Are we destined for each other????? (I am Fine)

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Shivaay talks to the doctor, who told him to give support to her such that she will be strong. He immediately asked the doctor for her discharge papers, as he knew she is scared of hospital environment.

He went to the room, took her in his arms and brought her back home through a direct flight to his house.


Anika gets up to find her in a different place, a place familiar to her. She finds him hugging her and sleeping. For a moment, she forgot what happened to her. It was like a good morning to her. But suddenly memories started flowing in, which made her smile to a frown. She felt sad for failing to fight. She panicked thinking that beast will come. She started sweating.

He wakes up knowing her movement. He could see her face filled with sweat beads in the air conditioned room.

S: Ani…

She doesn’t react.

S: Ani..(He hold her hand)

She immediately feels secure. The thoughts suddenly had decreased its pace. He immediately understands what would be her thoughts.

S: Ani, don’t get scared.I am here, with you. See, no one is her, just us. This is our house. you are safe here. Ani, don’t get scared.(he hugs her) Ani, don’t panic. Just feel the warmth and security in the hug.(pauses)Calm down.Calm…..down…(slowly)

She calms down. She did as he said, she felt the warmth and the security in their hug. But she also feels something else. The feeling he has hidden from her, the scare of loosing her.

She knew she shouldn’t be scared of the beast,but the fear is coming near her. Suddenly, everything went blank.

Shivaay notices her grip getting lose. He make her lie on the bed and gets food for her. He had made a few arrangements in the room. Like having a television in the room, which wasn’t there before. Some movies of SRK, as he knew she was an ardent fan of SRK! (Any SRK fans here???? I am one, too)

He then makes the porridge which was recommended by the doctor there. He goes to the room and tries to wake her up, as he knew if she sleeps now, then she won’t sleep at night.

She wakes up.

A: Shiv, I want to fight.

S: Ani, what are you saying?

A: I want to fight again and this time I needed to win.

S: We will check on that later, now eat this. (He takes a spoon of porridge and moves it near her.)

A:(She opens her mouth and he feeds her) I want to fight against him. I want to fight, Shiv. Will you give a chance?

S: You want to fight again to fail. No…I don’t want to lose you. No..He has got what he needs..No..You won’t!

She gets angry and she gets out of the room. He follows her.

S: Ani, eat this, pls. You should take rest.

A: What ever happens, I will fight against him and win. I am sure, I will win.

S: Ani, I won’t allow this and now don’t fight over this. Eat this now.

She gets angry. She thinks and then eats the porridge which he feeds her. He goes to keep the bowl in the kitchen. When he comes back, he notices her crying.

S: Ani, why are you crying? Be happy. I don’t like the tears in your eyes.

A: You don’t love me, right?

S: What made you think that I don’t love you?

A: if you really love me, then why don’t allow me to fight?

S: It’s because of the same thing, love. I don’t want to put you in danger any more.

A: Please, Shivaay. I want to fight.

She was lost in the thoughts of fighting against him. What should she do? How will she convince Shiv? That’s when a thought came. If he thinks that she is fine, then he won’t bother her with his fear. That will get rid of the fear.

She then tried to get over the fear. Slowly, slowly, she remembered what happened in the hospital. So, that’s why he was tensed. he need to do something.


Shivaay started going to his office, whereas Anika started her martial arts class. She didn’t inform Shivaay as she wanted to keep it as a secret. She knew he won’t allow her to fight with the bastard. He was scared more than her.

He had even made high security in Oberoi Mansion. Anika was getting nervous day by day, thinking to reduce his fear.

She is the victim, but he is acting as one now.

Will she be able to remove his over-protectiveness?

Will she be able to fight with that blo*dy bastard?

Will she lose?

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