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swasan family back to mumbai. it was the three days they were back to mumbai. everything was going well and everyone almost forgot about maheshwari’s and gadodia’s. but ayush was still not completely adapted to this place. he never lived without shekhar and now that here everyone are new to him. he knows them barely for about the last 10 days. yes it’s true he has developed a good bond with everyone and everyone has pampered him very much. he loves them all but still it was too short a time for him to cope up with all the changes. for him to adapt better sumi allows him to talk to shekhar twice a day.
swasan has tried there best to be there for him and sanskar has loved him the same way he loves swayyam. this overwhelmed swara and sumi with proud and love for him. ayush has made a special bonding with sanskar. swayyam and ayush has become like brothers.
the most interesting thing is sanskar took leave from office to take care of swara and swara got angry on him the second day because he was doing work from home and was extremely busy in his work and with this was not allowing swara to do any kind of work and doing all them by himself taking a lot of load. swara stopped talking to him giving silent treatment finally making him agree for going to office and letting her do some work. she laughs remembering all this.
[flashback- swara’s silent treatment-
sanskar kept on stopping her from doing anything. she was sitting on the bed from morning being bored and he was doing his work.
swara- sanskar please let me walk for sometime and get myself a glass of water.
sanskar- you want water. here take this. (passing her a glass of water)
swara -[gave an annoyed look] i said i want water by myself.
sanskar- what’s the need when i am here for you
swara- [took the glass and kept on table beside her bed] i am not gonna talk to you till you allow me to walk by myself
sanskar- and do you want me to allow you.
swara- sanskar don’t irritate me. first of all you are not allowing me move from this dam bed and then you are not going office and doing work from home and third you ae doing my works too taking all work load on yourself. i don’tlike this. i know you are caring for me and really feel so blessed but sanskar i am all fine. i don’t like you taking all the work load on yourself and stressing yourself so much. please join the office and let me do my works by myself. if i will need your help then i will ask you promise and i won’t do any work which will hurt me and moreover maa is also at home to care about me.

sanskar- done. now listen to me. i am not going office and set this in your brain and sit here because i am not allowing you to do any work.
swara- if that is so i am not going to talk to you. talk to yourself the whole day.
sanskar- swara you will talk to me in few minutes.
swara- did not reply.
sanskar- swara are you serious about not talking.
swara- noreply and looked other side.
sanskar- fine it’s good that you will sit quitely. i will complete my work and won’t have to stop you every minute or not doing any work.
swara said nothing and sanskar went and resumed his work taking glances of swara. 4 hours passed and swara did not utter a word and sanskar was annoyed now. he irritatedly got up from his place and came to swara.
sanskar- swara when i am in office then also we talk almost every two hours and now it’s been four hours you didn’t say anything. please speak something.
swara did not say anything.
sanskar- let’s see how much time more you will be able to resist yourself.
sanskar again resumed his work but after 1 more hour sanskar could not hold himself.
sanskar- swara ok i will go to office and will allow you to walk also but you have to promise you won’t indulge in any work, just walk around when you feel like. ok
swara- [happily] ok thank you so much.
sanskar- your silent treatment was worse than being in jail. it is like i was encaged somewhere with sound proof walls.
swara- this one was very bad joke if it was one.
sanskar- it wasn’t a joke but fact. and one request please don’t ever give silent treatment ever. if i don’t hear your voice then it feels like something is missing. these five hours i was here but still how could you not talk to me.

