Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update – A giant jamwant enters in dwarka

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna resting in his palace in dwarka while all gods are praying him so he asks how come you all are here so they are telling about today’s importance being shri Ram’s birth which is in favor of Krishna so if all hear your flute sound on this auspicious occasion then everybody will be blessed then Krishna replies all devotees should be blessed by gods & he starts playing flute in very smooth & melodious sound. Everywhere the sound is echoing melodiously while a giant bear comes out within a jungle shouting “Jai shri Ram” hearing the flute sound & as he is hearing the sound he is saying that shri ram you have promised me you will come to meet so still you have not come because your this devotee is waiting for you so he also says this sound is making me think is it my prabhu ram calling me? so I have to see & he moves calling prabhu ram near the sound coming from. He reaches at a point seeing the place & thinking the sound is coming from this place itself.
All gods are telling krishna that we are happy hearing your flute voice on this auspicious day as all are blessed by this. So they all take leave from Krishna.
The giant bear says definitely my prabhu ram is here only that’s why he has signaled me to go near him so I am coming prabhu, he says.
Devi laxmi mata is telling prabhu Vishnu that this jamwant bear is from other place so why is he searching you in dwarka so he explains about his true devotion towards me which has brought him here then Narayan asks how his meditation was broken off so long years he was in with sound of shri Krishna’s flute so Vishnu explains that the sound echoed him which has melody of shri Ram & he has come to complete his left over work of his prabhu so Narayan says I understood.
Jamwant bear is searching the flute player in dwarka. He is seeing all villagers sleeping & thinking was this place of flute sound coming & he opens door & finds a woman shouting seeing him also a person seeing him & shouting loudly about giant-giant as jamwant is running. The person is shouting to alert everybody that the giant has come so to wake up & come out of your houses while jamwant is thinking what kind of people are these they getting wrong indications about me as I only want that flute player & nobody else. He is hiding while all are shouting. He comes out searching while he is attacked by villagers shooting arrows on him & he gets pierced so he is thinking what to do as I cannot attack them & also I can’t go without meeting prabhu? He picks a huge stone & throws and all run away.
Laxmi mata is telling Vishnu what is this as he is facing so much trouble to meet you then Vishnu says devotion is not an easy task.
Krishna is walking down the stairs in palace asking villagers why you all are here in mid-night and is everything ok then villagers say that in your place what will happen wrong but we have seen one huge bear animal so he asks are you sure he was giant then one of says can’t clearly describe but was a weird kind of giant looking then Krishna asks how his looks were so they tell like a reash so please save us from him then Krishna explains about reash who has not harmed you & they are not harming giants as he was helper of prabhu srhi Ram & must have come to search somebody so they asks what he must be searching then Krishna again explains that it is not only relation of one century but it is various centuries relations where they must have left behind some work & may be this giants work must have also being left behind to get completed.
The bear is hit with an arrow with which he is walking towards the statue of shri Ram saying where are you as you had told me you will come again & he takes out the arrow from his hands. He is in pain saying you only called me & you are not there & my meditation has also being disturbed so this can’t happen so easily then where are you so please show me yourself prabhu.
All villagers are talking with senapati about the reash giant & telling that prabhu shri Krishna says something else then senapati tells them Krishna takes care of everybody & one of them says we have decided to be awake at night to watch & they all take oath.
Senapati is saying in his minds that prabhu you care so much for all & so all love you so much to stand besides you.
All villagers are shouting in dwarka to be awake. Gurudev is talking with Krishna that what kind of thing is this that prabhu himself is here then what kind of scare they will have then Krishna explains this is duty when people are alert who take their own stand for security then only that place can be secured. They are talking about self-respect lessons to be learnt by people in this world.
All villagers are walking in their village suddenly they see a huge fire coming from sky as it tries falling down on them they get scared feeling is it some trick of giant jamwant so they all run to Krishna for informing & Krishna says I will personally see who is this tricky person & why he has come to dwarka & krishna sees satrajit & asks him how you have come over here & what trick were you doing so he explains about his jewel worn by him around his neck which makes people think me sun.
Laxmi mata asks Vishnu that Krishna was to meet jamwant then how come satrajit came there & what is this trick so Vishnu explains about whatever happens in world has some reason which may result in meeting between shri ram & jamwant.
Krishna explains satrajit about to use the achieved power of jewel in proper way or can harm you if you misuse but he ignores krishna’s advice telling him you have no rights to advice me if at all I use or misuse this as I have achieved with my will power & takes leave from Krishna.
Krishna explains about a person achieving more than his capacity which can harm that person.
Satrajit is doing meditation of sun god as god immerges for him saying I am impressed so ask what you wish then he wishes shamyantak jewel & sun god boons him but warns him to be alert as this is not a simple jewel which helps in acquiring wealth but people will try acquiring from you which can also lead to your death & satrajit is thinking to be alert.
Satrajit is talking about his jewel with his brother & telling him about Krishna being jealous so he may try achieving this from me so to be alert & plans to hide this jewel with his brother.
Senapati is telling Krishna that satrajit is non-reliable person who is not fit to explain because he is making people scared with this jewel so we should squeeze this from him & keep it in our locker then Krishna says by what rights as it is his achievement & may be this may bring some good to happen in this world or may be somebody’s meditation will get its accomplishment of so long years & if this is true then I am ready to accept biggest curse too.

Precap : The giant jamwant is telling Krishna that if you wish to be safe then return how you have come & Krishna replies I can’t go from here without taking this jewel so jamwant challenges Krishna to fight with him saying if you defeat me then take away this jewel & Krishna accepts his challenge fighting with each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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