Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Asawari had attacked Anupriya

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani telling herself that she will not go to Malhar ji this time and he has to realize himself. Atharv comes there and calls Kalyani, says he has packed his stuff and Balu’s stuff. He asks her to pack her stuff and says we will run away from here with Baba and balu. Kalyani asks why? Atharv says Pallavi told her that Swara is a chudail. Kalyani says she is not a chudail. Pallavi comes there. Kalyani asks why did you say that Swara is chudail. Pallavi says who can run faster, switch off the light and then attack Anupriya. Kalyani gets thinking. She hears Moksh crying and calls him. Madhav is holding him in his arms. Kalyani comes there. Madhav tries to make him quiet and then gives Moksh to Kalyani, says he is not that cruel. Kalyani takes Moksh from him. Moksh cries

looking at Malhar. Malhar takes him. Moksh cries looking at Kalyani then. Kalyani comes there, Moksh becomes quiet seeing them together and keeps his hand on their hands. Atharv says Balu is clever and wants you both. Jaanisar song plays…..Atharv informs Kalyani that Nani (Anupriya gained consciousness). Kalyani gets happy and takes Moksh to Aao Saheb’s side of the house. She hugs Anupriya and asks if Swara did this? Anupriya says if Swara did and tells that it was dark, a veiled person came there and attacked her. She says that the woman was wearing ancient strange ring. Kalyani says Swara don’t wear any ring.

Anupriya says she had applied perfume also and asks Pallavi if Swara had applied perfume when she attacked her. Pallavi says no. Kalyani says Swara is having asthma and can’t apply perfume, says the attacker is not swara, but someone else. The veiled attacker comes and sits on the chair in a room. Kalyani finds the cloth piece stuck to Anupriya’s chain in her neck. Kalyani says I will find out who that veiled person was, using this. The veiled person removes her veil from her face and she is none other than Asawari. Aahir comes there and asks what to do, Anupriya is saved if she comes to know that the attacker is you then? Asawari asks him why is he sweating and says Anupriya is saved, but she didn’t see my face. She says I sent Kalyani to Swara’s room intentionally to do this, knowing Swara gained consciousness and Kalyani will ask her about 26th July. She says I asked you to keep Swara’s pump in Anupriya’s room. She says Swara hid in Malhar’s room and everyone was searching her when I switch off the lights and went to Anupriya’s room and slits her hand. She says I did a mistake and couldn’t slit her right nerve. Anupriya tells that it was all and asks why is she recording this? Kalyani says she wants to make this recording heard by someone. Anupriya asks Malhar? Kalyani says she is not talking to him. Anupriya says Malhar is doubting you. Kalyani says nobody shall know about this and asks Pallavi to keep it a secret. She says my mum was attacked and that’s why I will search the culprit.

Aahir asks Asawari, what she will do now. He says you had said that we shall stay in Malhar’s house as nobody will doubt us. Asawari asks what shall I do, shall I kill you or me. She tells that she made Malhar believe that she is good and concern for them. She says it was not easy to win Kalyani’s trust and made her saree fell down so that she can win her trust. She tells that she sold Swara’s vulgar’s pics to Rohan to get money from him (Aahir). She says she made Malhar and Kalyani trust her and tells that nobody shall know about 26th July. Aahir says Malhar got the skeleton, until when the truth will hide.

Later Anupriya goes to the kitchen and sees the new stuff. She asks her. Kalyani tells her that most of the time they spend their time in kitchen and don’t have time for themselves. She says we are smart and modern, but our kitchen is outdated. She says we can do all the work in half time with the electrical appliances. Anupriya gets happy and asks from where this song is playing? Kalyani shows the google home. Anupriya asks her to take appliances’ pic and send to Manjiri. Kalyani says ok and asks her to ask Manjiri to buy everything from Flipkart online sale. Malhar comes and asks anupriya about her health. Anupriya says she is not sure that swara was the attacker. malhar apologizes to her. Anupriya defends Kalyani. Malhar says I don’t want to talk and goes. Kalyani thinks she can find out about the attacker herself.

Precap: Asawari tries to burn Kalyani. Swara comes to kitchen to tell her truth and sees her dupatta catching fire before she can alert Kalyani, Asawari keeps a hand on her mouth stopping her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It had to be asawari, in Tellywood the most innocent looking characters are the biggest criminal. She must have killed someone and put the blame on swara or madhav resulting the whole family covering up for the event. She has created a barrier between swara & her father so she feels isolated and turns rebellious, and more wrongdoing can be put on her without anyone siding her. Madhav being older version of malhar didn’t bother to use his brain to see what’s wrong with her and started treating her like crazy disappointing child. No wonder she dislikes rane men, all if them are guidable sheep with 0% brain.

  2. Neither kaka nor madhav really knows about Asawari’s true character. It’s dramatic to see that madhav would not be aware of his wife’s true character. ” I think she does not completely accept swara and wants a lot to madhav to stay connected with her 1st wife and family .. just my feeling. I do not know what happened to this famous July 26th. But at least we know that mother and son have committed a monstrous act .. What it is …. We do not know .. The most dramatic thing is that malhar does not believe in kaliyani .. And the argument always .. It’s a bit annoying. Short

  3. I was suspicious of Ahil as soon as he went looking for the inhaler, it seemed too convenient. It was obvious that Swars would be innocent.

    I’m assuming Ahil has killed someone either deliberately or accidentally and now his mum convering up and passing the blame.

    Glad Kalyani is holding her ground with Malhar

    The advertising segment was far too long and out of place

  4. The woman also has a pride .. We can not shut up and let us crash all the time .. Malhar is an egotist .. When he will know that he is lying and who is the criminal .. Again he goes collapse .. Cry and in the end kaliyani will forgive .. We must stop being weak show and dependent on a man just to preserve his honor respect .. Enough of the woman submissive and who listens and follows the directions of her husband. Kaliyani should set an example and not be crushed by the ego of malhar

  5. Poor swara they blamed her every things and made her criminal. But it’s good if swara didn’t break malhar’s trust bcs he has many expect on her .the one u think most innocent is real culprit I agree bani it’s nature of these Bollywood .

  6. Leisa s morris

    I know it was her,she was just too damn nice and siding with kalyani only to draw her suspicion from her. But she don’t know kalyani and soon all her secrets will b revealed. I guess being d second wife and knowing dat ur husband left his first wife for her and d children’s happiness must not have been easy. And when malhars mother died she must have realised how much he still loved her thereby building more resentment. Swsra was just collateral damage as she was there to keep reminding asawari bout her mother so she had to form a gap between father and daughter

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