Shakti 7th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat’s suicide attempt shock family members

Shakti 7th July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat asking a shop keeper if he could give him some stuff inexchange of his gold chain. The shop keeper replies ok and takes the chain. He goes to get the stuff. Daljeet asks Sant Baksh what to do? Sant Baksh asks him to put Virat behind bars to stop him and to get him in control. Virat calls Sant Baksh and asks him to bring everyone out. Sant Baksh asks what is the new drama? Virat says may be you will be seeing your son for the last time and ends the call. Sant Baksh tells that he will call Harak Singh. Parmeet stops him and tells that they might lose Virat. She tells that they can’t lose their son. Virat comes to harak singh’s house with Nutan and the neighbors. Veeran says you came again. Shanno thinks they came after the lockdown ended. Virat tells that he wants to prove his true love. Veeran calls Harak Singh. Raavi asks Virat to get better and they are already troubled with Corona Virus fear. Virat’s family comes there and asks why did he call them here. Virat says you all can’t believe that we are married now, and today heer will break her karwachauth fast today. Raavi asks why she will keep the fast for you today. Virat says we have many enemies, and she has to keep the fast for our love’s well being. Preeto tells that she has fed food to Heer and she is not fasting. Heer comes there wearing red dress, sindoor in her hairline and aarti plate in her hand. She says Preeto is half right and half wrong. Preeto recalls spotting her near the closed window. Heer comes and stands near Virat. She tells that neither did she have water or any food since morning and that she is fasting. Preeto says you dared to do this.

A neighbor lady tells Preeto to let Heer complete her fast. Harak Singh gets angry. Sant Baksh also gets angry. Neighbor guy stops Sant Baksh, while Soham stops Harak Singh. Virat and Heer look at each other lovingly, while the romantic song Sajda tera sajda plays….Heer takes the mesh in her hand and sees Virat from it. He makes her break the fast with water. Heer says you are also hungry naa. He says how can I eat without you. Preeto recalls their love confession. Sant Baksh also recalls their love confession and a fb is shown. Harak Singh asks them to stop their drama and tells that they can’t unite and their marriage will not get their acceptance. He says you can’t unite because of this act. Sant Baksh asks them to stop their filmy drama. Heer and Virat hold each other’s hand. Heer says you all have beaten Virat with stones as you felt that our love is fake. Virat says our love is true. Neighbor lady says such true love is difficult to find. Harak Singh scolds her and tells that Heer can’t marry this guy. Sant Baksh also agrees with him. Neighbor tells that Harak Singh and Sant Baksh are not wrong either. Neighbor lady tells that they shall agree. Harak Singh asks them not to interfere. Virat says we knew that our family members will not agree and that’s why we have other option, when we can’t live together then can atleast die together.

Virat and Heer looks at each other. They take out the poison bottles and drink it. They faint and fall down on the floor. Everyone shout. Sant Baksh asks Daljeet to call the doctor. Harak Singh asks someone call the doctor. Neighbor says make them vomit. Nutan gets shocked and thinks Heer didn’t tell me about taking this extreme step. Raavi brings salt water. Preeto puts salt water in Heer’s mouth. Doctor comes there and asks them to take precautionary measures of social distancing. He checks Virat and tells that the poison is strong and it needs to be expelled out. He presses his stomach and he spits poison. Heer spits poison when Preeto presses her stomach. Doctor suggests them to take Virat home for the treatment. Parmeet asks Daljeet to take the car out. They see Heer and Virat still holding their hands and tries hard to separate their hands.

Precap: Parmeet asks Gurwinder to make arrangement of the thaali. She brings Heer’s marriage proposal and tells Preeto that she wants to get Heer’s shuddhikaran as Harman’s first wife was a kinnar. Soumya returns.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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