Dilli Darlings 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: The finale begins with a blast

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The finale begins with everyone having mixed feelings regarding their journey, also on who will be the winner, Reena believes that they have completely changed after the show as now whole of india knows them with the following which they never had before.
The show begins with a stunning and completely synchronized with the performance of the dilli darlings when the performer ends, Ronaq explains that he is not able to take his eyes off them as they all are looking really beautiful, he explains that Delhi always chose a politician but now they will choose them so he has also called someone who is really appreciated who is Sarla Maa.
She comes and he pays his respect, when he asks her she says that she is a follower of the show and would like to see Pragati nail up close, when she comes she explains that she is looking really beautiful, when she leaves then he asks her what else she likes then after she explains they all are really beautiful.
He explains that they all have done a lot to get to this point so they will show them, then they play a video showing what they said regarding each other’s , they ask them who would be the winner of the dressing sense category, they then select Shaloo. She goes to take the prize with Manya.
Then he asks Pooja who she sees between the crown, she explains that she sees herself, then she asks who she thinks would be the runner up, then she answers that it is Shaloo, they ask Rashmi who says that they all did not have the screen time as Seema and Manya along with Shaloo so she feels that someone of them would win, they ask Bhavna who says but when it comes to Guneet she says that she along with everyone are doing what Shaloo does she is sitting in her house and doing what they have to accomplish with their work, Shaloo responds by saying that they have a fixed time to get their work done but when it comes to a homemaker they do not have any time limit and must work around the clock, Guneet explains that she gets up early then sits with her mother in law before getting ready for work, after her work is complete she also goes to any party with her husband so they also face the struggle.
Sarla mentions that they cannot pay the price which a homemaker pays and should give them a round of applause as they are worthy of it, she also praises Guneet for her efforts and the care which she provides to her daughter. She also pays her respect to her.
Ronaq greets them back to the finale, Sarla says that she also is getting hungry after hearing the spices, she also invites him to come and eat at her house.
He mention that they next award will be for the darling who is really choosy and so will worry more for her shoes if they are about to be torn. They play the video and it is Pooja, they show the moments where she is bargaining and trying to get the price reduced, when she comes to receive the award, they try to joke asking that she bargain and get the price reduced, she explains that she is not really good and her husband is the one who does it, when he comes she explains that he is the one who buys the grocery from the market and knows the price of them. Guneet taunts her by saying that she doesn’t know the price of the vegetables and is a homemaker, Vijay responds saying that it is not ethical to give all the duties to a single person and it is better to divide them, Ronaq request them to dance on a song as they would like to see it everyone is laughing at the way Vijay dances but he is having a blast.
Sarla and Ronaq again welcome the contestants with the guest they explain that they have gotten a step closer to granting the crown to the winner, they are about to announce the top five constants and it is Reena, then the second name is Deepshika, she is overly joyed with excitement, they both congratulate her, Sarla takes a look at the third name then she says that she will say it but will tell them the name tomorrow as they still want to create the suspense.

Precap: The ceremony resumes and they invite Gudden along with Sarla, Manya says that Rashmi said that she is defected but still has given them a tough fight, Ronaq announces the winner.

Update Credit to: Sona

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