Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Finds Out Pratibha’s Plan?

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejpal Tauji calls his Brahmachari group member and asks if ticket is booked for tomorrow. He thanks and asks to get all their group ready. He thinks of informing Pratibha and passing by room reminisices Deenanath’s voice from room, calls him, but he does not reply. Prarthana and Panjeri get tensed. Pratibha walks in and asks what happened. Tauji says Deenanth is not opening door. Pratibha asks who Deenanath. He reminds the one who ordered paneer tikka. She remembers her lie and says he has gone out on a walk after having paneer tikka. Tauji says he will meet Deenanathji before going from and walks down. Pratibha panics thinking how will she bring Deenanath now. Panjeri and Prarthana console her. She scolds Khatru that his acting as Deenanathji backfired and he should disguise

as Deenanathji now till Tauji plays carrom with Kusum and others.

Kunti returns home and pays cycle rickshaw driver. Driver says he cannot accept money from her as her children have disowned her and thrown her in old age home. Kunti scolds him and is shocked to see old age home board on her house. At home, Kusum and Pari play carrom. Pratibha does his jokergiri in Popatlal’s voice. Kusum angrily throws coin on him. Kunti enters home and coin falls in front of her. She walks in and is shocked to see old people in her house. She scold who are are they, get out of her house. Tauji says it is old age home and not her home. Family panics seeing her. Pratibha sees Kunti and tries to hide. Kunti calls her bahu and asks what is she doing there. Tauji says Pratibha is his niece and not her bahu. Drama starts. Khatru enters acting as Deenanathji/Vijay Deenanath Chauhan of Agnipath movie. Kunti scolds him. Pratap says Kunti’s name is Basanti and she lost her memory, so she cannot remember that she stays in old age home.

Pratibha and whole family inform Kunti of the situation. Kunti says she is lying her father-like uncle/Tauji and it is a sin. Prratap says Tauji is brahmachari and will break their bones. Khatru mimics in different voices. Family convinces Kunti to act. Kunti prays god that she is doing this for her bahu and asks Pratibha if she fed Tauji well, there should not be any mistake in treating guests.

Pratap and Khatru’s jokergiri continues while Tauji has gone out for 1 hour. Kanhaiya gets post of some charity school. Pratibha asks to post it. Kanhaiya opens door and sees Tauji standing..

Precap: Kanhaiya nervously tells Tauji that he came to give tea here. Tauji says he wants to taste his tea and let him know if it is sweet as his smile or stinky like his sweat on his forehead.

Update Credit to: MA

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