Bahu Begum 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Surayya blackmails Noor

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Bahu Begum 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dilruba wearing Asgar’s clothes and says I feel like I am in his embrace. Mashuqa says even I will wear and couldn’t fit in his shirt. They cry packing their stuff. Dilruba tells that they didn’t get Noor’s room, but we are happy that she realized her mistake. Noor comes and asks if they were talking about her. She says I came to apologize to you and says sorry for her misbehavior. Dilruba says don’t be sorry. Noor hugs Dilruba and goes. Mashuqa says now everything is fine. Dilruba says Asgar Miyan is going. Mashuqa says Khalid Miyan also. They say Pizza must have come. Noor and Azaan insist to have Pizza. Dilruba refuses to give them pizza. Razia says my children will eat food made by me. Azaan and Noor tell that they will not eat. Shayra asks why? Razia says Meenu

and I used to feed them with our hands.

Azaan says first it is my turn, but Razia makes Shayra eat first. Azaan says this is cheating. Noor says this is badi ammi’s love, now she is having three kids. Razia makes Azaan and Noor have food. Surayya says hum saath saath is going on here and clicks their pic. She says we shall stay as one family. Khalid says now even Noor…Surayya says you forgave Noor and asks her to forgive them also. Razia says I forgave Noor as I knew her and her habit/nature. Asgar asks her to forgive them also. Razia says I would have forgiven you if I had not known your nature, says lie and betrayal are the qualities of your nature. Surayya says this is double minded things. Azaan asks them not to misbehave with his Ammi. Shayra says our son is standing here, but not saying anything. Razia says he knows what you did. Surayya asks for forgiveness. Razia says you both have done fraud too. Surayya says matter is about money and says we will return it. Razia tells that they have done fraud of 5 crores Rs and asks them to return it if they don’t want to go to Sultanpur. Surayya asks if there is any facility of EMI. Razia asks them to return till tomorrow. Asgar, Khalid and Surayya go inside. Razia tells Shayra that you might be thinking that I am stone hearted. Shayra says I know, you have bear this misbehavior since long and smiles.

Later, she returns to room with her stuff while the song plays….Azaan comes to room and holds her romantically. He is about to her when Noor comes there and tells that she forgot her phone. She takes phone and goes. She comes again and says Dilruba is asking what pizza you will eat. Azaan says you know I have cheese pizza. Azaan and Shayra fall on the bed. Noor comes there and coughs. She says sorry and says I forgot my shampoo in this room. Azaan asks where is she going at night. Noor asks Shayra to use it and runs. Azaan follows her.

Surayya asks Noor what is she doing and asks about her drama. Noor says she is not acting. Surayya says you got saved from going to jail and asks her to ask Razia not to send them to Sultanpur. Noor tries to go. Surayya threatens to tell Razia that she (Noor) knew about Shayra not lighting the fire that day. Azaan comes there and asks what the hell, pulling her closer to him. He says you are injured and running fast even though you are wounded. He says you would have been called as PT Usha if not injured. Noor hugs him and asks him not to go far from her. Azaan asks what do you mean? Noor asks him to go as Shayra is waiting for him. Azaan leaves. Surayya asks Noor to talk to Razia. Noor says I can’t. Surayya asks her to help them else she will be kicked out of the house. She says either we will stay here or you will go from here. She gives her time till morning.

Precap: Noor writes a letter in which she writes that Shayra is not responsible for her Ammi’s death and keeps in azaan’s room before leaving the house. Shayra gets up and reads the letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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