swara- when it is about your betterment then i can do anything.
sanskar- take care of yourself when i go to office.
swara- sanskar you will go office tomorrow. don’t start instructing me from now itself. [said with a pout]
sanskar- ok as your wish my lady love.
both laughed and shared a hug.
flashback ends]
now that things are going back on track swasan were relieved. but swara noticed uttmay especially uttara who seemed to be disturbed since they last visited mm to end all that crap. she thought may be now that they have left them again she must be sad and waited for her to come out herself with her problem. but not able to hold herself she indirectly tried to ask her but she didn’t budge.
it was a fine evening and sanuttmay were back from office. although uttmay lives in their home but when they come back they first come in swasan home and they go in their’s. infact swara has advised that the routine will be that since uttara is also office going lady so their breakfast will be at swasan mansion made by swara and in the evening uttara will be preparing dinner along with swara and sumi.
now when uttmay came they went to their house to freshen up and came back. swara again tried asking uttara her problem but she just denied that their isn’t any problem.
swara- [in mind] i will ask her when no one is around. their is definitely something bothering her and more over affecting uttmay’s relationship. need to ask her before it’s late.
they all had there dinner and all were chatting and playing with ayush and swayyam. swara called uttara to garden saying she needs some help from her and want to tell this to her secretly.
uttara came in garden and saw swara sitting on swing. she too went and sat beside her.
uttara- haan bhabhi tell what help you want.
swara- first promise what ever i ask you you will tell me or give me.
uttara- ok tell.
swara- uttara i asking you directly why you behaving strange since we came back. i am observing you from the day we were back from mm you are behaving like this.
uttara- [not making eye contact] what behaviour bhabhi. i couldn’t understand]
swara- uttara not with us but with tanmay. i have seen that you are avoiding him and also trying to be away from him. is their any matter.
uttara- [shocked] bhabhi did tanmay say something like this to you.
swara- no i observed it and tanmay and me had no such talks between us. now come on tell me what is bothering you.
uttara- nothing
swara- you promised me to tell me everything i ask you.
uttara- [with tears] bhabhi i am feeling bad for whatever maa [sujata] said about tanmay and rashika. what would have he thought about me when maa told those words. after all the truth will remain the same that i am their daughter , their blood. how bad would have he felt when she spoke those words. i feel ashamed of myself that i am in anyway related to those persons who pointed two such innocent souls so badly.
swara- [giving a side hug and wiping her tears] ssshhh you are over thinking. what happened there was no fault of yours and tanmay won’t be thinking anything about you. don’t behave like this and stop thinking about them and the past. move on as we have done. that will bring happiness and past will only give pain.
uttara- but bhabhi wouldn’t he have felt bad.
swara- those were not your or my words that he feel bad. tanmay is a matured person and when it comes to relationships and understanding he is better than me and sanskar also. so stop thinking all these and be happy.

