Love Bytes (Divided By Professions, United By Love) – KHKT,YHC (Season 2) – Episode 6

The unknown woman is revealed as sarita. She is Rohit’s cousin and loves him. Nishi’s conspiracy is shown…
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Here we go into the episode!!!!
Scene 1
Its 12am!!!!
Sarnaash shouts “Happy Birthday Mumma”
Rudy hugs Preesha and wishes her.
Suman, Lakshmi, Pari and Pulkit bring cake.
They cut cake and have it.
Preesha seeks blessings from Lakshmi and Suman.
Suman: You are a good soul. Be happy and blessed always.
Lakshmi: You are the Lakshmi of this house. Always be positive and bring happiness in everyone’s lives.
Pari: Happy birthday bhabi. We love you.
Pulkit: Bhabi, you are the best in this world. So, we wish you that only best things should come to you.
Preesha: Thank you so much mumma, papa, pari, pulkit, rudy and sarnaash. This is something I got beyond blessings. Thank you…
Preesha cries emotionally…
Sarnaash: Can I ask you one thing? Will you give me?

Preesha: I’ll give you anything that you ask.
Sarnaash: Then give me a small baby. I need sister. Seeing samaira, I too need a sister.
Preesha blushes…
Suman: What I thought was delivered by sarnaash.
Rudy: Saarnaash, even I was telling the same thing to your mom.
Preesha: Rudy, now don’t pull my legs…
She pinches him…
They play with cake…
Pari takes a selfie…

Scene 2
Sona is seen getting ready. Rohit comes and stuns seeing her beauty.
He makes her wear earrings…
He flirts with her…
Sona: Enough of flirting with me. Come its time for preesha’s birthday party. Let’s go.
Rohit: Ha!! Come…
Sippy family goes to suman’s home.

Suman welcomes them.
Suman: Nishi didn’t come?
Veena: Actually, Suman ji…
YK: Suman ji, she has some work itseems. She’ll join us later.
Suman: Ok, you all come in.
Pari sees Ajith.
Ajith tries to talk with her, but she ignores.
Ajith wonders why she is ignoring.
Pari (to herself): I should stay away from sippy’s orelse rudy bhai will get angry.
Pooja and Pulkit see each other and feels sad.
Pulkit goes. Pooja cries… Sona sees this and thinks something is cooking between them. She prays nothing bad should happen.
Sona sees Preesha
Sona: Happy birthday preesha…
Preesha: Thanks Sona…
They both hug…

Rudy comes…
Rohit too comes…
Rudy: Di, I need to talk to you.
Sona: Talk.
Rudy: In personal.
Sona: Ok come.
Rohit and Preesha sees them and thinks!!!!
Nishi comes to the party.
She wishes preesha and acts nice to suman and pulkit.
She then silently goes and gives a pendrive to DJ and ask him to play this video when she signals him.
She even gives money.
Sarita comes there in disguised.
Suman sees her.
Suman: Are you preesha’s friend?
Sarita gets shocked
Sarita: Yes aunty…
Suman: Then why are you standing here? Go in…
Amma and appa comes…
They spend time with preesha…

Scene 3
Sona and Rudy come to a room.
Rudy: Di, I’m scared from morning that something bad is going to happen.
Sona: Don’t worry, nothing will happen. Did you spoke with preesha?
Rudy: No didi, so only I’m scared.
Sona: Don’t worry, we will talk with her. Come.
They both go down…
Nishi signals DJ.
Suddenly a video play…
A song is played with Rudy and his ex-lover’s pics.
Everyone gets shocked.
Rudy and Sona get shocked.
Nishi and sarita smiles.
A guest there: She is Lathika right. Rudy’s girlfriend. These pics seems to be taken when they are very close.
Another guest: Yes, even I too heard of their love story. They were living in relationship for many years.
Preesha hears those talks and get shocked. She glares at rudy.
Rudy bows his head down.
Sarita: chachi, now see the real birthday blast.
Nishi smiles evilly.

Scene 4
Rohit goes to sona.
Sarita glares them.
Sona: Rohit, actually Rudy was in a relationship. But things got turn and unfortunately, they ended. She cheated on Rudy.
Rohit: Don’t worry sona, nothing will happen. Let’s talk with preesha.
Suman: Enough of all your rubbish talks. Please leave from here.
All guests leave.
Veena: I’m worried thinking of preesha.
Tanya: Ma, but I’m worried of sona di. If she comes to know about rohit’s relationship.
Veena gets afraid.
Rudy goes to Preesha…
Preesha slaps him.
Everyone gets shocked!!!
Preesha: Rudy I don’t mind of your relationship; I would have accepted it. But you could have told me nah. That;s why I’m hurt. Please don’t come behind me. I’m going.
She leaves…
Everyone tries to stop her, but it goes in vain!!!!
Rudy: I know where she went. I will come here with her. You all don’t worry. I apologize to everyone for the happenings.
Sona: Rudy go and get her back…
Amma cries. Suman pacifies her.

Precap: All the couples dance. Sarita cries seeing rohit-sona dance. Sarita meets Manish Naggdev.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    saaransh asking preesha to give him a sibling ..rudraksh saying that even he was telling preesha about it…preesha blushing was cute.ronakahi earring scene was romantic.both ajith pari n pulkit pooja are staying away from each other.sad. shocking that sarita n nishi exposed rudraksh’s rudraksh was cheated by latika? which actress?waiting to know his past.shocking n sad that preesha slapped him n left.hope rusha patch up soon.missed pics.
    so Manish is going to be sarita’s future love i guess.I thought may be you will bring ejaz or ashish

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks and who are ejaz and ashish

    2. Jasminerahul

      ejaz khan n ashish who acted with her in punar vivah2 n saraswatichandra

  2. Woow!! It was cute!!! Ronakshi!😍❤️ Hopefully Rudy will be able to pacify Preesha and they will be a happy couple again!🤞 And ig Sarita will try on with Manish! Loved it!😃❤️

  3. Shesha485

    Sorry for the late comment. The episiode is so interesting. Also, shocking that Nishi and Saritha targets RuSha instead of Ronakshi. Presha slapping Rudy is sad. But she is right from her side.Waiting for next episode

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