Shakti 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s mum misleads Soumya

Shakti 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh and Shanno seeing Varun coming back home. Harak Singh asks Shanno to take Saya inside fast. She keeps hand on her hand and takes her inside the room. Harman enters then and asks did my Gulabo come? Harak Singh says she will come and asks him to call him Harak Singh. Harman says until my memory returns, I will call you bauji. Harak Singh asks Raavi to take him to room. Saya hears him and tells Shanno that she don’t have any value to hold her. She tells Harak Singh that she will not ask him about Harman and tells that Harman himself will ask him about Soumya. She says she will find Soumya soon.

Soumya is sitting in the room and crying. Sameer brings food for her and says I can understand what you are feeling and asks her to move on in life. He says your parents

wanted us to marry and says we shall get engaged for their sake. Soumya says engagement surprisingly and says she doesn’t remember about her past life and knowing much in short span of time. She says she needs some time. Sameer says I was saying as it is easy to fight with past memories. He says we shall go out to uplift your mood. Soumya asks him to take her to her house. Sameer hesitantly says we can go. His mum comes and asks him to take her there, says she will get back her memory there. Sameer comes out and asks where shall I take her? He says he will lie to her until he gets her. His mum says kinnar can’t become his wife. Sameer says I want just her. his mum thinks I won’t let you both live peacefully.

Raavi takes Harman to his room. She asks him to rest and goes. Harman looks at the room and opens the cupboard. He holds his blanket and thinks don’t know why things are looking incomplete in this room, it is looking empty. He says all things are telling a story, incomplete relation and incomplete story.

Varun and Veeran tell Balwinder and Kishan Lal about Harman returning home alive. Balwinder says you people have shot him, and says just like Harman returned, Soumya will return too. Veeran says Harak Singh didn’t tell me about Soumya. Kishal lal says Harman shall not get his memory back. Varun says we will kill him before that. Veeran asks Kishan lal to keep an eye on Harak Singh and gives his info. Kishan Lal says ok.

Chameli tells Saya that they shall celebrate and says Harman is back, and Soumya will be back soon. Saya says Harak Singh didn’t tell from where he got Harman back, and says Soumya must be there itself. She says we have to fight for Soumya. Chameli says we will fight for Soumya and get info about her.

Harman comes to Preeto’s room and tells her that he knows that she doesn’t accept him as her son, but he feels strong connection with her. He keeps his head on her hand and asks her to tell if he is her son. Preeto says my son and daughter in law left house at same time, and asks him to tell where is her bahu, if he is her son. She says you are lying? Harman goes out of room and asks everyone to come out of their rooms. Harak Singh and others come there. Harman questions him about his Gulabo and says my Maa asked me where is her bahu? Preeto comes out and asks him to say about Gulabo. She says everyone is fake and asks him to tell where is Gulabo and who was she? Harak Singh is silent. Soumya says Gulabo in night and wakes up from sleep. Sameer comes and asks what happened? Soumya says Jolly, my hospital friend used to talk about Gulabo. Sameer asks her not to worry and sleep. He leaves. Sameer’s mum comes to her and asks about Gulabo. Soumya tells her that her friend Jolly’s wife is Gulabo. Sameer’s mum asks if his name is Harman. Soumya says yes and asks if she knows him. Sameer’s mum recalls his threat and says she knows someone by that name. Soumya asks him to take her there. His mum asks her to sleep and thinks to take her there if needed.

In the morning, Soumya asks Sameer’s mum to make her meet Jolly once and says since she lost her memory, she knows only Jolly. Sameer’s mum asks her about Jolly’s age. Soumya says 25-30. Sameer’s mum says that Harman’s age is 40 years. She thinks to make Soumya know her truth first. Raavi tells Harman that she will bring tea for him. Harman thinks they are fake. Raavi asks him to tell if he remembers Soumya. Harman says who is this Soumya and asks her to leave. Raavi thinks to find out about Soumya.

Harman thinks either everyone is mad or liar. He thinks they will make him mad. He thinks Khushi must be happy to have found her lover back, but he is just having the name Gulabo, don’t know where is she? He tells that he feels sometimes that he will not get his Gulabo.

Harman says everyone is liar and asks where is his Gulabo. Harak Singh says she is your Gulabo. Harman lifts the woman’s veil and sees Soumya. He is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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