Shakti 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant kidnaps Soumya

Shakti 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting a call informing her about Harman. The person on the call tells that he is an inspector and ends the call. Soumya tries to call him, Meanwhile Arjun is playing with Heer, Rohan and Soham when Vedant as clown comes there and shows chocolate. Heer goes near him. The clown kidnaps her and takes her away from there. Soumya thinks why Inspector will call me rather than Papa ji. She then gets doubtful and worries for Heer. She turns and sees Arjun, Soham and Rohan playing. She finds Heer missing. Vedant calls her and tells that Heer is with him and asks her to come to him. Soumya says you can’t do anything with Heer. Vedant says she will be alive for just 5 mins and asks her to remember that she is just 5 years old. Soumya asks Vedant to tell her that Gulabo is reaching there. Heer waits for Soumya. Vedant thinks to get Soumya. Heer asks why you want to catch my Gulabo. Vedant says you are too small to understand and asks her to wait for Gulabo.Arjun removes his blind fold from his eyes. Soham and Rohan realize that Heer is missing and calls her. Arjun says Heer must be with Soumya, and says we shall play. Rohan asks her to call Soumya and takes phone from her hand. Soumya takes the call and thinks she can’t tell anyone. Rohan asks where are you? Soumya says I am outside with her and will bring her. Mahi smirks hearing what Rohan had said.

Soumya runs searching her and the glass pieces pierces in her leg. She takes the glass piece out and continues running worriedly. She comes to the place and sees Heer. Heer sees her. Soumya is about to run towards her, but Vedant comes near her. Soumya asks him to leave Heer. Vedant says I will leave her and will not do anything with her. He asks her to stand there silently. Vedant stares her and ties her hand and stick tape to her mouth. Heer asks him to leave her Gulabo. Vedant takes Soumya in the car and leaves. Heer shouts Gulabo. Vedant’s goon calls Mahi and says girl is in the park behind the pond. Mahi calls Saya and asks her to take Heer from there. Saya says ok. Heer recalls Soumya’s words asking her to run whenever she is in danger. She bites the goon and runs away. She picks Soumya’s phone and thinks what is home number. She thinks Gulabo made me remember phone number and address. She recalls Soumya teaching her phone number of landline. Shakti song plays….

Heer remembers speed dial number and calls Arjun. She asks him to come and take her, says Someone kidnapped Gulabo. He pretends as if he can’t hear Heer and gets happy. Preeto comes and asks what happened? Arjun tells her that someone kidnapped Soumya. Preeto takes the call. Heer asks her to come near the pond. Preeto asks Rohan to come along with her and asks Soham to go inside. Saya reaches the park and calls Mahi, says Heer is not here. Preeto reaches there. Heer sees her and runs towards her. Preeto asks heer if she can identify the car and asks Arjun to take them to airport. She says may be we can catch Vedant on the way. The goons are searching Heer still. Mahi calls the goon and asks where is Heer? The goon tells that she escaped fooling us.

Preeto asks Arjun to stop the car. Arjun says car must have gone from here. Preeto says she is staying here since 35 years and knows. She says Heer will identify the car. Arjun says she is just a girl. Heer says Gulabo made my memory sharp and makes me drink milk daily. A fb is shown, Arjun thinks Soumya has trained this girl fully, Vedant’s destiny is bad. They hide. Heer sees Vedant\s car coming and tells Preeto. Preeto picks a glass bottle on the way to puncture Vedant’s car. Vedant’s car gets punctured.

Precap: Rohan and Heer throw stone on Vedant and save Soumya. Soumya prays to God to give her courage to save Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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