uttara- thank you bhahi. you always understand me and help me out. you are great. i will apologise tanmay too.
swara- does he know all these.
uttara- no.
swara- then don’t tell him and just be a good wife. acche tell me one thing [teassingly] what did you do on the first night of wedding.
uttara- [blushed] bhabhi what are you speaking]
swara- ohhoo don’t blush so much and tell naa.
uttara- nothing. we both were tired and we talked with you all and then we talked to each other for sometime and slept as we had to go airport to catch flight. nothing more.
swara- what. you mean nothing happened.
uttara- [blushing more] bhabhi please stop saying all these.
swara- one last thing didn’t you both till now took your relationship forward.
uttara- bhabhi [shyly] time was not correct. i mean seeing the condition’s around we were tensed and thought it better to think about this later.
swara-[guilty] i am sorry because of me this all happened. you both could not go to your honeymoon too.
uttara- bhabhi you again started these things. i already told you that’s it was better otherwise we would have felt guilty to enjoy unknown of things happening with our family.
swara- sorry. accha chalo let’s go inside. it’s cold here and sanskar would definitely scold us. and listen don’t think those rubbish things again and stay happy.
uttara just nodded with a smile and they both went in and joined others.
night in sanskar’s room
swara- sanskar don’t go office tomorrow.
sanskar [a bit shock] why? are you alright.
swara- i am fine. i have some work and i need your help.
sanskar- [confused] what kind of work?
swara- i am planning something for uttara and tanmay.
sanskar- uttara and tanmay
swara- haan because of us they could not go on their honeymoon and enjoy the first few days of their wedding. and now too instead of being together they have joined office. don’t you think they should spend some time together.
sanskar- yes you are correct. you know what my wife is just amazing.
swara- thanks and stop your flirting and suggest what to do.
sanskar- yaa.
after sometime-
swara- [loudly] sanskar
sanskar- [startled] yaa why are you shouting.
swara- got an idea.
sanskar- really then tell naa.
swara- sanskar for now let’s book a honeymoon suite and arrange dinner for them and call them their without there knowledge and surprise them. they will become really happy and also get some privacy.
sanskar- awesome.
swara- haai naa. ok then you book the best room in the best hotel and then lets execute our plan tomorrow.
sanskar- ok i will do all arrangement.
swara- what i will do. we will do. i will accompany you everywhere and help you as i gave the idea.
sanskar- but…
swara- i don’t want to here any excuses. i am coming along you. [angry look] don’t you dare to deny otherwise remember my silent treatment
sanskar- ok meri maa.
swara- what
sanskar- sorry my princess.
swara- [smiled] that’s better. now let’s sleep. have a lot of work for tomorrow.
sanskar- yaa good night princess.
swara- good night my prince.
they slept with swayyam in between already sleeping.
next day swasan went to hotel did all arrangements and now were thinking about how to call them here in evening.
they thought and thought for a long time. then something struck in sanskar’s mind and he shared with swara. she too approved it.
in evening 7:00 p.m.
sanskar’s number flashed on tanmay’s mobile.
tanmay- haan hello sanskar. where are you man. you left office in half day and now calling me.
swayyam- fufaji [crying voice] mumma papa.
tanmay- [panick] champ this is papa’s mobile naa. where are you and why are you crying.
swayyam- i lost somewhere. papa mobile with me.
tanmay- champ first stop crying and tell me where are you.
swayyam- came with papa to hotel and then i got lost.
tanmay- which hotel.
swayyam- don’t know
tanmay- champ see someone must be there. give him the phone.
swayyam- ok.
swayyam handed over the phone to someone
person- hello
tanmay- hello listen please help me a bit. can you tell me the location of that place.
person- ok i will. [person told him the place name]
tanmay- thank you so much. please give the phone back to the child.
swayyam- [crying] fufaji i am scared. please come. bring mumma papa.
tanmay- champ be there only i am coming. don’t move and go anywhere.
swayyam- ok bring bua i am scared.
tanmay- haan i am coming and will bring bua also.
tanmay cut the call and rushed to uttara.
tanmay- [breathing heavily] uttara swayyam
uttara- what happened tanmay
tanmay- uttara swayyam is lost somewhere. we need to rush to him.
uttara- [worried] swayyam but how do you know.
tanmay- swayyam had samnskar’s mobile and he called me. i somehow got the address and we need to be quick.
uttara- haan chalo.
uttmay left from the office to the hotel.
they reached xyz hotel and madly started searching the hotel when a staff asked them if they need help.
tanmay- yaa actually swayyam is lost. sorry my niece is lost. i am searching for him.
staff- whom did he come with.
tanmay- with his parents.
staff- sir go to receptionist and check the reservation if one is there that may help you. then you can show the receptionist the photo and they will help you out.
tanmay- thank you.
they went to receptionist. and asked them.
receptionist- one minute sir.
yaa they have the reservation of room no 309 and they did not check out. you please come with us. we will check there. and then the near by places. don’t worry we will definitely find him.
tanmay- thanks.
uttmay went to that room and knocked but saw the door open and went in. they were surprised to see the decoration and arrangement there.
staff- sir please enjoy. this is for you.
uttara- what do you mean by enjoy. we are here to find someone.
staff- i am sorry maam. i am just doing my work as told. i was supposed to drop you till here and give these to you.
uttara- you..
tanmay- thank you [held uttara]
staff went. tanmay opened the card and the read it.
card- please enjay your time. a small gift from us. swara and sanskar.
then he read the paper which staff gave along with card.
paper- tanmay uttara we are sorry for scaring you. we really are. this was all to surprise you. swayyam is safe and sound with us. to confirm you can call me but dude don’t shout and get angry on us. after your wedding you both did not get much time with each other. so now enjoy both of you together. sorry and be happy.
tanmay read this aloud and after reading tanmay and uttara looke at each other. first they were angry but now they sighed and went and sat on sofa and called sanskar
sanskar lifted the call.
sanskar- before you both shout i am sorry for giving you tension and please enjay your time and swayyam is absolutely safe bye. sorry we won’t be available in your service till next morning.
saying this sanskar cut the call.
tanmay looked ta the phone angrily and then slowly smiled a bit at sanskar’s antics.
done with this part.

precap- uttmay lovey dovey and much more.

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