Shakti 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sant Baksh takes out his anger on Virat

Shakti 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto scolding Mahi and asking what was it? She says motherly love got woke up suddenly after so many years. Mahi tells that she knows the importance of Sindoor, as she got only Sindoor and not husband. She says she got a child by cheat and that is kinnar. Preeto signs no. Mahi says she tried hard to hate her, but she is her blood and can’t see her like this. She says I told you all many times to send her to her world and behaving her this way. Preeto tells Mahi that she never has the rights to tell her anything. Mahi says your behavior is wrong, I can’t see and threatens to give her poison and kill her. Preeto cries. Simran tries to open Virat’s fingers, but he keeps his fingers tight. Simran tries hard. Virat says it is my love color, not raw color. Simran and Parmeet try to wash his hand, but the color is still on his hand. Virat says Heer is in his eyes, breath and everything. He says if you see my eyes carefully then you will see her in it. He says that’s why I am closing my eyes. He closes his eyes and reminisces her. Sant Baksh asks him to see till long and says we will not let you get that girl and you love fear will not be for long. Virat smiles and imagines their marriage. He says Heer is with me, this is my true love, I will live and die for her. Heer says I will live and die for him.

Virat says I have said that I will live and die for Heer. Harak Singh comes there and says Majnu ki aulad. He says I have washed the sindoor from my grand daughter’s forehead, which you had filled. He asks him to listen and says there are four ways to convince others, Saam Daam Dand bhed. He says I will try to convince you patting on your face, then will try to convince you more, and then I will shoot you. Dadu and Parmeet get shocked. Harak Singh says my grand daughter is not in your destiny. Virat asks what problem you have with me. Harak Singh says how can my daughter can come here, where everyone hates her. Virat promises him that he will give her love on behalf of his family members and tells that he will never hurt her and will always keep her happy. Dadu tells Harak Singh that Virat will keep her happy. Virat asks Harak Singh to agree and try to fold his hands, although his hands are tied.

Sant Baksh scolds Virat. Harak Singh tells Virat that he don’t accept this marriage and he will shoot him if he sees him near Heer. Sant Baksh asks Harak Singh to mind his language and says he has his kundali. He says how dare he to say that he will shoot his son. Harak Singh shouts at him and talks about their sanskar. He asks Sant Baksh to ask neighbors about him. Virat shouts and asks Harak Singh to agree to one last time. He calls him Dadu and tries to convince him. Harak Singh is about to walk out. Virat shouts Heer. Harak Singh leaves. Dadu tries to stop Harak Singh. Sant Baksh says I will take out the love ghost from you. He beats him with his belt/hunter. Virat shouts Heer. Heer’s bangles break. Dadu tries to stop Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh asks him not to stop him today. He continues to beat Virat.

Virat tells that once Heer and him were running on the mountains and it was very high, they reached the top of the mountain and swear each other. A fb is shown, he says there might be two reasons not to love you, if love was not there and if this world have not exist. Heer says she wouldn’t have loved him if either of them have not made. He says he wants to be with her. She says even she wants to be with her. They swear that if circumstances force them not to stay with each other then they will die together, but will not leave each other. Fb ends. Virat tells dadu if it pains when life comes out from body. Sant baksh says now you will understand. he beats him more and gets tired himself. Virat asks did you get tired and asks Daljeet to take the legacy forward, take this belt. He asks dadu to beat him and asks even Parmeet to beat him. Virat faints. Dadu tells Parmeet that he is feeling sad that she is the bahu of the house. He says you have become stone and asks if her motherly love haven’t melted seeing Virat beaten up. Daljeet says here the matter is about discipline and asks him not to interfere. Dadu says when your father haven’t understand then how can you understand, tells that disciple is just fake.

Heer tells Preeto that her bangles broke, asks her to let her go to Virat. Preeto says Virat and you can’t unite and says ask me anything, but not this. Heer asks her to kill her then.

Precap: Heer asks why you don’t accept this marriage. Preeto says as you are a kinnar. Everyone is shocked. Heer and Soham get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Alister La Frenais

    Wow the show is hotting up, I guess sparks will now start to fly. If Preeto only followed the advice given by Saomya, Heer would not have to face the humiliation that will follow, once her true gender is revealed to Virat and the people of the village.

  2. Farnaz spears

    Soumya please come back and help heer

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