Udaan 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tuntun gets kidnapped

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying NGO will be your home now, you should file complaint against the guy and get him punished. Abha agrees. Chakor sends her to NGO. Suraj says I can’t believe this, Abha’s father was going to kill her. Chakor says everyone has different mentality. They realize they have to rush and pick Anjor. Anjor and Tuntun are at school. They argue. Some man takes their pics. Anjor asks Tuntun doesn’t she want a doll for her. Tuntun leaves. Some man comes there. Anjor thinks Chakor forgot to come. She goes out of gate.

Suraj and Chakor come to pick Anjor. Chakor asks why did you get out of the gate. Anjor says I just came out, Tuntun already left for home. Chakor says you did two mistakes today. She asks Suraj to give car keys, she will drive. Suraj says no, you are angry,

I won’t let you drive. They leave. Chakor scolds watchman also. Suraj and Anjor hold ears and apologize. Suraj drives and comments on Chakor and Anjor’s good jodi. Anjor and Chakor apologize to each other. Chakor recalls Abha and says world is bad, we have to be careful. She sees a car following. She says that car. Suraj asks what. Chakor sees car gone. The car follows them to haveli.

Anjor says mum came late and got angry on me. Chakor says tell her why I got angry. Tejaswini says I m with Anjor, right Suraj. Suraj says keep me away from this, I will be at loss if any one of them gets annoyed with me. Tuntun’s dad comes crying and asks for her. Anjor says she went home. He says she is nowhere, I m worried, where did she go. Suraj says don’t worry Pavan, I will come along to find her. Anjor says maybe she is in garden. Chakor gets tensed.

Anjor says tuntun likes yellow flowers a lot, maybe she is there. Tuntun is tied up. She sees a goon and gets scared. The goon says you will grow up by this magical medicine, like kids grow in films. A man comes and says stop, this is a big dose. The goon injects her. She screams. Anjor screams and wakes up worried for Tuntun. Suraj says maybe she went home. Chakor sings lullaby and puts Anjor to sleep. She says Anjor is lucky to get a father like you, a mum like her, we will protect her, but the world is bad. She hugs him and says I m feeling sad for Abha, that guy ruined Abha’s respect when she loved him, I m worried for Tuntun also, no girl is safe, I have to make them rid of fears and not let them become bandhuas, so that they live freely.

Chakor shows the car to Suraj and says that car was following us. Suraj runs after the car. The car leaves. Suraj gets a call about Tuntun and tells Chakor. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, I don’t care for Anjor so felt that her scene with TunTun was too long.
    Sukjor scene was cute, Chakor scolding the watchman 😂 and Suraj muttering to himself 😂.
    I feel sad for Tuntun, there was no need to kill her off. Also, I don’t understand why the car followed them, there are easier targets at school.
    I think this track is on the same lines to what they wanted to show after the 1.5 year leap but the writing didn’t help them then.

  2. What is NGO?

    1. Safiya Hosein

      NGO – Non Governmental Organisations.
      Usually in alot of countries NGO’s are set up for helping people faced with various issues.

  3. hi gabby NGO is Non Government Organisation to help needy people

  4. What happened to the show ending on 28 September with guman n imli punishment. Why the dragging again

  5. Safiya Hosein

    This topic of human trafficking is a very serious and disheartening one. This is happening throughout the world and these disgusting predators are profiting from this heinous crime!

    I am happy this issue is being shown as the latest storyline on Udaan. Kudos to you guys.
    Families, adults and children need to be educated about this grave issue and believe that sadly it does exists! I am from the Caribbean and everyday we see in the news women and children go missing without a trace. It’s sad indeed.
    Be safe and keep vigil and look out for each other!

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