Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh & veer bahu are collecting information of jayant & gods from soormukhi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with jayant praying swami kartik while all other gods are clutched in cage by soorapadman. Ganesh & veer bahu come to soorasahi’s daughter’s hut & she welcomes ganesh very happily.
Jayant is keeping on praying kartik while soorasahi is getting annoyed so she calls soorapadman & directs him saying now the time has come to attack & harm jayant so soorapadman leaves to do his job as his mother tells him to go to your sister’s hut & take her help.
Jayant is praying swami kartik while gods are praying kartik for help to get released from this clutches & listen to jayant or the evil pig will kill him.
Kartik is meditating for shivling with closed eyes while devsena is praying kartik moving around him.
Ganesh is asking help from soorasahi’s daughter where jayant will be & she tells them the direction where he must be towards mahendragiri mountain while soormukham is planning evil things towards jayant.
Soorapadman comes & knocks his sister’s hut as they are shocked & ganesh with senapati are confused what to do while she tries to open the door of hut slowly & finds soorapadman & closes it immediately while he gets bugged. He tries to use his powers towards the door & she tells ganesh it’s her brother & they get ready to trick him as she opens the door & ganesh is sitting in front of him but his sister is shocked thinking now what will happen while ganesh is playing trick showing himself as statue of kartik & he sees kartik’s statue of whom his sister is doing pooja of but he is warning his sister you will understand once I do my work & then you will do pooja of me. She also thinks saying he is a fool to see you as kartik & does not understand that it you are ganeshji itself so she thanks ganeshji for playing such a trick.
Soormukham is moving to look into what is happening with jayant & other gods.
Soorapadman tells his sister not to pray me but instead you as a sister has to tie me blessing of security lace & he calls his maids to show her what he has brought for her & he shows a black security lace while she is confused & tells him I don’t get scared by this doing it for you & he is thinking she is insulting me & tells her you do whatever you wish but silently & he is insulting kartik in front of ganesh while veer bahu thinks he is insulting kartik for which he will definitely get punishment later from us.
Devsena is praying kartik moving around him while he is in deep meditation as indra gets confused & also dreams thinking if she touches him then he will get very wild on her.
Soorapadman is telling his sister to tie this lace while veer bahu tries to come to attack him while ganesh gets confused thinking this is not the right time & also his sister too get confused why veer bahu is doing this or something wrong will happen here & ganesh stops him signaling veer bahu & he immediately hides himself again. Soorapdaman’s sister immediately goes in front of him as he turns & tie’s the lace as he gets happy & appreciates her as he is going towards veer bahu hidden but his sister is trying to distract him.
Soorapadman’s sister promises his brother whatever he wishes I’ll do accordingly as she too is trying to play trick with him. As he leaves then soormukham arrives there telling soorapadman that there is somebody inside but soorapadman tells him we all were there in the hut but nobody is there so to go & do your work given or soorasahi will get angry & he leaves while soormukham waits there to see if anybody is there inside. Ganesh explains sooramukhi lessons of tackling such kind of situation but she is discussing how she was helpless while soormukham is trying to watch through his eagle’s eyes & feels there is some two people with her & he tells his army to come forward towards the door of the hut.

Precap: The evil pig is moving ahead very fast to kill jayant while he is praying kartik. Ganesh & senapati are facing soormukham while ganesh jumps in deep water after attacking soormukham’s guard thinking jayant is under this deep water clutched.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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