Dadi Amma Maan Jao 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Dhruv guilty

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajooba, Aaji rushes to Vikas for help but get beaten. Sunderlal sees lights off and says I guess all are asleep and leaves. Shraddha is warned to leave this town, ladies say quickly pack and leave, or else we wont spare you and pushed on the wall. Goons leave the house.
Anjali wakes up restless and sees Shlok is missing too, Anjali starts feeling worried and starts thinking about her family and calls Shraddha, Shraddha dizzy hears phone ring, tries to reach the phone, Shraddha picks call, Anjali ask were you sleeping, is all good there, Shraddha unable to talk, Anjali thinks Shraddha is sleepy says go to sleep I will call early in morning.
Anjali tensed for Shlok. Rekha waiting for news. Shraddha tries to wake Vikas, Ajooba and Aaji, Aaji gives Shraddha her hand,and asks about Ajooba, Shraddha keeps Aajis hand over Ajooba, Shraddha tries her best to wake everyone.Aaji asks Shraddha to tie Vikas wound to stop bleeding. Shraddha ties cloth over Vikas and Aaji.
Shraddha calls ambulance and informs about incident. Shraddha asks Aaji to calm down says all will be fine, Aaji says tell Anali I love her a lot and you be strong, Aaji stops talking. Rekha hears ambulance and says bang on. Dhruv on streets eating ice cream and follows ambulance and shocked to see its Pradhans, Dhruv sees Shraddhas 40 miss calls and rushes home and wakes sunderlal and others and asks them to go to pradhans.
Police and Doctors seize the location and take everyone to hospital, Jhawars arrive and are in shock, Rekha sees Aaji and others blood shredded , Sunderlal walks to Vikas and is shocked. Rekha remembers telling just to scare people and not hurt them, she sees Vikas all covered in blood. Dhruv sees Shraddha being addressed by nurse and says few hours back I was here with them, how did all this happen and she did call me repeatedly, but for me my ego was more important then helping Shraddha. Rekha thinks I didn’t want all this, I just wanted to scare them, what will I do if something happens to them.
Shraddha keeps talking to herself, says Dhruv pick up call, I need help, we are being attacked, Dhruv you didn’t pick my calls, please pick my calls Dhruv, dads head is bleeding, Ajooba is injured. Police asks Shraddha for her statement, Shraddha keeps saying pick up the call, Dhruv says record statement later, Sunderlal walks to Shraddha and consoles her and asks her to tell the whole scenario. Shraddha narrates it. Rekha along with others hears it. Shraddha begs police to let her go to her family. Sunderlal says I will get her to police station let her go now.
Sunderlal says to Rekha, this is our house too lets take care of it and leaves, Shraddha inside with Ajooba, Dhruv sits along with her. Shraddha talks to Vikas says baba all will be fine we are going hospital, you will be fine. Shraddha gets call from Anjali, Anjali says im worried says im leaving for Indore im very worried, Shraddha says come soon and network disconnects. Anjali and Shlok try calling Shraddha, Dhruv says Shraddha try my phone, Shraddha ignores him, Dhruv says forgive me, Shraddha asks nurse to hand her is phone and tells whole scenario. Anjali says stay strong all will be fine, we are on our home.
Namrata says neighbours whole scene, says they were here to attack and not steal, its case of rivalry and not theft, so this wil be investigated, Rekha says shut up and leaves worried. Pradhans reach hospital. Sunderlal with Shraddha says don’t worry im here to complete all formalities, you stay strong.

Pre cap : Anjali and Shlok arrive at hospital, Pradhans in critical condition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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