Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay saves the day

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the opponent King Suryabhan asking his soldier how did he hurt Maharaj. Soldier tells that I have hurt him in this way. He hurts Suryabhan and shows. Shakuni comes and says I have provoked Maharaj to enter the battle field, I insulted him and he had to go for the battle, and then you know the whole story. Surya asks what will you have. They have a drink. They see Maharaj shooting arrows blindly and killing the soldiers. Shakuni says Praja tells that Indradev has sent Sanjay to help Maharaj. Suryabhan asks Shakuni to see Gandhari coming. Sanjay sits chatting with Maharaj Dhritrashtra.

Shakuni gets the news. Dhritrashtra isn’t able to read it. Shakuni reads it for him. Sanjay says it means Suryabhan has kidnapped Gandhari. Dhritrashtra gets angry and says but I can’t drive this car, how shall we go, I love Gandhari a lot. Sanjay asks him not to worry, he has seen such kidnapping scenes in many films, he has an idea. He tells the idea to Maharaj. Sanjay goes in his car. He checks his phone. Sanjay and Maharaj use the binoculars and see Gandhari. Dhritrashtra asks Sanjay to see if Suryabhan is close to Gandhari. Sanjay says he is coming close and getting far. Gandhari is captive.

Suryabhan flirts with her. He asks his Senapati if Maharaj will give his car to us. Senapati says we will not return Gandhari to him. Sanjay comes there and asks Maharaj Suryabhan to get the car, and return Gandhari. Senapati says this doesn’t have any horse. Sanjay says it was power of 120 horses, come inside, I will show you many things. He makes Maharaj sit inside the car. He says you can go anywhere you want. Suryabhan gets happy. Sanjay guides Maharaj to find Gandhari. Maharaj says Gandhari, I have come to free you. Sanjay asks him to come outside. He looks outside and says Maharani has run away. Suryabhan and Senapati get down the car. Sanjay ties the rope to the car. Shakuni comes and catches him. Sanjay says I have seen Mahabharat on the tv, but you didn’t see Amar Akbar Anthony. He shouts police and hits Shakuni. He drives out Shakuni’s leg. He pulls the treasure by the car. Maharaj and Gandhari get seated on the throne. Maharaj thanks Sanjay and says I m very pleased that you saved Gandhari, I want to give you something, this throne is yours from today. Sanjay gets seated.

Maharaj says you are our Raj Saarthi now. Shakuni comes. Sanjay says I will tell you about him, he isn’t like he is seen. Gandhari says I don’t want to hear anything about him. Sanjay says I have an idea to end this battle. He takes Maharaj to the battle field. He says we will sort this battle by tossing the coin. He says we will win if head comes and you will lose if its a tail. Suryabhan asks will we win or lose. He slaps Senapati and asks him to say. Sanjay shows heads. He says the winner is Mr. Dhritrashtra. Suryabhan leaves. Dhritrashtra and his soldiers leave. Shakuni spies on Sanjay. Sanjay gets a message and rushes to meet someone. He sees Dr, Albert in woman’s avatar. He says you have created this mess. Dr. Albert says that’s right.

Sanjay says this game is cricket. Suryabhan says we can’t come tomorrow. He attacks the village and asks Dhritrashtra what game is he playing. Sanjay asks Suryabhan to defeat Dhritrashtra in a cricket match.

Update Credit to: Amena

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