Shakti 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suomya convince Harman to return home

Shakti 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman reach the fair and thinks they aren’t his people or his family. He must find his family somewhere and reach his Gulabo. He purchases a drum from a nearby stall.
The kinners came looking for Harman. There, Lavneet also comes looking for Harman. Harman decides to earn money by drum beating. The goons come looking for Harman. A crowd had gather in appreciation of his drum beating skills. The goons wear masks to hide their faces and beat Harman. Harman was injured and suffers.
Suomya leaves the car. Sameer follows her. Suomya reach the fair and fights with Harman against the goons. One of the goons held Harman at gun point. Suomya finds some fire-shot arrows on a nearby table and aims one towards the goon. It flung to the Rawan which blows at once. The goon runs for life as people had gathered

around. Suomya comes to Harman concerned. Lanvneet was with Harak Singh and stops him to go nearer and let Khushi speak to Harman first. Harman wasn’t ready to listen to Suomya, he calls her selfish and greedy who lie to him. Suomya accepts being a liar, she wanted to rob him of his money but he changed her mind. Now she wants his happiness, and it only lies with his family. His family love him dearly. Harman says his friends told him that she isn’t his Gulabo. He doesn’t trust anyone. Suomya asks if maddening of his mother or the pains of his father are only a drama. His father reached him after getting a single glance at him on television. Why he doesn’t value all the care of his Gulabo, he always longed for this care only. She requests him to return home to his family and begin a new life from this moment. Harman agrees to accept them as a family. He says when he got conscious he only knew a single name, Gulabo. If Suomya claims her to be his Gulabo, he would accept it. Suomya remembers how Harak Singh assured her that Suomya isn’t Gulabo. She was reluctant and steals looks from Harman while assuring. Harman forcefully place her hand over his head. Suomya decides to lie, as it might save his life. Harak Singh and Lavneet take Suomya along. Harman and Suomya walk to their destinations looking into each other’s eyes. Sameer watch kinners in the fair. Malika watch Harman going with Lavneet and was thankful that they found Harman.
At home, Preeto questions Harman why he returned, she asked him to leave. Ravi was happy to see Harman back home. Harak Singh tells Preeto that he is her real son. Harman remembers Suomya’s words. He requests Preeto to let him stay here until her son returns home, afterwards she can let him go. Preeto allows Harman to live here, when her son has returned she would believe she had two sons.
Suomya does the aarti. Sameer asks Khushi not to rethink about that Jolly much anymore. They must marry soon.
Harman asks Lavneet to join him in aarti. Lavneet was cheerful but Preeto objects. Harak Singh says she is Harman’s wife. Harman tells Harak Singh that he doesn’t remember his marriage with his Gulabo, he will remarry her tomorrow.

vPRECAP: Suomya was called to teach dance to some poor children. An old lady kidnaps Suomya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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