You R My Life part 78

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The episode starts with Shagun nd ishu sleeping in ishu’s room.. hand on hand nd leg on leg. Shagun then suddenly gets up saying ” no…!!! This can’t happen” ishu with the jerk got up nd switched on the light.
Ishu: Shagun what happened..?
Shagun cries… ishu gives her water. Nd she drinks it.
Ishu: calm down… calm down. What happened yaar?
Shagun came to senses.
Shagun: voh… I ve dreamt something bad. A nightmare.
Ishu: acha its OK don’t wry. U Sleep.
They lied. Ishu slept… but Shagun thinks abt her dream.
Shagun thinks: I won’t let this happen.. Ashok can’t do this.
The next mrng…. ishu called rahul who’s sleeping.
Rahul (in sleepy voice): ha ishu !
Ishu: u r still sleeping..?
Rahul: ha..y?
Ishu: rahul 8:30 nd u r still sleeping…? Won’t u go to the clinic. Nd u know na… u ve to do my half day duty. U promised me right.
Rahul: yeah.. I know. Vaise gud mrng pagal.
Ishu: ha ha idiot gud mrng. Have a nice day bye.
Rahul (still in sleepy voice): bye

Later he got up, got ready, had breakfast nd went to the clinic. Ishu nd Shagun r sleeping. Its 9:30 ishu suddenly got up by the alarm. She looks at Shagun nd wakes her up.
Ishu: arey Shagun wake up… u ve to go to office na.
Shagun in half sleep: arey there’s no office… nd I won’t go there ever… I ve resigned na.
Ishu: what…??!! Resigned? Shagun got up nd cane to senses: voh..
Ishu: Shagun… y did u resign the job..?
Shagun: actually…
Meanwhile shagun’s mobile rings.. they both saw it coming Ashok’s name on it.
Shagun takes her phone while ishu tries taking it.
Ishu: what happened?
Shagun: its lil personal.
Ishu: personal…?
Shagun: ha…(she attends the call nd by mistake the speaker ons) hello.
Ashok: hi drlng..!! How r u… I know u must be missing me na.
Hearing this both ishu nd Shagun gets shocked.
Meanwhile Raman nd Aakash got ready nd went to office. They were talking while working.
Aakash: yaar yesterday was so memorable na.
Raman: y becoz u nd Shagun spent together. Saale..!!!
Aakash blushed: ha.. but its a sudden change in Shagun. She always used to neglect but yesterday she only..
Raman: then u gonna give us a gud news na.
Aakash: yaar its just her doubt na.
Raman: if a doubt has arrived means its going to become true soon. Get ready man…!!
Aakash: dont say anything to anyone… u r my bst buddy so said u OK ? now let’s work.
Raman: acha then… OK.

In ishu’s room..
Ishu: drlng…?
Shagun is then offs the speaker. Nd cuts the call. She tries going but ishu stops her holding.
Ishu: what’s going on Shagun..? Y is he calling u drlng. R u cheating akhi ?(Shagun remains silent.) Say me… arey akhi is mad abt u nd u r cheating him. How could u Shagun..?
Shagun: plz ishu.. I don’t want to talk abt it. U plz don’t say it to anyone.
Ishu: y shldnt I..? U r spoiling his life. U r cheating him… don’t know what happened to my frnds. This is not my Shagun my Shagun loves Aakash. Not this.. who.. ah Ashok..?
Shagun: ishu plz..(cries)
Ishu: what plz…. didn’t u really love akhi…? Say me.
Shagun: its not like that how u r thinking.
Ishu: then what clarify me.
Shagun: ishu…
Ishu: I don’t want any explanations Shagun.. y did u change I didn’t expect this from u Shagun… never ever.
She heads to leave but Shagun stops.
Shagun: I ve a prblm ishu.
Ishu turns nd looks on.
Shagun: nd that’s Ashok.
Ishu: Ashok..?
Shagun: ha… he’s my senior boss… from the past few months he’s forcing me to marry him. He even came to our marriage nd threatened me. He said I can’t marry akhi but can’t lead a married life with him. Even on our engagement day he came to me nd…

Flashback starts….
Ashok took Shagun to a changing room in the venue while all r having dinner.
Ashok: I saw u with Aakash he’s really gud.
Shagun: thank u sir.
Ashok then closes the door. Shagun: sir what happened y did u close the door.
Ashok: Shagun.. I just wanna give u a present.
Shagun: what is it sir?
Ashok: voh close ur eyes…!!!
Shagun: but sir..
Ashok: do it…
She does he asked her to open eyes later… nd gets surprised seeing Ashok bent on knees holding a necklace box.
Ashok: Shagun… will u marry me (she gets shocked) I know u must b thinking that anyone will propose with a diamond ring but y is he proposing with a diamond necklace. But Shagun… I love u more than the one more who proposed u with a diamond ring. So will u marry me ? U know if u accept me… all my property belongs to u.. a big mansion… a Benz car, a BMW all will b urs u will be the queen of my kingdom. so will u?
Shagun angrily: I’m sry sir but I love Aakash not anyone else. U plz leave from here.
Ashok got up: I’m offering u. Luxury life… but u r rejected.
Shagun: I don’t want luxury in my life but love nd I can get it from Aakash.
She tries to open the door but Ashok pined her to the wall.
Ashok: cant u understand Shagun… I luv u. Nd I want u.
Shagun: but I hate u get lost from here.
Ashok: oh… no sir. Hmm I like it…
He came close to Shagun to woo her but she pushes him nd opens the door nd goes out.
Ashok smiles : I will get u.
Flashback ends..

Shagun: I wasnt aware of his intention at that time… nd was close to him but he was torturing me.
Ishu: y can’t u say this to akhi.
Shagun: do u think akhi or raman will leave him alive. Once a guy hit me by mistake nd akhi created a scene there. I dont want that ishu.
Ishu: so what u did… resigned the job..? Escaped from him..? Nd didn’t akhi say anything?
Shagun: I said him that I ve doubt that I m pregnant. So he didn’t took it serious.
Ishu: what r u mad…? U said him u r pregnant but not actually..? Don’t u think ur lie will come in front one day..?
Shagun: yeah thats y im trying to get pregnant. Yesterday i spent with akhi. Nd what can I do… Ashok can’t do anything when I’m with akhi. Nd today I got dream that Ashok attacked akhi. I’m scared.. don’t know what to do.
Ishu: now u r saying me… didn’t think to say me Shagun. Do u treat me as ur best frnd..? That hurts me more.
Shagun: I’m so sry ishu…
Ishu turns away.
Shagun: plz ishu… I’m so sry.. I shld ve said at least u.
She hugs her. They both cry.
Ishu: u don’t wry Shagun… I’ll help u from that Ashok.
Shagun: but first help me in getting pregnant yaar. I mean how to get pregnant? U r a doctor nd u’ll know.
Ishu laughs: kk I’ll help u for that we ve to shop some things so get ready we’ll go for shopping.
Shagun: ha.
Meanwhile Ashok plans something…nd hire some goons. He tells them something showing shagun’s pic to them.
One of the goons: OK sir u don’t wry… job is done.
Ashok: OK then here’s ur advance payment..Rs. 50,000/-
The goon took the payment.
Ashok: keep n eye on her nd follow her.
Goon: OK sir.
They went.
Ashok: now let’s see who will stop me in getting Shagun to my life.
He gives n evil smile.

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