a serial but some scenes are surely true i think so…

    1. Lalita u r wrong god can never b evil minded……indra is a title not god ….god is only one and one in all….u can call him krishnaji mahadev etc……

  2. No Lalitha it doesn’t make sense,how could u say why we are worshipping God’s,i think everyone one should know that indra is not name but a title given to king of God’s and there are so many indras and we worship good qualities of God’s not bad one’s anyways serial shows extra drama.

  3. I love this serial…..bcuz if this serial i changed my mind about shani dev….thank to the shani team…..

  4. They say they are gods. Why do u say they are not.

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